Prostate drainage – part of Heather’s Reconnecting course

Prostate drainage – on the belly above the pubic bone




Deep gouging – we set it all up as this is the last portion of the work. Is invasive.

If he does a perineal pull-up first and during and after – he will feel for himself that he consolidation is there. How did that happen?? Some change – for the strength and toe – as in better – happens.

NOTE – Very gentle, very shallow

Prostatic drainage . .
I do the RHS first as it is usually not as sore as the left hand side . .

Repeat on the other side . .

Why would we?

  • Besides general male maintenance – prostatic repair and wellness
  • Lower back and neck/whiplash recovery
  • Any blood and lymph congestion
  • Including circulation to the lower body – all diabetic and vascular and varicose veins
  • Sexual function tweaking
  • Sperm improvement

This is an add-on to the Home Massage Men’s course
Essential for Male Fertility Enhancement