Reset Your Metabolism

21 years old – with a torn shoulder and plays as a prop in rugby every week – plus is a manual worker – when not a computer nerd. Lives on chocolate to keep himself going at work – ans eats often not a lot through the day.
Always feels the cold – way more than others.
Battled his weight all his life – 95 kg at best now116 coming down from 125 – avoiding junk is a major drama – just loves eating  ..
Exceptional acne on face for years

Was a sickly child – asthmatic.excema and in hospital many times as an infant to get fluid off lungs drained. Much better now  – but is not really well.


What did we do?

I cupped his navel and got what I expected – reduction in pain/range of movement

  • Increase in mental acuity
  • Loss of heaviness and lassitude
  • Brighter look to face,
  • Instant tongue changes.

Initially before the  cup          after 30 minutes              and before he left.

Cup on – he felt more ease in body and shoulder  and after the lymph drainage he was in vastly less pain .
Finished off with showing his wife what to do with the Japanese soup spoon ..
He was a bit stunned how his shoulder kept on radically improving!

6 goes at the physio with DN (dry needling) had at best 30 minutes relief – and hurt a lot!
I did not needle what hurt  – and there was radical difference.

Gua Sha . .

Played rugby in the cold tonight  -and said . . My shoulder is feeling the best it has in years! Occasionally I get a little twinge feeling and the clicking is still there but the constant pain from rotating is gone! Amazed!!!!  Body and energy levels were great!


What I did – cupped the navel and all associated with this (perineal steaming, odd moxa uses and topical iodine applications).

Reset Your Metabolism fast track

He is not actually ‘the patient’ – she is there to avoid a complicated birth – and to get her back fixed’.

Self Care Package


It is all too simple – we can take charge so easily ..