Pregnancy – modern versus mammalian



Maternity mammalian – or man made?

This is revision – to get you onto the page of being a helper should someone pregnant show up . .
We need to ‘unschool’ you – and everyone – as nature is the master.

Using a natural/mammalian paradigm may seem strange

The ‘soil’? The garden? A health model?
Looking at life renewing itself – how?
Naturally  . .  easily, and in love


All as it should be – when the ingredients, flows and a culture of acceptance . .

The first trimester . .

Recap  . .

Just pregnant – now what??

We will start by talking about the only thing that is really a problem here. .
And insurance (starting from perfect) would mean we did not have to talk about this  .

Ingredients and flows again . .

What might “go wrong?

We did not check HEALTH first

And maybe played ‘Russian Roulette’:

Leaving Well Alone

(Actually only 5 weeks from conception – but this is called 7 weeks)

Learning to be baby centred – not living only as a ‘precious princess’ ..

Assumptions . . . including

Where are you meeting this (perfect?) baby – arriving into your arms?

Flu shot’?
Adjuvants are neurotoxic and you are growing a brain for someone else – are you sure about that?
The vaccine package warns you NOT to do this.. .
Start with better ingredients – VitD3 and C – and rest.


Breasts  ..

Sometimes we are not made properly – and we cycle BACK to ingredients available to MAKE that baby?
So important – it is your future child’s and grandchildren foundation that you are presently influencing  and directly making . .


Congratulations .  .

Week 10 (8): What to eat and do

Eat to sustain the pregnancy – not your taste buds.
Easy – eat/drink NOTHING  cold, sweet taste or raw . .
Food factory?
Look after your Spleen Qi/Yang Qi

Salt? Sustain your Kidney energy

Birth where/how/why worry??

The birthing business is not necessarily safe for you or baby – and not for bonding . .

Maya healing is one version of traditional birthing women’s ways

The Pink Kit?| World wide women’s birthing wisdoms . .

To scan or test?

Assure yourself that you are growing the best baby you could/can . .

Answer – REST!

Ensuring an easy baby is being made . .

Improve your Blood energy. .

Vaccination – Why??

There is an entire page on this here  .
Please research
Can’t undo it


Keeping quiet as long as you can

WHY? Everyone feels entitled to give opinions 

Childbirth Without Violence

Read the book online . .

He asked a different question. . . 

How come no one else is???

How was it like to BE BORN?


Birth of the water birth (watch)

Please – listen to the master . .

Opening the baby gate  – do see a Gentling Way practitioner


13 –  Who is the authority??

Conscious versus compliant

Cognitive dissonance?
I am the mother of a massively brain injured daughter.

Maybe investigate – why are we breaking normal?
Expecting Mother Nature to not have  some of her own tricks up her sleeve?

The beginning of the easy bit 

Life can change in  an instant. .


Ingredients: Magnesium

Very needed for all mammals – see more here

Helping Yourself

Please visit

Get your own manual and follow its handy hints

Discover what sort of parents you will be – inner work needed?

Access book here 

Take a deep breath  .
There is so much more

Second Trimester starts . .

Revision: pregnancy and birth through recent times

What no one asks


‘Issues’- Hard stories: they happen to some

(Ingredients and flows) 

Please look to – very interesting content

Testing, Testing…

Kylie Sheffield’s son – please read the book here


Hard stories part 2:

What IS happening  . . ?


Site around easy birthing

Dealing with pain?
Maybe look to the resources available on either site



Question – what are you making that baby /milk with?


Pregnancy 101 – ingredients on board to do the job well

Also check out the nutrients/ ingredients here