Apparently hopeless infertility to pregnant in less than a month!

I saw this couple when ‘retired’ from clinic and teaching – just being a mum at home – I was 6 weeks pregnant in 1986. They came in – and within 2 weeks were pregnant – after 7 years of actively trying (from when they were 17 years old).

What did I do?

I cleared out what was not supposed to be there
Added in what was .
Got their flows going
Had them take a lot of supplements and Western herbal tinctures – I had trained as Western herbalist

Did a massive amount of lymph and prostatic drainage.

I cupped the cold out (navel), replacing the Yang Qi missing – with moxa (a lot) for Sue.

In 1986 – this was ahead of the new epidemic we all face now – not so many (useful) sperm for men.

He was the one who was holding their babies back (of course the medicos said ‘unexplained infertility’).
Now they just say donor eggs – as though the sperm is good enough even for them – were they good – and who is to say??). A retail industry that gets ever stronger as so few look at this as a farmer would .

(Warning – too much information) He was just sending out pus and bits of dead sperm – so what was she supposed to use to make a baby with? This is a usual theme – as though we live in King Henry VIII th’s time ..
All about problems we can find in her – and she may have some – but she cannot make a baby by herself . .

Now it would be seen as all her ‘fault’ (as this is always what is said to couples)  – though back then Sue was just 24 years old. .)

I cleared away all the debris.

They soon after became accidentally pregnant with number 2.

He then had his tubes tied – enough children!!

This is after 7 years (from 17 years of age) of NOT getting her pregnant . ..


Both had 3 sessions a week and the advanced acupuncture I have been teaching for over 40 years.
Advanced Channel Applications. Using the 8 Extras containers of perverse Qi that s too hard to cope with currently – they store now TOO MUCH. The 8 Extraordinary vessels are also are the supervisors, regulators and maintenance/overflows of the 12 usual meridians.

On maternity leave from practice – and from teaching – I was only in that clinic as a locum for 3 weeks.  .
In the 1980’s in Brisbane, I was the only person interested in fertility and had easily assisted so many others. This was a time not so long ago . Almost all men were fertile enough (they had to have sperm looking at least 80% “looking normal”. Life was simpler. The toxic harvest we are now in was yet to happen).

Everything that is shown in the Self Care (and the Reset the Metabolism (cupping and moxa – I had no IDEA about steaming or using topical iodine back then).


Multi generational fertility work

Their second daughter seeing me before her own son was born.
Here she is – Sue holding one of her several grandchildren
Holistic Multi Modality Transformative Energy Body Work works!!



Moving Blockages to healing .  .
An apparently odd place to start – BUT the lymph is
Damp and Phlegm and we all know it blocks normal – obstructs . .
Phlegm damp was doing a magic job of obstructing their babies.  .
Til I came along and blasted it on all levels. .

This couple have their grandchildren – after together 34+ years ago  we made their daughters together . .


Start today!!!!