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Online structured course to get you ‘up to date’ with energy work Heather incorporates with the Living Ligaments /Channel Clearing/Structural alignment

Back the acupuncture energy magic

Meridians work
In tandem with any of my hands-on experiential courses

Or as a stand alone
These online modules are now presented as a certificated course.

They can be taken alongside the Pelvic Opening and the Living Ligaments series

or/and as part of my pregnancy master class work.

For any body stage

Optimal functioning happens with the right instructions – and the ‘fuses’ all working – that is us being body electriic.

To begin – we need to share common information. This may seem easy – but my being a student of acupuncture 40 years ago – and in  non TCM model means that the shift back to what the masters (in the outside China world taught is a very different model than the one now taught in schools.and ingredients and flows are one aspect.

Each decade, even each year, has seen life on this planet accelerate and change ever faster.

We explore how acupuncture and channels work – in this context
Hands on and heartful hands . .

Heather ‘s Healing Academy

Payment plan monthly option  . .


This course is now sequential.

There is no short cut – ‘just tell me what points’ /give me the bottom line did not work for my students decades ago – and neither will it work here now. Effort, industry and commitment – we are all students of life .

Please stop here if this if this upsets you.

Here I am handing over my own 4 decades of transmuted and transmitted work on what now applies.
in our context. This simplified system sits on my foundation of deep classical and metaphysical understandings..

Real Shen to Shen . .
Few realise that the distillation of my life long work – years in practice, the maternal adventure and life experiences as a teacher and course designer from the inception of the Westernistion of acupuncture education in Australia has meant the changes I have also seen in reproductive technology and in politics are within the course as the evolution took place. In the stories and the information I was presenting for the past 30+ years.and the inner growth needed for me to put this simple effective and ‘any one can’ system of Advanced Channel Applications – Acupuncture First Aid.

We get the Qi  flowing and the unblocked meridians working as designed.

Only then we CAN ‘diagnose ‘

This is a time of personal – then professional growth.

This may not suit you.
I understand.

We cover what was missed in college/at uni.
What all masters had their apprentices undergo.
As all spiritual roads demand.
The work within is deeply and profoundly life changing – for you and those you touch
It may also throw up all that is buried.
Intentionally – maybe look to anything on Reichian armour bands.

We have protected ourselves, build up resistance. These blockages then hold life and body function hostage.

Hence we must start with ourselves – master our own ‘stuff’ and let some of it go . .

Self Care
Self Discovery

We then rediscover Qi flow – 8 Extras. .

Moving into meridians from TCM organ pathology

There will be questionnaires.



This is a certificated course (points as we go in time will be awards – still working  this) .

Quizzes at the end of each lesson then allow you to receive the bonuses.

There is substantial footage to be watched and allow time to integrate.
it is all from the first day applicable in clinic.
And in your own life.


Take a look at what you will get here

Many hours of practical considerations
All instantly usable in your clinic.

Who is this programme designed for?

Anyone who wants guidance into a system that always works. A bold statement?

No – transformative healing is what you will expect when you take up these simple protocols – no diagnosis is needed. Use your hands and your awareness of channels and Qi – and stand back – magic happens!!

Being energy not labelled condition or ‘bit’ focused, we start with health and work the person through all their blockages to ideal Qi flow. Their own body can take the reins back, making our efforts then easy.

Regardless of what stye of acupuncture you have been attracted to – this is a foundation – back to how a body is NOT working to heal itself and what we can easily do across all styles, BEFORE ‘diagnosing’ – take out what has created their concerns.


A clear path to Qi flowing excellence – for acupuncturists.

Advanced Channel Applications

Moving well beyond TCM and into meridians to easily make massive shifts.

Solving: Problems in practice:

How to get and hold instant permanent results?
Get out from under what is stopping their bodies healing themselves

WHY would you?

Because we are always wondering what else can we do?” In my case – I was taught by those who were great clinicians themselves – and they had a job to do – teach us so we could be also. It was not an academic exercise – we had real problems – 40+ years ago – imagine a world with no NSAI ,no HRT, no arthroscopies, no idea of why stomach and duodenal ulcers bled – ad of course no modern ‘magic such as laser surgeries .  People had acupuncturists who worked magic – and releasing pain was our easy bread and ‘butter’. Moving Qi moves why it is there.

(Go back to the body electric)

This is triage – First Aid

ASK – What is blocking healing?

WHY the body is not healing itself


Complete package contains:

A – Self Care package

Touch therapies

We are primates – touch works magically.
It works . . PAIN.

