Transformative Healing Mentoring – intro


Please be aware – this is a self paced intensive self development course – eventually interactive ac0oucnrtie improvement programme.
Once you are through the requirements to get here . . we start the tutorials. There is no point in having someone stat half way through as the inner work that also has to e done is required of the students of the prgramme outlined.
You do NOT have to do the hands on component – yet it would be vastly advantageous to you.
We cover a happy fusion of what  have discovered over the past 4 decades as it pertains to making people better.
Using heartful hands and of course always, restoring Yang Sheng (nourishing life).

Self Care

Self Discovery
and into the Transformative Healing work, and out the other side . .
Maybe even have done a Gentling Way Self Care weekend course (undoing yourself further)

Into the mentoring programme (accelerated if you have completed a Pelvic Opening and a Living Ligaments course
We now start a weekly sessions on Zoom. I will surround these with extras for you to ponder as the weeks go on.
I have a colossal library – and these will stimulate you

Here is the initial one

What we did

We covered 2 case  histories, and what we may/could do instead of what we know presently.
Case 1 – Wolff Parkinson White syndrome

The hand out – Kelly 26 years young

By using different lenses – we talked through another case . .

and how crucial doing the time line is

Then I started in on scars.

As the weeks go by, I will be showcasing sometimes my patients, sometimes others you submit.

We will be looking the through the filters provided by the holistic multi modality transformatve energy body work


What you may do next . .

Post 2012 and 2018 – here is the next step for the some who love their job
And want to move through their own aging and getting of wisdom . .


Me with you to start with – then you can mentor those wishing BIG change
Join us!!!  Here is how

Entry pathway – intensive till end of the year.
We will cover as much as possible – beginning a new year using the energy body work that undoing what is caught up can.

We will start with Live Well (the Natural Health Coach – takes us into the Life Recipe then Life Rescue – what we need to be)
The Natural Fertility Detective is next, The Natural Fertility Coach, The Natural Pregnancy Coach and finishing with The Natural Parenting Coach