Why would you consider perineal steaming?



This may be a novel idea for you – or one you have been pondering  . .

What IS perineal steaming?


Sacred spaces . .

We can ‘come home’ to ourselves

Current buzz word . .
What is that?
I call it – ‘held onto stuff’

Answering – ‘what can this do for me?’

Long ago problems – or recent – or anything in between.

There are very few I would not place on a steamer . .



Steaming room with my ‘one size for all’ deluxe version on the left.

On the right – a few steaming stools awaiting new homes lined up.

Red step-stool is to allow the body to be in the right position – legs up.

Blue stool (and one you can’t see) is for spreading legs whilst on the steamer.

What does steaming do??

Ligaments – undo that stuck pelvis/body and ideas

Women’s bits???

If you are an acupuncturist/therapist of some sort – and wonder – why does ‘this’ keep reoccurring?
Good question – they keep on breaking themselves – life does it well . .

Steaming – as part of self care.

Q – to you – Why you would consider such a soothing and softening/reverent process?

I tell people about steaming & they think it’s the strangest thing & now I have taken the course, I feel sure I will be better at  how to explaining the benefits to them.  I know that for me steaming is about feeling relaxed & allowing my body a break. There’s some feminine energy bringing in the nurturing  side that attracts me also’.– Claire, Brisbane

How women have always helped each other – and themselves. . .
Why not written down? – in medical texts?
This is the province of life enhancement – not death avoidance .

Secret Women’s Business . .
Too simple too cheap – oral traditions .. initiations .

What about womb positioning?


Extra thoughts – what is next?


Sits under the womb . .
Is SHE where she is ideally placed?

When not – and if adhered –


All pelvic and structural dramas escalate.


We can all feel so much more alive!!!
Add in 3 concepts.

1 – The body heals itself

2 – Heat soothes

3 – Plants have special powers. . . ..

Perineal Steaming!!


Perineal Steaming!!

Too simple . . . .

Sign up and get steaming

What do you get?

As well as the wise gems . . many posters and eBooks and the extensive manuals to download.

Enjoy . . .

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It is a wonderful addition to everyone’s life


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