Transformative Healing

Who is this programme designed for?

Usually someone who wants guidance into a system that always works.  Being energy not labelled condition or ‘bit’ focused, we start with health and work the person through all their blockages to ideal Qi flow. Their own body can take the reins back, making our efforts then easy.

Regardless of what stye of acupuncture you have been attracted to – this is a foundation – back to how a body is NOT working to heal itself and what we can easily do across all styles, BEFORE diagnosing – take out what has created their concerns.

A clear path to Qi flowing excellence – for acupuncturists.  Moving well beyond TCM and into meridians and so easily make massive shifts.

Solving: Problem in practice:

How to get and hold instant permanent results?
Get out from under what is stopping their bodies healing themselves

WHY would you?

We are primates – touch works magically.
It works . . PAIN.

When I was first in practice in1979 – it had to as we acupuncturists were the last line of defense).

I quickly worked out tricks which are far more comforting/tolerable than needle propagation. Which worked always.

I did not know then – but by moving the lymph, all else is easy.

Go back to the body electric

Complete package contains:


1 – Self Care package.

Touch therapies

Liberate Stuck Qi and lymph (Self Care)

(We are more precious to us than anyone else – we start there).

a) – Love Your Body Better: we all have to eat. So many are confused at this point.

Covers what may not be happening when we do eat – and what to do to fix this, thus why even the best efforts often are unrewarded).

b – Healing Power of Touch: How to work with your own body to help your belly soothe and calm you .

c – Foundational Moves – includes navel cupping/moxa usage my ways of Restoring the Metabolism simply –

2 – Self Discovery

Making Different Sense 

Undoing the programmes that hold the habits/life residue.

Are you clear enough yourself? This is NOT about the moves – but who you bring to the session . .

Unblocking the reason for ‘The Story’ – why the person is stuck in their lives.

Undoing the body from all that is blocking you and them and your usual acupuncture work.

(Previously called “Reconnecting Bao (heart to uterus/prostate) and Dai (pelvic girdle) Mai” package. You undoing your own triggers and reactions. Towards personal clarity. Also includes Ethics 2016 – Playing the “Fix It” game. There are your CPD for ethics right there –  this entire package is way more than any CEU requirements in Australia).

This is actually a 10 hour exploration of what we think it is that we do in clinic and thus as practitioners – a fresh look at who owns the healing).

The meditation MP3 tracks from ‘Reunion’ – a CD produced in 1999. Cover image as you see below.
More on this here.

The solution:
A system that works in all cases

Honed through constant distillation – with my 37 + years of

teaching all levels of acupuncture students and mentoring many .

The key?
Get the Qi flowing again.

What governs the 12 main meridians?

The 8 Extras . .

  • Ever wondered how to change the deep seated and apparently hopeless cases that you seem to have trouble with?
  • Maybe your college classes were taught by those who had a passing acquaintance with the 8 Extras . .
  • Maybe you have been to many Japanese’ inspired seminars and are not quite sure. .
  • Possibly you have attended many seminars and workshops and have so many books  .  . .
  • Want to bring it all together?
  • Looking for answers and no one to turn to?

A revolution in how to work . . Inner Feng Shui – clearing . . what is stopping their body doing it for itself

This is a clear path to Qi flowing excellence for acupuncturists.  Beyond TCM and into meridians will make massive shifts.

You are introduced to some of the secrets of my successful acupuncture practice. After needling and using your major modality – you can use your hands to move the lymph, allowing the Qi free passage. At any level of acupuncture and using any system you will find these add value to your needling session.

The secret to my decades of active clinical practice

3 – Transformative Healing

This is an all inclusive package to have you past ‘diagnosis’ and back to being interactive with Qi.

Their body. Now. Today. Working with needles – well past the TCM level.

Has within it – the Self Care and Self Discovery courses. This one previously called ‘Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai’)

Contains: An entire walk through how to work with meridians and their flows easily.

