Who is Heather Bruce?


A past acupuncture course designer/writer/teacher/mentor and a senor energy/body mechanic/soul tinkerer.

Now teaching holistic multi modality transformative energy body work.
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Where is Heather?

Since COVID I am relocated back home in NZ my healing hideaway sanctuary.  . .

Creating more courses, (CLICK) and teaching others (CLICK) this important work.
Always available on email . .
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I am also available for online consultations.
I offer healing intensives as well as in my clinic New Zealand

Also teaching blocks in the Gentling Way work.

New Zealand

  • Address:
    89 Slaty Creek Road, Atarau, West Coast
  • Phone:
    +64 3 3913333 / 027 777 3737

There may be some space for healing intensives – always open for this in NZ and maybe

if the spirit moves you – to learn how YOU and help yourself and others
Do reach out.

Online is all we can do . .
There is so much we can.


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