What I gained from having couple of pulse takers in watching me work with their colleague.
After each set of moves I suggested they did so, they were amazed at the shifts in pules and tongue.
Person worked upon got more Shen in her face and eyes and looked so much more content as we undid her one layer at a time.


What a practitioner said

I have just attended Heather’s most recent experimental workshop Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai – Healing after C-section in Brisbane. The best gift I from this was to watch the way Heather energetically sets up her work space, and then continues to hold that energy and space for her students and clients. I witnessed deep work take place because of this – physical and emotional releases, improvements in tongue and pulse, who ever was on the table got off the table with much undone. A lightness to their body, more space in the pelvis and spine, feeling taller and lighter, stronger pelvic floor muscles and the Shen restored to the face. I witnessed the holding of space that helps the receiver to be deeply held and to be listened to. I was brought back to remembering the power of my mother hand in shiatsu – and the importance of light Gentle touch. This work is for everyone, for me as Shiatsu and oriental medicine practitioner, I gained a lot that i have already put into practice today. The trauma work that Heather does is so valuable in clinical practice and in each and every course I have attended there have been new practical applications that I can add to my work. I am also a mother of 2 c-sections and I carry my own scars and maternal grief/loss. But today after a late flight home last night and a tired body this morning i was able to hold space for 2 distressed clients. I could do this because I had the tools to clear my self and clear my space before they arrived. I was able to energetically shift with lightness between clients and up hold the energy in my practice room.

What another said
I attended Heather’s workshop – Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai – Healing after C-Section – in June 2019, and came away with a host of tools to deepen the work I am currently doing as an Acupuncturist. Heather has cherry picked her healing tools over 40 years of working, and honed an approach aimed at getting to the root of the problem – clearing physical, emotional and spiritual blockages that are impeding the free flow of Qi. She then aims to set people up for success by empowering them with the knowledge they need to take charge of their own health.  Starting with removing cold, and then moving to unlocking physical and emotional trauma, Heather combines an acupuncture approach rooted in the 8 extras, with a range of other clinically useful tools she has collected during her years of practice, to gently but firmly return the body back to balance by restoring flow. Drawing on extensive training in Arvigo Massage, Mercier technique, and a host of other hands on practices, Heather has taken what works, what makes sense, and created her own very effective, nurturing and holistic approach, which she now calls The Gentling Way.Heather was so generous in her desire to pass on her knowledge, so that we as practitioners can really help people undo the damage of a lifetime of living. With a strong emphasis on hearing and healing the whole story, rather than just an isolated complaint, Heather’s work is the epitome of holistic.  I have come away from this weekend with so much information, so many resources, and some amazing transformative tools that I can wind into my own practice start taking things to the next level.


A patient ‘s perspective

Why I see Heather A year or so ago I asked my chiropractor if he knew of a really good acupuncturist. He gave me Heather’s details, saying she was good to see for all sorts of health issues.I had finished radiation and chemotherapy for about one year when I met Heather. I knew that my body needed serious help to recover from that regime.  I had been caring for my mother, who had recently died, throughout my treatment, and was still grieving for her as well as other issues in my life.Heather’s all-encompassing holistic approach was just what I needed. I have learned to trust the depth and breadth of Heather’s 40 years of research, rational and intuitive connection-making in her practice of uncovering what body, mind and spirit need to begin the healing journey. I also value her willingness to think and work outside the ‘conventional’ box and her confidence in moving into different approaches based on her own research and the indications given by my body.I have never felt the need to visit a chiropractor since as Heather is able to work with my body in such a way as to encompass what is needed in that area. I come away from Heather’s treatments noticing a change in the way I hold my body and a shift in my energy.I continue to see Heather because I believe that I would need to see a number of different professionals in order to even come close to what Heather is able to do for my health. I do not believe they would do as well as what Heather does.Heather is a rare find. 


Impressions of Heather’s Teaching Sessions

In her teaching sessions (workshops) Heather is careful to establish and maintain a safe, respectful, nurturing and nourishing space. Because Heather’s work is not just about head knowledge and practicing techniques, this is an important prerequisite.Both the input Heather gives and the hands-on practice is intended to address the whole person. What it can, and often does, result in is for people to have deep issues come to the surface during a session. The safe place means that this does not need to be suppressed but can be allowed to claim its rightful place and attention for the person involved, surrounded by those who understand and can support what may be happening.For people to reap the most benefit from Heather’s teaching they need to be in a place where they are open to receive and absorb the implications of input that is more that academic information. This will probably take more than one teaching session. It is an ongoing process of deepening absorption and formation in a particular style and method of enabling the body to bring about wholeness and healing.