Liberate Stuck Qi and lymph (Self Care)

(We are more precious to us than anyone else – we start there).

a) – Love Your Body Better: we all have to eat. So many are confused at this point.

Covers what may not be happening when we do eat – and what to do to fix this, thus why even the best efforts often are unrewarded).

b – Healing Power of Touch: How to work with your own body to help your belly soothe and calm you .

c – Foundational Moves – includes navel cupping/moxa usage my ways of Restoring the Metabolism simply


Also – the peristeaming and the Self Soothing new style online trainings.

When you have finished all of this – the bonus is the Reset Your Metabolism online course – cupping navel, and why, topical iodine and why, moxa uses and how and a large cupping extra.


B – Self Discovery

Making Different Sense 

Undoing the programmes that hold the habits/life residue.

Are you clear enough yourself? This is NOT about the moves – but who you bring to the session . .

Unblocking the reason for ‘The Story’ – why the person is stuck in their lives.

Undoing the body from all that is blocking you and them and your usual acupuncture work.

(Previously called “Reconnecting Bao (heart to uterus/prostate) and Dai (pelvic girdle) Mai” package. You undoing your own triggers and reactions. Towards personal clarity. Also includes Ethics 2016 – Playing the “Fix It” game. There are your CPD for ethics right there –  this entire package is way more than any CEU requirements in Australia).

This is actually a 10 hour exploration of what we think it is that we do in clinic and thus as practitioners – a fresh look at who owns the healing).

The meditation MP3 tracks from ‘Reunion’ – a CD produced in 1999. Cover image above
More on this here.

Gentling Trauma Relief is part of this as is Undoing Your Story and Tools to assist .


Now we get into the ‘acupuncture ‘ content – except it all above set the scene.
ChannelsQi (meridians) and lymph – Qi moves in the spaces we create.


C – Transformative Healing:



Honed through constant distillation – with my life love in

teaching all levels of students and mentoring

The key?
Get the Qi flowing again.

What governs the 12 main meridians?

The 8 Extras . .

  • Ever wondered how to change the deep seated and apparently hopeless cases that you seem to have trouble with?
  • Maybe your college classes were taught by those who had a passing acquaintance with the 8 Extras . .
  • Maybe you have been to many Japanese’ inspired seminars and are not quite sure. .
  • Possibly you have attended many seminars and workshops and have so many books  .  . .
  • Want to bring it all together?
  • Looking for answers and no one to turn to?

A revolution in how to work . . Inner Feng Shui – clearing . . what is stopping their body doing it for itself. This is a clear path to Qi flowing excellence for acupuncturists.  Beyond TCM and into meridians will make massive shifts.

We move gradually from hands and tools to needles in this.

You are introduced to some of the secrets of my practice.

If you have been needling – using this as your major modality – you can now use your hands to move the lymph, allowing the Qi free passage. Vastly improving any needling you do. This is best as you are beginning to learn acupuncture as this way you get to see and feel just what is being transmitted in the warnings and distress a body sets out as cries for help – and how you can easily teach others to help themselves – hence we start with self care – as YOU have to go through your own journey – first.

Should you be a senior acupuncturist – still -there is always – we do not know what we do not know and revision allowing deepening of our own understandings is master ship at work.

The secret to my decades of active clinical practice

A system that works in all cases

This is an all inclusive package to have you past ‘diagnosis’ and back to being interactive with Qi.

Their body. Now. Today. Working with needles – well past the TCM level.

Contains: An entire walk through how to work with meridians and their flows easily.

1 – Transformative Healing eBook

(Follows one patient’s journey from back pain to freedom. Besides being almost ‘knifed to death’ in a pub brawl, he had had three – now four – trees fall on him at work. How to fix HIS back pain? Move the Qi. Follow me in one session using all the techniques I had at that point – found in Foundational Moves – scar clearing, navel cupping. prostatic drainage and the entire back sequence – in the midst of 8 Extras inspired needles to assist the lifetime of major accidents.


They do block the meridian flow well . .

To assist you understand this and how to easily change lives –
The photographic record of the sequence in one case – Moving Blockages style in eBook format. as a practical application of the method. Having thrived on resolving difficult cases  – especially involving pain and structural problems – I founded this obvious way to use meridians – Advanced Channel Applications.  Unblock what is stopping their body heal itself. .

