Living Ligaments experiential workshop – coming soon!

Living Ligaments is in three parts . . .

Living Ligaments – pre course (all online) 

Part 1 – is all online and anyone can do – it can take as long as you like.

AACMA gave 20 CPD for this
NZRA (ANZ) is offering 25 points

(Includes a 4 hour segment that allows the ‘Ethics’)

Living Ligaments

Part 2 – experiential: (5 days/6 nights) 

all meals/accommodation/treatments included


Hours – 9 – 5:

Evenings – working on each other:

or more clinical sessions as consolidation

Plenty of time outside meal times to socialise journal and wander around the area – rain-forest .

Extensive eating/resting breaks .
Experiential – we could get up to all sorts of ancillary mischiefs.
(And additional not presented before work as I feel to)

Loosely – we are covering

(What one who watched this said of this – “I have listened to your series on ethics,an applaud those hard hitting questions you asked us to look at in clinic. For me I shall listen to it all again as though I was paying attention I’m sure my brain was otherwise engaged on the answers and may have missed more. Controversial, thank you for putting it out there. It needs to be played at all acupuncture training colleges establishments.

2 – Expanding Your Skill Sets

Day Two
– Expanding skill sets – you will have had a session with me and will have expanded your idea on what a treatment could be doing
We covered a huge array of extra things I use in clinic that I have found to be of vast benefit (and why) over the past 4 decades.

3 – Looking outwards: what are we doing in clinic?

Day Three – in Adelaide we did ethics –
What Do We Think We Are Doing NOT reclaiming our own position – that of witches?
This is now part of what you get as the pre course content.
I have added in the pictures – so this presentation is stunning too get thinking happen – reflection in practice.
Do also watch the Kaptchuk on placebo.
I made up a new definition for bio medical ethics . .
Biological Sustainability?
Is this what we are to cover when we are told to ‘do ethics – or something to keep the status quo going?

In Adelaide we covered – “what is ethics in acupuncture practice and how can we ethically move through the decades without being aware of biological sustainability?”. In the context of pain and neurological challenges as they are appearing due to the body burden and non biologically available nutrients as we continually ignore Nature’s ways. I change content each course so whatever it feels to do – we do . . in the last one we explored Chinese numerology/ the 7 Ray personality types, use of crystals, soul groups and how we are all sisters – deeply bonded.

There are also multi media presentations, and plenty of questions for you to ponder.
As preparation perhaps watch Ted Kapchuk’s brilliant placebo presentation
More detail here

We will be looking at moving blockages and healing scars on all levels including working on yourself, your children/family and your patients. We will also cover pain. In the late 70’s none of us would have made it in business if we could not have been excellent with pain – where have great acupuncturists gone? Pain? Something is stuck . . ..
Qi Flow getting your blood, fluids and energy moving.
Please bring along your:
1 – Courage

Show up with a desire to ‘undo’ some of your own blocks . .on any level (This will be an experiential workshop)
W will be showcasing some home remedies from around the word, including steaming and when you would – radical shifts in all gyne/digestive issues. .
2 – Curiosity and an open mind

Undoing your own life’s library. When you sign up this course this is be of the many tools that will be sent to you.
You can start ‘undoing yourself’ via the Dr John Shen model.

As Kathryn’s mother – I know more than I wish – of unexpected results – what I wish I had known then is what all this is about.
When you sign up you will also get the ‘Unexpected Life Turns – Neurological Complications’ presented in Feb 1994 to watch as a lead in to the Monday event – medical ethics reframed.

YES – there will be points awarded from other acupuncture organizations.
AACMA has given 20 for the 3 day event
ANZ (NZRA) 25 points
I am gradually getting the credit points for ATMS
In addition:

There are another 13 credit points for the pre course – mutil media package.
(Can be taken at any time as is online – and will be only granted as points when the extensive testing Q and A’s are completed after online).

However – why not see how easy it is to transform your own life and that of others – the perineal steaming alone is wonderful – as is the moxa thread on insomnia heel point for anxiety . . The considerable content found on these multi media presentations is assumed knowledge for all of my work is contained in this – the 8 Extras work from Dr van Buren alone is gold. … It forms the basis of all my obstetric and general work.

The extra package can be taken without attending. You will experience a massive shift from only putting needles in, and only using TCM herbalised theory – go back to meridians . .This package is the foundation course for all of my work . . .home remedies and folk medicine was where all Asian medicine started from.
Attainment certificates sent out when evaluation of your learning (extra Q and A’s to ensure that you have grown from self paced learning has been submitted.
This investment in your future includes:

Extensive pondering opportunities as self reflective pre and post course activities are included
A very different model of care – you first,
Catch-up information from my past research, and
Workshops to bring you up to speed with terminology and theory.

This package of information will be sent to you when you sign up.

On receipt of deposit you will receive:
All the information to start undoing your own inner library.:
PLUS even more than this
Now has all of the Reconnection Bao to Dai Mai course . .


Reset Your Metabolism Course – the entire undoing cold and increasing Yang Qi – perineal steaming and all navel cupping, moxa and topical iodine usage instructions given
Home Massage Course – both men’s and women’s (usually $A200 each)
Cupping cold out course (usually $A200)


Transformative Healing Package (usually $A200)
Extensive course notes to wander through at your leisure

The entire retreat is experiential (not ‘teaching’ but learning in your body)
Get started and be well on your way before we convene
to undo what you have been carrying
thus far in your own journey through time.
Why am I doing this?

After decades of working with people – it is time to hand over ‘secrets’ . .


Are you a women with heart?

Who is questing in her own life – for so much more.

Who feels drawn to touch and be with women (midwife) through transitions?

Who knows that it is time to Step Up!!!!

Immersion for heartful hands on women centered healing: Maternal, Menstrual and Women’s life rescues.
All levels. You may come in from being a mother, a midwife, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist or as a wise woman.
Ever wanted to do the Maya/Arvigo(R) and the Mercier work? 
(Especially for post birth healing hands-on repair where the normal structural an acupuncture is not going?
A three part entry into Heather’s Gentling Ways 
Part 1 is the instant download to all the online courses that are the foundational entry
Part 2 is the experiential retreat in 6 weeks. Nobby’s Creek, Northern NSW.
Part 3 – the after course mentoring
The next stage awaits – Sustainable Humanity – all my 40 years; of maternally focused work in and around Brisbane and in NZ with multiparous ‘high-risk’ women living in a closed sect . Do ring me to learn more . . (07) 3899 2274 . .
Love you to join this tribe.


  1. Feeling jaded – personally and professionally?
  2. Need a Spring Clean?
  3. Reboot self compassion
  4. Strip away that which holds the healers’ mask on!
  5. ‘Undo’ the life that has happened to you so far: heal the deep wounds, polish the rough edges and revitalise your own connection to who you are meant to be?
  6. Have a body that is not quite right – and no one seems to be able to help?
  7. Had  even ‘just’ a C section and know that from there nothing has felt the same?



  1. Feeling stuck?
  2. Know that there is more?
  3. Want to do more with your hands?
  4. Wondering how you can stop life to do the magic belly/pelvic work
  5. Work with reproductive issues?



See more here  . .