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And the way YOU live in your body as you realise
What the elders knew still applies

Women’s ways of knowing . . . All ‘old wives’ tales’ say  . . avoid cold (CLICK).
What does it do?
Mess with nature – entirely – as it wastes your life force – Yang Qi. (CLICK)

Grannies knew…  Ask – answers will appear
Nature heals

Welcome to the change you have been searching for:

Answering “what is so different about this work?”

LINE – Our ‘silver cord’ that keeps us here: aligned in Light

Top circle – the vibrational needs – to clear ‘our body remembers everything that has ever happened to us

Left – the fueling – Food Factory – to keep us nourished

Right – the structure we live in – determines function

Top oval – the instructions in energy that allow life

Bottom oval – elder wisdoms = across all tribes

EVERYONE knew – no cold (CLICK) – as it killed off life force – and weakened the recipient.

Her (my) story . .

Where to find out more?  Quickly

See the Heather Says site here (CLICK)

Cold and FEAR constrict Qi /energy flow.  .

Where did this cold originate? All through life


DO IT FOR YOURSELF – live with Nature!

What you will need also – if being a therapist. .

This is elder’s ways – all cultures. (Old Wives’ Tales)
Gut can’t work- oven too cool.  Spleen Qi functions (CLICK)  . and when it is depleted (CLICK) (all falls down).

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Classes starting soon – all online – can do self paced, or be part of a tribe.

2016 version . . .

Whatever age and stage in life you find yourself . .
Maybe looking to make your own health changes – OR
Maybe as a natural health care practitioner (of any description who – like  me – has wondered – is this all there is?

From the ancients – what the Chinese families did – besides avoiding all cold – and looking after nature – before  they invested in paying for health care came . .

Elder medicine that really works

Time tested through wise women’s gentle healing traditions

  • 1 – Cupping out the stored cold – (from navel – special process)
  • 2 – Moxa – home tricks for perfect regeneration
  • 3 – Topical iodine usage
  • 4 – Perineal Steaming

Do you suspect that you have:

Low thyroid function/adrenal fatigue?
No ‘get up and go’?
And /or . . .

  • A digestive complaint?
  • Pain anywhere?
  • Feel cold constantly and can’t warm up?
  • Poor circulation – including Reynard’s disease?
  • A sense of nothing ever works for you?
  • Been to so many therapists?

Know you get cold when others do not?
You ALWAYS have cold hands and feet – and maybe belly and buttocks?
Digestion is just a trial?
(Any diagnosis).

Blood tests say ‘fine’/within normal range’?
Not sure what to do next as you are still not right?

Blood tests may not be a good idea as they are so vague. And the apparent levels of wellness are alarmingly less than wellness would be. Instead – maybe take your BBT (Basal Body Temperature (CLICK) – whilst not totally accurate – I find them well good enough in practice  -as they are free- once one thermometer is bought – and they tell the story well enough. You guess, and detect – ad change your ways – will feel better – which is what you want.

Depressed? Deflated? Life too hard?

This could be you – and /or a lot of the people you see – professionally or in your own life – help them out – all here is safe and effective – and so easy – all were home remedies in days gone by . .

Offering – An ultimate self help guide

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to help themselves.
  • Any natural health worker
  • Anyone who wants to get back in contact with wise womanly ways. What People Knew

For all who see this as being ‘too simple’.

    • We do need to go back to the basics.
    • Bodies heal themselves

Qi has to move. Qi when it all flows means all is normal

This is what all old wives and all elders knew . .
Add in no cold – avoid all cold exposure – protect yourself from the cold ..

This is what I do FIRST for anyone who seeks me.
Really – it would be so much easier – if all knew to do this BEFORE they get ill enough to need help

Restore your previous ‘normal’ so your body can heal itself.

Stored cold is wasting your Yang Qi. (Click here for definition)

Take out what is blocking your body from working properly. If not it leads you into all sorts of medical diagnoses and distress. Everyone you see professionally may be earnest, diligent, and lovely people – and may be just using their own filters/lenses/labels/models to play with the results of what they do not even see – the reason why your body is not healing itself.

Take charge of yourself

As the grandmothers would have directed you to.

Cold invasion leaves behind – more cold (CLICK) to mess with your ability to operate in your body well.
This beginning is a too obvious a place to start – even for acupuncturists these days.

Your body can heal itself.
You can help it
Wherever you are – you can do it yourself.

“Is it safe”?

  • Time tested over many countries and cultures.
  • It is not safe – or sensible – to have your body gradually wearing down whilst you take drugs to prop it up/shut it down.

