This course takes you into what has happened and how we can choose to undo what holds us hostage – the past thoughts, actions and experiences that are stored within our bodies, in our energy fields, and there waiting for us to release.

If you are a therapist

How do you undo what comes up in sessions?
If you are the one being worked with

How do you deal with what is uncovered?

Maybe go through this FREE course online first – it may give you a taste to go on?

(The Life Rescue) or you may have already come from there and want more. .

Do you find yourself on a repeat cycle?
Going over and back to what you felt you had ‘finished’ with?
Are you STUCK?

Maybe you have realised

Before we ‘fix’ anyone else – we have ourselves

We have all had ‘a life’

That STORY is what is encoded in our energy fields, in our bodies, and this plays out – as habits and ways that we unconsciously just follow – like rules someone made up and we forgot we are older/wiser/those ‘clothes’ never fit – and how to undo this?
Firstly acknowledge that they are there.

THEN – undo what it means that they are there still
And what happens when you trigger yourself – as opposed to hoping that no one else can or does?

Self Discovery – what lies within our structure dictates who/how we are

Reichian armour bands hold us in the mesh of trauma – we hide from undoing this – as The Story holds us hostage.

After 40 years of working with people at a causative, not reactive level (getting back to their beginnings and undoing what triggers them to be who they are- regardless of their best efforts to get free – and from many cultures and much life experience in teaching /treating, mentoring and supporting others – plus all that I iearned being a mum of 4 very different people over the past 4 decades, (including all the lessons encased in being Kathryn’s mum) – and all that I had to let go to still be here – we have: a way out.

This was in the past was called ‘Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai’

What is Bao Mai (CLICK)?
What is Dai Mai? The belt like meridian that encircles your body and allows the liver and gall bladder channels to be totally involved in all aspects of your life – structural and digestive/reproductive.

Why do they get disconnected? Break your heart?/ Have almost any life event happen??

How do we then cope? Often we do not

What we may use? Vibrational remedies (CLICK) – I have found Kaliana Rose to be prefect as she is brings through what we need for this now. – See Rose of Raphael for more. Aura Soma – brilliantly clear and strengthen us. Kathryn’s mother’s story (CLICK)

Connecting Bao Mai with/to Dai Mai (or heart and womb space)

CrucialWhen we forget that the major cause of disease in Asian medicine is emotional, we can get too caught up in what warnings the body eventually throws in our faces. Usually pain – and usually these have been ignored for a while.

bao-mai-heart-uterus-connection1In the case of a broken heart, a distressed life emerges as we try to hide away from the increasingly obvious loss of flows within.

The climatic issues – especially adding in cold on the form of cold/chilled foods and fluids to put out our digestive fires – leading to all gut issues –  ice on things that hurt (because the Qi and Blood flow are broken already) and the loss of common sense in following what all our ancestors would have told us to do – means that here we have a pretty blunt message.

What might I mean?
The connection of our heart and uterus/prostate is so often shut down.
Our regenerative and pleasure centres being off. Look no further than the circumcision process – no pain relief and assuming that the wee lad will not remember – but his body will – and bear the emotional betrayal at a time when he was just born – forever.
Leading to much trouble all now retail experiences for others – who are in no hurry to actually fix things.

What will you find?

1 – Insights into why we may be upset/not happy/ill/in pain never seemingly able to get past a certain point – regardless of how we ‘do everything right’. A pathway into becoming less reactive and to gain clarity.

2 – Tools – What shut us down has stolen who we would have been. We find here much that I have sourced and use productively in my clinic and life.The missing link for almost all gyne/reproductive woes – often held onto till end of life).

3 – Life Rescue – how do YOU help YOURSELF?

BREAK FREE from that game to the right . . .


1 – If you have bought the Transformative Healing package (CLICK), this is part 2 (month 2).

2 – It is also the online component of what was the Gentling Trauma Relief (CLICK) workshop.

3 – This is the pre requisite course to the Living Ligaments I – Womb Woes to Womb Wonders’ (CLICK)
You can only buy this and then perhaps choose to go onwards later BUT if you are intending to take the Transformative Healing pack – you MUST complete Self Care before starting in on my fascinating travels through Acupuncture First Aid Triage – out of TCM and into life and loving being human.

This is being presented sequentially – we all tend to choose to ignore our own issues.
It Is Time!

Copal (better than smudging) SAMPLE PAGE HERE 

The additional Self Discovery programme – gives you entry into your own personal inner workings to allow that Story that has up until now run you – freedom – to release.

PLUS you have tools to assist yourself and all others

PLUS  the Self Rescue course

All in one tidy package

CONTENTS of Self Discovery:

A very successful experiential workshop audio. 2019 – EXTRA Gentling Trauma Relief – an overview of why and what to do . .

Three parts of this course:

Undoing The Story (yours)
Self Rescue

Fix it (why LIFE is set up this way) –

or you will keep hurting – your choice . .