‘Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai’ practitioner course

Bao and Dai Mai:Reconnecting your heart to your womb

Immerse yourself

Start with undoing yourself


We all start here Gentle Selfing – a foundational initiation into being a grounded woman in the ways of the wise elders.

Moving into Gentle Self Discovery – what made us ‘us’ and how to release the past life residue to be then able to respond, not react/ be triggered. personality cage to be free. (We all know we are carrying our own ‘stuff’)
People who seek to gain solace through our ministrations – may benefit from our clarity.

Look to the meridians – the 8 Extras are over-flow reservoirs. .
We need to undo gently what may be hidden
Although when you ‘get it’ – it is all in plan view . .


What is in this online package?

Your invitation to heal you and your life
(Receive what you tend to give away daily . .)

Returning to a Heartful Womb Space

How we declutter – our own energy fields and personality cages.- ourselves . .
1 – Undoing Our Own Inner Libraries – a huge exposee as to how you got to be this ‘you’ now.

Repeating this if you have done it before opens all that is blocking your life flows. .

2 – Jing Markers report

see where you currently are and how many changes you make as we go through the process of your remaking yourself

3 – Living in It

128 page self manual – how to live in this body and why we are here.

4 – Reunion MP 3 files

Massage Moves for Acupuncturists

Add Value to Your Needling

Q – What if you are not an acupuncturist??
A – Doesn’t matter – the wisdom afforded anyone who goes through this course will enable them to live very differently and to make very different sense of every thing that has happen to them ans those around them – and how to undo the consequences of living in the mess that is so far traveling within your energy fields.

5 and 6 Massage courses (all my secrets to moving Qi – hence relieving the need for the body to give out pain warnings. Is really gouging – it is NOT a massage as you have ever see it – is intentional lymph decongesting. – men’s and women’s

(Huge value as these alone will transform all you do)

(Both cover an entire treatment with one person and how to go through all the body – whether you wish to or not – you have the entire sequence – including cupping and moxa on navel and the sacral moxa fan in the men’s case – plus you may ‘just’ do one move – which WILL revolutionise your needling results. (It always does mine).

7 – Almost every patient needs the cupping of the navel and restoration of the Yang Qi . . . . Reset Your Metabolism course

EXTRA – for the acupuncturists  . . ..

See how easy scar bridging can be when we allow the 8 Extras (as reservoirs) to gently, gracefully let it all go.

8 – Undoing the Scars of Being Woman in this life . .

9 – Undoing similar on one man – 2 sessions . . .
(Separate to the man in the photographic essay in Transformative Healing) That tale is about what  do after 4 trees had fell on him and all the other life events that we needed to undo prior to even thinking ‘diagnosis’.

If you are an acupuncturist

Please get also the Transformative Healing package.

PAIN .  . loss of flow. ..

(You may have thought that Heather was about gyne/obstetrics – no – any ‘hard’ case . .

Even if you are NOT interested in the reproductive angles

This course is a series of courses presented over the years and is all about undoing scars – on all levels- especially energy ans physical. Very different way of starting needling – as we look through the eyes of the 8 Extras – what regulate, supervise and maintain the normal flow of Qi and Blood through the 12 . .is a massive shift in all you do – structural and all inner work.

If you ARE interested in the maternal and the bonding side of life 

(and who does not have a relation in breeding mode) – then this is for you as the Role of 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity is what I have always been teaching and working with – since before IVF was even needed.

Transformative Healing Course


Click now to change your life .

This course and the Transformative Healing package
together give you a very solid grounding into the potential found within the Gentling Way Work


that I have been developing over the past 4 decades – acupuncture
plus heart and hands and soul – leading into experiential courses


Please take the plunge . .
We need so many more of us on that ‘other side of the page’ ..


Transformation is just a Click away  .

You may wonder . . . .

What will I be downloading for the Bao Mai course again??

An entirely different way of being – start with you – and also see what has and has not been happening with your patients . .and how you can revolutionise what you are doing.

1 – ‘Undoing Your Own Inner LIbrary’ – what ever has happened – write it ALL down and see how it all interrelates.

This alone will transform how you are in your own life – understanding causation and why these life events and their residue are still impacting in this ‘now’.

2 – Jing Markers – a report card of Jing and Blood – just how your health and again – are going. The only markers that matter – and their import in all work with patients – especially in breeding and in aging focused medicine.

3 – ‘Living In It’ (updated and eBook version of my 2002 patients’ life manual.

4 – Reunion MP3 (two meditation guide tracks)

5 – Men’s Massage course (an entire session with all the massage and cupping/moxa moves in place and why)
Includes the prostatic drainage needed to undo all the male fertility/ED and prostate dramas.

6 – Women’s Massage course (an entire session with all the massage and cupping/moxa moves in place and why)

7 – ‘Reset Your Metabolism’ – the cupping navel/moxa usage/perineal steaming/topical iodine collection – self help three bundles – at home self help for everyone and the pillars of all my work (plus the Transformative Healing package – see here).

As an acupuncturist – you can also request my ‘undoing a body’ work

This means you can also get with this . .


8 – Doreen’s post C section session

9 – Paul’s two scar sessions (Stage 4 cancer – and undoing how he got to there).


Transformation is just a Click away  .

So much and you get to instantly DO so much more . .

or. .

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