Course Content: Included:

Easily understood comprehensive multi media step-by-step guides

4 large pdf’s

  1. Cupping out the cold (navel – a family tradition from the deep Chinese past)
  2. Perineal steaming (offered across myriad cultures as women’s business – often nightly at home)
  3. Moxa usage (a safe alternative to allow pain and energy return – again – very common in homes is old China)
  4. Topical iodine usage to assist modern life disasters – metabolism issues, endometriosis, PCOS, fibromyalgia, ADHD and ASD prevention and treatment, fibrocystic breast changes, brain fog, return to easy digestion and cancer prevention/ reversal)

Explanatory notes all along the way

How cold messes with all of life processes – complete with common cases).

Short video clips of what to do and how to do it yourself.

Enlightening sequential photo essays

Everything in this course is safe and will work for everyone – it is just a matter of allowing your body to get back to its design.

frozen spider webTaking charge may be the only way you get the relief from what may have been a so far hopeless adventure through various medical and other options – why not just undo what is happening gently and effectively at home, yourself? You get different results when you do something differently to what you always have!!

What would I do (after my nearly 40 years of working with wounded people daily) if you showed up in my clinic now?
Take out what is not supposed to be there – and is making your life harder.

Begin by getting this self help package of home remedies/folk lore that in many media explains simply ho to undo what has happened to you and renew your life force. All time tested ways through many cultures.

Four parts – gems within this remarkable short course

1 – Cupping your navel

You need.. .

  1. Cup (largest glass one – size #5 – maybe from a Chinese shop??)
  2. Moxa (loose and the most ‘punk’ possible)
  3. Massage oil
  4. A large coin – if your own country does not have one (as Australia has a large 50 cent piece)

Charlotte and cup2

PDF Covers

  • 3 – 18 Disclaimer and historical
  • 19 – 31 Why are we doing this?
  • 32 – 42 What does it look like?
  • 43 – 59 Practice first on your leg
  • 60 – 91 Navel cupping and Q & A
  • 92 – 113 Why moxa?
  • 114 – 140 Cupping kids and revision
  • 141 – 166 Rescue the Yang
  • 167 – 176 FAQ
  • 177 – 203 Pregnancy and yet more revision
  • 204 – 214 FAQ – Oddities
  • Also has a 60 page easily read eBook on how and what to do – plus case histories – of others who have effectively retrieved their health – by following the elders wisdoms – avoiding cold.
  • From there, (after cupping the navel yourself – or that of others), you can either steam yourself – or/and use moxa.

2 – Perineal Steaming

Steaming is something that can be done almost daily/nightly (as it is in so many countries) and is exceptionally relaxing. May sound weird – but once experienced, you will also be hooked.
For all with fertility/gyne/digestive and pain concerns, it is very relaxing, and also it is THE way to undo what you have not had results with in any other interventions – or maybe the healing you need to add into what is somewhat working for you.
Especially so with all period and urinary and digestive concerns

An integral part of many culture lives – not mentioned in books, texts or even to those who would not understand, since using this healing method in my clinic, I have had brilliant results. All who do this at home report feeling younger (and so much more functional) ‘down there’ and feel a great sense of relief that they are in charge of what has been often terrible unrelenting problems often for decades – avail yourself to the joys of inner healing and pleasant relaxation

Perineal steaming (CLICK) – a world women’s home medicine. Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fertility challenges, depression, anxiety, heavy painful menstruation? Vaginal steams (bajos in Spanish, Chai Yok in Korean) have a long history of use by traditional healers in various parts of the world, especially in Asia and in Central America. Their popularity has been steadily growing in the West, and for good reason – vagina/perineal steams are very beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, from painful menstrual cramps to infertility to nourishment of the area. They can help the uterus empty itself more completely, dislodging old tissue and blood that may have been there for months or even years. Perineal steaming have wider applications – relaxation, rejuvenation (especially to older women) and of course all gut issues as the digestive tract is accessed here – and for men – with all the above and their own ‘uterus’ – the prostate – starts asking for help as they age.

More on this is found on the Foundational Moves part of the Self Care package. within a whole session (one a an) showcasing all that I have found to work is on the Self Care  course – as part of this three part is Healing Power of Touch and Love Your Body Better – a huge chunk of self help . .from my holistic multi modality, multi lineage, transformative energy body aligning body of work. he foundational massage course Having taught therapists for over 40 years., I know that these rudimentary home help measures – as cupping out the cold and moxa use come first if we want lasting results. The why’s and hows’ are here in this course – get them both and you will be set for life – as a therapist yourself.

The perineal steaming presentation is extensive: especially with men.

Inside this you will find . .

  • 1 – 16 Introduction
  • 17 – 29 What to use in the water
  • 30 – 40 – How to heat
  • 41 – 87 What to sit on
  • 88 – 93 Digestion
  • 94 – 105 – Men’s business
  • 106 – 116 Women’s business
  • 117 – 120 Revision

3 – Using moxa

Moxa is the other part of the Chinese word for acupuncture – needles/moxa.
A home remedy . .
Heat helps heal. (Cold causes the Yang Qi to be held up and wasted)
Causing pain – there is a big clue . .
Use moxa – the smoky one only – it works.