1 – Transformative Healing eBook

(Follows one patient’s journey from back pain to freedom. Besides being almost knifed to death in a pub brawl, he had had three – now four – trees fall on him at work. How to fix HIS back pain? Move the Qi. Follows me in one session using all the techniques I had at that point – found in Foundational Moves – scar clearing, navel cupping. prostatic drainage and the entire back sequence – in the midst of 8 Extras inspired needles to assist the lifetime of major accidents.


They do block the meridian flow well . .

To assist you understand this and how to easily change lives –
A photographic record of my Moving Blockages style in eBook format. as a practical application of the method. What is achievable by a senior acupuncturist who has always thrived on resolving difficult cases  – especially involving pain and structural problems – a unique way to think – unblock what is stopping their body heal itself. .

  • This 37 page treatment photographic essay of one man’s session with me around his outrageous back pain and pelvic pain (several trees having fallen on him [true story] over his life

What just one treatment COULD look like – combining all that you see – no ‘diagnosis’ – just stunning application of what is needed to move pain and disability away . . by letting his energy flow again . .with the inclusion of extensive scar work, back cupping, lymphatic prostatic drainage and general back balancing at the end. All using your new found understanding of using 8 Extras, and meridian therapy.

2 – Eight Extras condensed workshop soundtrack files

  • A 2 1/2 hour condensed MP3 version of the past times 2 day workshop.

    Originally taught in 1986, this was recorded in 1993 and is as pertinent now as it was then. Includes a self test – to take prior and after to see how your thinking/point selection can change in a short time.

    This allows you as possibly a previously TCM trained practitioner, (or as a final year student) to see how the meridians all fit together and how to use them in this context in your clinic instantly – for amazing results.

    • Learn how to use unblocking what is stopping their healing.
    • Alter what preconceived ideas you may have  had in constructing ‘a treatment’ ‘
    • (The 8 Extras as the reservoirs and regulators of the 12 main meridians).

    (>2.5 hours)

  • Workshop notes accompanying (117 pages – pdf)
    (This includes Dr van Buren’s hormonal treatments using coupled 8 Extras couples)


3 – ‘The Role of Eight Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity(2007)

A full weekend course (8 hours)

(Twenty (20) AACMA acupuncture credit points available)


Starts answering the question – “just what to do with hard cases . . .”

Declutter – take out what is extraneous to life – shock and trauma residue, cold lodged wasting Yang Qi, scars undoing life flows

Reset  – turn off all distractions and allow the normal blueprint to reassert itself

Restore – life as it was always to be

Heads you towards . .

The membership affiliate programmes

The Natural Fertility Detective
The Natural Pregnancy Coach

Instantly in ]shift results and your joy and passion for working with people – online resources here will lead you to where you can be part of the online mentoring FB closed group with weekly ‘clinic hours’, bringing in your ‘hard cases’ to be explained.


Simple natural solutions!

Course Content

This all around how to unblock the Qi – especially relating to scars – however old they are.

Self Help resources: are found in the Self Care and Self Discovery courses also included.
The touch therapies and the step through cupping navel videos show exactly how to – in easy to follow multi media ways.


Introduction to Transformative Healing (Releasing what is distressing our blueprint’s expression)

8 Extras – Understanding the basis of all Qi flow

Transformative Healing work in the clinical setting: Seeing this system at work with two videoed patients sessions –  and one in a step by step pictorial essay with explanations of each step of using the massage/touch and cupping plus all scar moves.


‘Acupuncture in Our Time’ (1999) a recorded weekend seminar into bringing us into the new millennium and on day 2 – Dr Shen’s pulse system and the model that underpins it)

‘Obstetrics day’ (1994) A recorded day of how to help making babies easily


(‘The Role of 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity’ PLUS ‘Practical Fertility Solutions’ (2007) a recorded weekend then one extra day seminar


What Next?