Manual online – LL

Little snippets from class


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As a fellow former Arvigo Self Care teacher – she has returned to her alignment roots.
Always has great information

Reminders – you have been sent a list of ligament animations


Before anything . .Please review Spleen Qi and invasion of cold . . .

I do not cover what is in the Arvigo Self are as we are advanced class here .
A great reminder of what can and does happen . .
Start here . .The extreme ‘Right Hand Side of the Page’

The ligaments – physical . .

Teaching 4 years ago

Belly – Uterine/prostate raking

Taking the leg for a walk

(Do not force it – if really tight – undo WHY)




Sacral work


R hip posterior correction

NOTE – I got it wrong with the leg pulling.

She was anterior – so we need to turn leg outwards – and then pull.
I corrected eventually 


Hip and lymph reorganisation


Putting it altogether

The belly:

Uterine and ovarian moves

Lateral inner hip releases: Right

Lateral inner hip releases:Left

Return to the uterine raking: then finishing off the front (chest again)



What always happens – if you get the person to do their own self evaluation (even with men and perineal uplifts) is that they can tell you what is happening – and as well as looking at tongues and poking points – it is a great validation for everyone that this work is transformative!

(Done sensitively and slowly – gradually working into areas of tangle).

Starting with Stuck Liver Qi massage – then opening the sacrum

Finishing off


We did only the back . . .
And wow!!!



 On a man


Gently does it