  • This 37 page treatment photographic essay of one man’s session with me around his outrageous back pain and pelvic pain – several trees having fallen on him [true story] over his life

What just one treatment COULD look like – combining all that you see – no ‘diagnosis’ – just the application of what is needed to move pain and disability away . . by letting his energy flow again . .with the inclusion of extensive scar work, back cupping, lymphatic prostatic drainage and general back balancing at the end. All using your new found understanding of using 8 Extras, and meridian therapy.

2 – Eight Extras condensed workshop soundtrack files

  • A 2 1/2 hour condensed MP3 version of the past times 2 day workshop.

    Originally taught in 1986, this was recorded in 1993 and is as pertinent now as it was then. Includes a self test – to take prior and after to see how your thinking/point selection can change in a short time.

    This allows you as possibly a previously TCM trained practitioner, (or as a final year student) to see how the meridians all fit together and how to use them in this context in your clinic instantly – for amazing results.

    • Learn how to use unblocking what is stopping their healing.
    • Alter what preconceived ideas you may have  had in constructing ‘a treatment’ ‘
    • (The 8 Extras as the reservoirs and regulators of the 12 main meridians).

    (>2.5 hours)

  • Workshop notes accompanying (117 pages – pdf)
    (This includes Dr van Buren’s hormonal treatments using coupled 8 Extras couples)


3 – ‘The Role of Eight Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity(2007)

A full weekend course (8 hours)

Self Discovery Package

(Twenty (20) AACMA acupuncture credit points available)

(The ‘Ethics’ CPD is within the Ethics 2016 10 hour presentation within Self Discovery.

I start answering the question – “what to do with hard cases . . .”

Declutter Take out what is extraneous to life – shock and trauma residue, cold lodged wasting Yang Qi, scars undoing life flows

Reset  – Turn off all distractions and allow the normal blueprint to reassert itself

Restore – Return life back to how it was always to be

4 – Undoing the effects of living in a man’s life (an entire session of all the tools being used – especially reflections of a life and its sequelae

(Using all moves/ideas from the info shared –  meet someone battling his own inner demons and how this plays out with advanced prostate cancer work)

5 – Undoing the effects of living in a woman’s life (as above – WHAT to do with a non standard body, given all texts are not useful in real life?)

(Again – cancer – this time – scared of . .breasts off and all those abdominal ops to contend with – to get Qi to flow again.)

AGAIN .. . .

Declutter – take out what is extraneous to life – shock and trauma residue, cold lodged wasting Yang Qi, scars undoing life flows

Reset  – turn off all distractions and allow the normal blueprint to reassert itself

Restore – life as it was always to be

Heads you towards . .

The membership affiliate programmes

The Natural Life Coach

The Natural Fertility Detective/  AND

The Natural Fertility Coach
The Natural Pregnancy Coach

The Natural Parenting Coach

Instantly shift results – regain your joy and passion for working with people . Online resources here will lead you to where you can be part of the online mentoring FB closed group with fortnightly ‘clinic hours’, bringing in your ‘hard cases’ to be explained. Alternative week – a tutorial – pre recorded for those who can’t be in person.


Simple natural solutions!

Course Content

This all around how to unblock the Qi – especially relating to scars – however old they are.

Self Help resources: are found in the Self Care and Self Discovery courses also included.
The touch therapies and the step through cupping navel videos show exactly how to – in easy to follow multi media ways.


Introduction to Transformative Healing (Releasing what is distressing our blueprint’s expression)

8 Extras – Understanding the basis of all Qi flow

Transformative Healing work in the clinical setting: Seeing this system at work with two videoed patients sessions –  and one in a step by step pictorial essay with explanations of each step of using the massage/touch and cupping plus all scar moves.


‘Acupuncture in Our Time’ (1999) a recorded weekend seminar into bringing us into the new millennium and on day 2 – Dr Shen’s pulse system and the model that underpins it)

‘Obstetrics day’ (1994) A recorded day of how to help making babies easily

(‘The Role of 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity’ PLUS ‘Practical Fertility Solutions’ (2007) a recorded weekend then one extra day seminar

And many  more

What to do next? Get started – you will not regret it

Payment options


WHY would you NOT (want these massive shifts in your own lives/practices?

See what others have found . .