By itself, a great way to relax, relieve back and general aching, pains and assist normal body functioning. The moxa stick does not touch the skin, but provides a deep healing warmth along with its volatile oils – and these assist in a way you cannot image before feeling it work on your own body. A massive help in almost all cases of pain – especially when nothing else has ‘fixed’ what is ailing you. Of course – when you ice add cold to anything you stop the circulation, slowing down any healing. The opposite – add in heat – allows the natural blood flow needed to allow inflammation to work for you – to do so. Start down a healing path – use what has been helping Asian people for centuries – safe and although smelly (use outside) highly effective!

20160502_110227Me demonstrating on the back of my hand how to do the moxa sacral fan on someone else – note it never touches the skin!!!

This presentation goes into many ways that you can rescue yourself – and may be equally useful resource for your acupuncturist, as I ‘let loose’ with many secrets from my clinic that really all should know as home ‘old folk’s’ remedies  They work, are simple, natural and of course – entirely safe.

Stop your past dependency on ‘fee for service’ medical and natural care helpers.
Get off all ‘management’ medication – undo the blockages to your own healing
Take charge of yourself.

Inside this you will find . .

  • 1 – 12 Introduction
  • 13 – 24 Why moxa?
  • 25 – 37 Yang Qi/cold/pain
  • 38 – 42 What is pain?
  • 43 – 68 Ways of using moxa – 1# stick/pole
  • 69 – 77 2# Using loose moxa (punk) on a tissue with salt/ginger
  • 78 – 95 #3/#4 salt/ginger
  • 95 – 111 #5 Thread moxa usage – anxiety fix
  • 112 – 116 Revision

4 – Topical Iodine and you

We need (and deserve to have) our bodies working perfectly – metabolism queries answered right there!

Iodine 3A three minute lapse – From first to last (dark brown) application. (Her body was so thirsty for iodine and this was her on the apparently perfect ‘pregnancy’ multi vitamin tablet that  all are told by those who study NO nutrition in their doctoring courses – tell pregnant women to go on to!  Why? We are all suffering from halide poisoning. ‘Just’ having the fluoride in the water has messed with everyone’s metabolism  (and gut – thus life).

Inside this you will find . .

  • 1 – 14 Introduction
  • 15 – 30 The world as it should be
  • 31 – 51 Low iodine, why and troubles this causes
  • 52 – 60 Iodine being displaced is ignored
  • 61 – 78 Life beginnings
  • 79 – 108 The World Until Yesterday
  • Problems in iodine absorption
  • 108 – 121 How much do I need?
  • 122 – 132 What specific conditions can Iodine help?
  • 133 – 146 Supplementing iodine
  • 147 – 154 Revision

Who knew?
To have cancer you have not had enough access to the right ingredients – one of which is iodine – and saying you have iodised salt is so ’60’s – as back then – that would have been enough. Find out why it is not now, and what you can do about it.
Seriously – just about all that ails you is the lack of bio available iodine and of course – then you have a blood test that belies the fact that your metabolism/gut/emotional state and your ‘hormones’ (inner messengers) are all out of whack . . easy solutions – natural and entirely safe – and needed right now. From an accomplished acupuncturist who took a course with me in France – where the navel cupping work and allied advanced channel applications were featured.

‘This training brought to light information that I missed, the impression of recovering the missing chains. The content is atypical but so rich, sharing on the evolution of care has allowed me to understand the blockages that I encountered lately, and thus change my practice. The practical workshop was impressive by the results that happened. Simple but effective because of an unstoppable logic. The exchange with my patients is like a liberation for them, as much as they apply with pleasure the advice. Thank you again”. Aline (Lordes, France)

Reset Your Metabolism . . .

What you have to lose is a lot of hassles – as these techniques all work – on everyone.
Icing yourself in any form has created stagnation of the flows that run your body – here are the antidotes – so you can be bouncing out of your skin, happy as – in no time.

Maybe ask yourself

Have I had enough?

(Of trying to cope?)

From my decades of healing: to your hands for yourself

Start at the beginning – can your life force FLOW?

4 candles

Transform your life . . .

Start where no other therapy has gone – at the beginning

Should you be a therapist yourself –

All is revealed here . .

Here is what is holding all great results back.

Allow the body to take over its own healing –

(as it is blocked presently) – by the presence of COLD lodged within 

Welcome to your new self – empowered!


If you are an acupuncturist/meridian therapist

Really make the difference you always thought possible
MOVE THAT QI .. . . .