Stuck Liver Qi massage does so much!!!

Advanced Channel Applications!

Activate the Qi – it moves in the spaces in the cells. .

The lymph may need a shift .
Please look to the book “The Spark in the Machine” . .

For my grads . .
If you have only lobbed in here and need more instruction – see here.
See also this page  On Amanda 3+ years ago

  • At 3 minutes you see me working in Amanda on the same side for SLQR – please do not.

Move around the person. It is NOT the same. (I did it for ease of filming)
See the blanching – cold stuck in there

We need to address this – it was cold when we filmed.

(Our older houses in Queensland Australia are not built for this but for the extreme heat/humidity).

I mention getting the toxins out of the cells –  especially the mercury – out of the tissues.  . .

here is the product I mention – it works so the magnesium then is bio available.

(Less Stuck Liver Qi and Stuck Liver Blood

– of course – we would all feel/be better.

So simple 

We can use our acupuncture theory and deep understanding of the meridians and their flows

Too easy . .and more to come.

If you are an acupuncturist – please look at the micro bleeding demo I have here.
Maybe also it is time to sign up below to transform all under your hands too!

The Gentling Way

Make mountains of stagnation just float up and flow away 

“Today I had the pleasure and wonder to experience Heather’s Gentling Way. Heather’s Gentling Way, as the name suggests, is very gentle. The soothing touch of the treatment relaxes the body and the mind, bringing in the recollection of grandma’s touch and mystery of that love. Although the technique is super gentle, it is extremely powerful in loosening ligaments and tension in the body, especially in the lower back and pelvis. I experienced the evidence of this during the session while lying on the table, and it was magnified when I got up and I could feel the space and ease in my body. The gentleness and non invasiveness of this technique makes it suitable for children, and younger and older people alike”.  Ivana – Brisbane – one Kahuna massage therapist’s experience

Heather’s Gentling Ways . .

Transform your own life and that of others . .

Maternal/Menstrual Rescues

For all ages

What you can do?

Please ask yourself

Why did I sign up for acupuncture ?
What is missing so far for me?
What do I need right now?

The Self Care component starts everyone with the moves that Amanda above here is happy with.

Here is the full trajectory . .

Using the easy Heather Signature System – Triage it

Take out the stored cold, moving the Stuck Liver Qi and getting the sacral flows flowing . .
THEN we start on structure determines function

What sets this apart?

It all works and does not need a ‘diagnosis’ – just an open heart and hands that are primed to touch  . .

In the Living ligaments section – we incorporate all that is acupuncture channel practical – from my decades of meridian based clinical and teaching comes – why and how my own Moving Blockages to Healing lymph clearing and scar undoing as made such increases in everyone’s flows.

Real changes happen when the heart and wombspace are reconnected .


It is exciting and alive

Dynamic . .


Heartful hands-on warriors!!!