Welcome . . .

We are in trying times.
It is time to account for ourselves.
Who how we got here. To then answer – what next?

This is unfolding.
What may we do – house keeping – self first.
Whether you are a desperately seeking an answer to what ails you (and why it keeps coming back  if you have tried various modalities, after the standard was not working for you), stood-down people helper – or someone who finds themselves with a problem seemingly unsolvable – now is a good time to undo what is lurking in your temple – the body you are in.
We were all gifted one. And unconsciously have stored quite a lot.
Designed to be freely flowing, not it may be giving message.
Eventually life stopping. Along the way – uncomfortable – and if not cleared, these start in later years, impinging severely on how well you live in your life.


You may ask – Who are you to be offering to help?

Great question to start. Why me? As one who never one to take ‘no’ well – and finding myself in need of answers as a young mum with as a husband had had a life of being chronically handicapped with asthma, I started seriously following anything that came my way. He also as a teenager had been broken from experiencing a life threatening car accident. Head injuries that plagued his life. His child – my first born – led me into a life time of helping others with problems seemingly unsolvable.
When a mum of 3 – I found myself stuck in the life I was used to tending in others, and not moving from there – I have skills amassed for the journey.

Hanging up my hat many years ago as ‘an acuunctrist’ and takng in HEtaehrs GEntling Way – agyer movig back into heartful hands on – belly and strtcut=ral wa=ork (when all else wa not working),
Professional, private, deeply personl=al and an interface I live midwiving ethr s o-along. Life. – with a massively brain injured newborn. Expecte dto die. To never life=ve independently. ‘Learn to live each day at a time’. ‘Never expect anything of her’.
How to be a mum to the others? A wife to teh distressed dad? Keep teh life I had thought I ws i together?
You – may also be faced with a challenge.
Time to step up.
Do you need a mentor in these crazy times?
I have had decades of being the one who provided a safety net – when others fell through the cracks.

By now – you may also.
Most of us have had a few life defining moments.


You may have been jabbe d- whetrgh ryou though it a great idea – or not.
You now have  anew life.
We alldo.
What sense to make of it?
Sa=hallwe start wth eth pratcial.
Cna we retieve wht you were used to?
Do you want to Build Bac Better? (A theme bandied aroun – now not so much – you may be ableto see where we ar egoinhghere.
You have been gited a co=bod.
It was ikely not in great shape when teh jab hit it.

In fear and anxiey, hoping a maj=gic stab would fix it All be goo dtogetrh. .
And you were
And teh masks – you were. And teh locke din – same.
Now what?
Maybe as yousrelfwhat awell bod needs.
From my timeas a =n acucojnrtiist s I knewto move nl=blockages.
Meet peopelwherethey were.
Always 0 they had  aproblem.Likely you had one to fin dthis age – and to be still reading.

I Someone who does not take ‘no’ lightly – I ask why not?

As a past acupuncture course designer/writer/teacher/mentor and a senor energy/body mechanic/soul tinkerer, now teaching holistic multi modality transformative energy body aligner.
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Teaching mainly now as it is time for this wise woman/crone to actively be handing over to those who follow in her footsteps.

Where is Heather?

UPDATE – November 2021 Nomadic – South East Queensland – based in Gympie – off to FNQ soon.

Phone 0452 407 667

Creating more courses, and teaching others this important work.

Always available on email . . Please ask.

If the spirit moves you – to learn how YOU and help yourself and others.

Do reach out.

I am also available for online consultations (CLICK). I sometimes teach blocks in the Gentling Way work (CLICK).

Online is all we can do . .
There is so much we can.


Here to help!