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Welcome to easy birthing!


Here I present an energy/wise woman’s way.

Focus – survival and sustainability.

Position statement

The time is now. What with the lack of responsibility – as seen in the repeal of women’s right to choose to be a mum in USA and abortion laws – we have this replicated as men have taken over through fear – this normal life event – bringing forth our new loved ones.

How to greet our precious bubs when surrounded by so much fear?

Bring back the wise elders and the midwives and the witches  . .

Those who knew how to live with nature – not rape and pillage in the name of ‘safety’ – this is real.

LIFE – There is ‘NOTHING’ medical in birthing.

Except the insertion of a colossally large retail industry – where the women (midwives) are now asking for their right to be. At the expense of their hearts and their commitment ot mums and babes.

Mums – their right to sovereignty.
Babies – are the prize . .

The raw materials that the ‘medical’ retail business then like vultures mess with.
Go back to mums as the supreme bridge out – the pregnancy is not finished – it is now in the next 3 years of being all the child naturally needs – in protection on all levels.

Protect her breasts and their functions and as life givers.

Mother the mother – and al will be well – She will protect and nurture .

Are we better off from having deviated?
Look at the rates of maternal suicide and PTSD and PND and PNP – look – who is mothering the mother?
Who is mothering the babes when mum is so stuck in HER story of grief/woe/betrayal?
is this safe?

I offer the way out

I end up all day in MATERNAL RESCUE.

I wish that we all were acting out of love for the ones to come.
Would we want to be born into such fear and horror of ‘what may go wrong?’

Let us make it all flow easily. .
Kick the legislators and the medical ‘we don’t now’ people – OUT.
No calendars/clocks and machines .
Make pregnancy safe by actually supporting wellness.
LIFE is not the medical scope of practice.

Living well does NOT support a business model. – is LIFE.

Here is the beginning of this fierce female’s version of what to do to reclaim yourself and your family.

As the baby of a non bonded mother I have made this my journey – OP and what happens when women are MADE to be complaint – is not the mammalian way.


Let us go back to what works – NATURE

My focus is – the instinctual maternal-baby bond.
Anything that detracts from this – how ever ‘well meaning’ is unsafe.

Ideally the entire pregnancy will have been easy – and if not – we can return it there.
My forte has always been rescuing ‘high risk’ – to get back to mum being victoriously birthing herself as a new mum as (well as birthing her baby) – her way.

Anything less is acquiescing to colonisation

Women (as are all mammals) are designed to birth.

Anyone/any culture ‘supporting’ her to feel less than this – is in the way.
Have their own agenda,
BABIES NEEDS MUMS WHO ARE FIERCE and will fight for them.
MUMS need dads and a culture that support them to retreat into themselves to be able to.

Through all the ways that we are being controlled

GET BIRTHING BACK TO MUMS and see the connection/the live that can begin again – not to be carried in distress (what might go wrong) birthed in fear and through violence with drugs and knives – this is being played out in the world.

More to be found on my sites. .

Easy Breasts – especially look to the ingredients needed for life
Fingertip Rescues will gradually be filled with these charts also.
Opening the Baby Gate is coming soon – and will offer the courses for parents and for helpers to get into Pelvic Opening and the easy ways when we Gentle mum and Gentle baby and Gentle ourselves . .

Let us go back to were love reigns!!

These are all found in the What Dads Can Do material – book and videos if you wish to know more.
Snippets of this material are on this site . .

THIS IS ALSO IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE TO HAVE A C SECTION – still need to live in a body that is happy!
Maybe even more so – as the body has a dual job- repair from major surgery and be a mother.

Body needs to be in the best state possible to be cut open .. and then to mother, produce milk well and to repair

What happens in the opening to let go?

Lots. .
Here is the uterine mechanics .

Positioning – and the alignment to allow this – is all you need.

Beyond ‘spinning babies’ is undoing why the ligaments are in their less than optimal spots.  .In a nutshell

How to get here?

Have all aligned and mum loose . .

Progression – any of these points and moves at any time . .
The key is in the pre labor preparation – all now should flow

When thing get somewhat tricky – there is always something blocking – and most likely easier when in your own home with trusted companions – hence home birth is the safest entry – even when ‘moderate risk/’ – one to one midwifery care with the selected midwife herself feeling safe through being supported by a system that knows mum-baby interface is the safety focus. Mum must mother – and be in the state to do so – for the rest of her life.

Not hospital policies being upheld. We are all unique, We have differing paths in life. Individual journeys to be respected – that is safe – let us all step out of fear and ignorance and into empowerment. Through love and faith.

Safe – bonded forever – primal instinctive – connected

This is somewhat incomplete . .

To come  . .

Easy Recovery
C Section Repair – acute
6 months

Healing from C section and other surgical intrusions after many years


All babies deserve happy intact mums and families

Bind the parents together – HE is her epidural.
HE is the major protector.
HE has the most to lose if/when mum ‘loses’ it ..

Children need dads and loving parents .. .

This is why I wrote ‘What Dads Can Do’ in 2005


get your copy here

or to instantly download here.

My 40+ years of being a wise woman – go back to the source – asking awkward yet rewarding questions . .


WHY is it painful – and undo this.
WHY – are people so afraid of what is a natural process?
Why is there the conversations of ‘safety’ when no one seems to pay attention to what is really needed.

Support – the Golden Month – essential
Nutrients (and their bio-availability)
Alignment – see the Maya/Arvigo work and also my Gentling Way for more


Want to know more?
All the life journey will be gradually covered – as will the pregnancy one.
There are so many more resources

Please contact me with your interests
To find out how you can wish to learn from my decades of being an investigative natural health detective.