‘I think I found my missing link – I was attracted to study TCM because of its straight forward approach when working with the human vessel. Is there Cold? Warm is up. Is it too fast? Slow it down. But, what was missing in there that Heather showed to me? So there is Cold? Well, take it out first!!! And I realised, I knew how to take out Heat, but not how to take out Cold. And it made too much sense. How can we possibly make a river (channel) flow when there is a ton of ice blocking the access? Since then, I have been taking cold out of my patients first, then putting in the heat to rescue their Yang Qi . How could this simple thing be overlooked?’ Ana Auckland


“I posted on Facebook a few months back looking for advice about a difficult Hyperemesis Gravidarum case when Heather reach out. As we chatted about the case I realized Heather had a perspective of health and healing that went far beyond my TCM training and at that moment I knew I wanted to learn all that I could from her. I immediately started taking the Elotus courses available and recently have signed up for her teacher training mentorship program. With each day that passes my perspective of myself as a healer is shifting as is my understanding of how to help my patients achieve their health goals. Since pregnancy is a big part of my practice I frequently get calls from woman who have breech and mal positioned babies. I used the standard protocols that we all know – with varying degrees of success. For this reason I asked Heather about how she approaches breech babies. She taught me a new approach and since I started using it with my patients every baby has turned into a head down position! It is remarkable. As far as that initial patient with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Heather’s recommendations were on point and my patient was able to feel relief from the nonstop morning sickness”. Stephanie, NY, USA


“I have attended 3 of Heather’s courses in the last year.
How far in my own personal and clinical practice I have come.
I have filled in the gaps that were not taught in my training,were glossed over as not being relevant or useful. Who knew the eight extras are so effective, alongside the deeper aspects of the five elements and more? My TCM training sure missed all this out. My clinical practice has taken on a new life and meaning on all levels for clients and myself.
I am more confident that I’m no longer doing patch up jobs!
The Self Care course, unblocking my blockages (read) getting out of my own way and recently, Healing the Wounded Healer, have opened me up to my own transformation.
The cost to me had I not attended was the burnout, closing in on myself, dissatisfaction of my own work performance and worsening health. Acupuncturists, it doesn’t have to be that way. What more can I say!!!!’ 

Teri, Kaitaia, NZ

As acupuncturists and healers we are required to continue learning. And in this program, you have the opportunity unlearn what we have been taught and learn about our medicine from a different perspective. Has what you have previously learned been working? Are you seeking answers, by taking several CEU courses or questioning your decision on being an acupuncturist? These were all my thoughts before finding Heather. Should I study Tang points, the balance method, or should I do functional medicine? However, once I started focusing on being a healer, absorbing Heather’s teaching and learning how to really transform people’s lives my practice changed. I not only fell in love with my practice and my clients, I am doing what I when to school for… to help people. And since her treatment methods work, I have more clients hence more money. The investment is tiny in comparison on what we paid for to go to acupuncture school. At least with this investment, you see results immediately. The cost is really priceless, you can make that money back in a few months” Carine, LA


Working with Heather has taught me how to powerfully move the inner blockages to healing, clearing away toxins and life debris so that when I actually put a few needles in I get MAXIMUM IMPACT.  I am finally seeing miracles in my clinic – and that’s how it should be. That’s why I studied TCM.  Mentoring with a Modern Master is bringing me into my “A Game”, Elke Adelaide.


‘Heather Bruce is a wonderful teacher who generously shares from her broad clinical experience.  I feel privileged to have studied in person with her, receiving and giving treatments under her supervision.  Being able to physically feel how incredibly fast you gain results, and then learn to apply it means this was one of the most practical and useful lectures I’ve ever attended.  When I was back in my clinic today I could immediately use what I learned confident that I would see great results (and I did!).  Heather has great wisdom, which she shares like a whirlwind, with lots of pearls that you will use daily both in your clinic and in your life.  If you have the opportunity to study with her in person then I suggest you go for it!’   Trudi –  Hawkes Bay NZ


‘I am working my way through all the course work (slowly) and have to say I am loving the 8 extra lectures! I wish I had come across this earlier as I used to treat so many children with Yin/Yang Qiao issues – developmental delay, atrophies and adults with blood pressure and stroke issues. While we did amaing treatments, it would have been invaluable to have this information. Our paediatric clinic became more about treating broken children rather than normal childhood ailments.’ Julienne – Brisbane


What after this?

Join the affiliate programme

Maybe start teaching those around you – the simple hands-on and very heartful ways we can all love our own lives & those in them  better!

Begin with yourself (Self Care/Self Discovery) and widen the ripple effect in your world.

Welcome to the tribe of holistic multi modality transformative energy body workers!t

Taster – first mentoring case session – here


The Gentling Way. . .


Unfolding the gifts stuck in the wrappings. .

Help the body heal – naturally