Triage – from TCM to meridians and back into life

Advanced Channel Applications


Meridian Hierarchy of command. The ‘fuse’ box /grid . .

This is an excerpt from the workshop that is part of the work I have on offer.
Feb 1994.


Beginning of the obstetric day.

Introduction into gyne


The entire day plus the 2007 –The Role of Eight Extras in Women’s Health and Maternity is to be found here – along with charts and the eBooks and the manual and videos – a complete maternal care package.

This day ‘s filming is part of the maternal package you can get as a bonus, when you have the Transformational Healing pack – self care and the online components – leading us back to self – via feeling and fingers – ours first.

From here we go through the tools I use – most were home remedies . .
Cupping the navel, Gua Sha and of course  always hands with or without oil.


Maybe . . think of the work the needles do.  .
Taught really differently – as energy.

Clear out what is blocking the flows
All then works again – no micromanaging needed – as with herbs.

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