Why would you consider perineal steaming?



This may be a novel idea for you – or one you have been pondering  . .

What IS perineal steaming?

Vaginal/yoni/perineal steaming/intimate sauna is a thinking woman’s self help ritual.

Sacred spaces . .

We can ‘come home’ to ourselves

Wondering –  ‘What can this do for me?’

Long ago problems – or recent – or anything in between.

There are very few I would not place on a steamer . .



Steaming room with my ‘one size for all’ deluxe version on the left. On the right – a few steaming stools awaiting new homes lined up.

Red step-stool is to allow the body to be in the right position – legs up.

Blue stool (and one you can’t see) is for spreading legs whilst on the steamer.


An older woman speaks. .

Succinctly . ..

What happens?
Vanessa says .

“The very first steaming experience for me was whilst on a Self Care Course. I found the process of preparing to steam very calming and nurturing, then sat for 20 minutes in such a peaceful place in terms of mind, body and soul. The incredible thing for me was the change in my ears that time. I have complex allergies and progressive nerve deafness. My ears are often waxy and more so after exposure to petrol fumes, gas and perfumes. For 30 minutes after the steaming my ears continued to clear until they felt amazingly ‘clean’. Sounds shifted just slightly, and my entire body state improved. Each time I steam I notice shifts in my body, sometimes subtle and sometimes more pronounced. Although hard to find the time to steam, it does make a difference and is well worthwhile. I am so grateful for having learned this practice”. Also . .
“I used steaming and castor oil to heal a urinary tract infection last year to great effect”.

In clinic – I use steaming on almost anyone. For anything – if I want a person to calm down, and whilst taking a history – no better thing than to show them what could be their’s at home everyday.

What does steaming do??

Ligaments – undo that stuck pelvis/body and ideas

Women’s bits???

If you are an acupuncturist/therapist of some sort – and wonder – why does ‘this’ keep reoccurring?
Good question – they keep on breaking themselves – life does it well . .

Steaming – as part of self care.

Q – to you – Why you would consider such a soothing and softening/reverent process?

I tell people about steaming & they think it’s the strangest thing & now I have taken the course, I feel sure I will be better at  how to explaining the benefits to them.  I know that for me steaming is about feeling relaxed & allowing my body a break. There’s some feminine energy bringing in the nurturing  side that attracts me also’.– Claire, Brisbane

How women have always helped each other – and themselves. . .
Why not written down? – in medical texts?
This is the province of life enhancement – not death avoidance .

Secret Women’s Business . .
Too simple too cheap – oral traditions .. initiations .

What about womb positioning?


Extra thoughts – what is next?


Sits under the womb . .
Is SHE where she is ideally placed?

When not – and if adhered –


All pelvic and structural dramas escalate.

We can all feel so much more alive!!!
Add in 3 concepts.

1 – The body heals itself

2 – Heat soothes

3 – Plants have special powers. . . ..

Perineal Steaming!!


Perineal Steaming!!

Too simple . . . .

Sign up and get steaming

What do you get?

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