What do we need to run a body?

Ingredients. .

1 – Hormones are made from??


2 – A gut that works . . .

3 – The banned bits that are life affirming


Can’t live without it – all hormones are made with cholesterol.
‘BAD” cholesterol?
Ban all sugar, anything that tastes sweet – or is converted to sugars – alcohol and all grains and fruit for starters.
There we have the essence of it all – maybe that is ALL you want (currently) to eat?
Inflammation . .

And then the body deposits cholesterol in the arteries to try to patch it up – why not just eat fat and salt and all those veggies – organically grown – and drink so much pure (not cool, or tap with fluoride added) water and feel the life flow again???i

4 – More on Vit D3/zinc/magnesium

(and what blocks this – ‘fetal mining’ explained

HIS rectal temperature and male fertility/strength of pregnancy?
See more here.

BBT (Basal Body Temperature) measures thyroid/metabolism function – explained .. .

5 – Adjuvants and how they are blocking our nutrient uptake

How to take the heavy metals from the fetal mining and the advjuvants and modern life OUT?
(And why we need to).  More on aluminium

Mercury and so on lurking with it in your mouth – and after the amalgam removal – and what to do about it


6 – What to do/eat?

Explaining the numbers (sperm decline) at the right hand side of the page . .

Ask yourself this question . . .


What blocks our hormones being made well?

7 – How to help yourself?

Filmed  few years ago . .


8 – How did all that Mercury accumulate?


Can’t get rid of it  . .

How did it all get into us?


Past dental work

Only way that I have found to get it out that actually works – and fast and effectively – the ncd drops – and I get all to take 30 drops daily in 6 lots of 5 drops – and drink a lot more water. .  taking it in more doses works better.


To then make the detoxing help within – or take it now – a Glutathione Accelerator- so you can actually live well

Need to make your own detoxer in your own body – from magnesium and selenium and sulphur.
Short (quick) and often the only way out of your personal mess – take the Glutathione accelerator and the ncd . .together.  .


10 – Declutter, reset , restore . .


You may come up with resistance – it is called cognitive dissonance – how come no one else is saying this?

What would it mean to you if what I say is true?
What has to be not true . .what will this mean to your world view?

Plus of course – your wanting ‘believe’ that orthodox medicine knows what it is doing.

Greed and confusion based on fear tends to sway most people’s thinking.

Inactivates them – into paralysis – what to do?
It is a shame that the amount of apparent scrutiny that you may have now is not used for all else that you are doing – IVF/vaccination/using various supplements/what doctor said .(sperm is “OK”/you ‘need’ to take this medication . . . – and so on

Confirmation bias may also be running this thinking process.

(Looking for what agrees with what you want to hear is also possible)

A link people oft quote me when they decide that they will ‘research’ what comes up online

Motivation? He is selling his own heavy metals test kit. 10% off too ..  .

BUT the blood in testing will only show what it can releases. You can tell by watching what you have here and by looking through the list of chronic mercury poisoning here.

The toxins are stuck in your fat cells (and your brain). .Body cannot undo what is in you until .. .

It is being let go – and as it is in cells – fat ones at that –  . .and it is not coming out the hair (can also do hair tests- but why not JUST take what I know works – so far on everyone??) Totally safe . . or I would not be here saying this . .

Until your own detoxing /antioxidant/anti inflammatory Glutathione is made (major detoxer in the body – as the Mag and Sel cannot get to make what would create the detoxer – Glutathione – it is held fast – not where the kits (blood or hair testing) could function. They only measure what is in circulation – not what is stuck messing with your life.


To stay stuck . . yes it is . ..
What about what you have done to yourself to date?
Hoped it will all go away?
Started ‘eating organic’/stopped smoking/drinking . . and feeling virtuous – that may no longer be enough.

Why take them?

Detoxify better. .

Please – stop adding in more heavy metals

(They block nutrient pathways (see how I lost 7 kg in 7 weeks and stopped using the heart medication I ‘had to have’ after 18 years on it – and the thyroid medication I could not do without (nearly 30 years on that. -Whilst I was ‘getting older’ but me getting now cleaner from the inside.  . .

Heavy metals in addition to being neurotoxic – that is they kill nerve cells – Alzheimers/Parkinsons/dementia anyone?

Please get rid of what is stopping your body healing itself