Patti sessions LL II Dec 2018

Daily sessions  . .

This was a great chance and wonderful to experience as we saw such huge shifts.
The Gentling Way (and acupuncture) sure do work!
It is no wonder she was so tired afterwards. Massive healing to happen – and undoing of all the stored trauma.

She said . . .Unfortunately the surgery that I agreed to 7 years ago (bowel was totally blocked and infection was life threatening) has left me with my whole intestines as a hernia.

Major complaint – adhesions. From bowel surgery 7 years before. History of endo.
Originally appendix  Keloided – causing bowel blockages – hospitalised for IV fluids to help with resting bowel.

Herniated intestines – took 9 months to heal with dressings constantly.  3 children in 3 years,

First twins at 38 weeks –  4 lb and 2..12 lb twin – died. Expressed 3 1/ 2weeks.

C section for breech.
Endo surgery – took also away uterus, one ovary. Adhesions to colon – took 6 inches off bowel.

History of growing 12,000 strawberry plants: massive chemicals and fungicides. 1974 – 82 (in her baby growing years).

Hurt shoulder after 1999 tree fell on her – fixed with yoga and general stretching.
Always with headache/neck issues.

So we saw . .
Someone whose neck was ridiculously sore. She had had a tree fall on her some years back.

I choose to NOT steam her or do the accident recall yet.
The usual shock and cupping navel not possible – so we went straight to dealing with the obvious – the C scar.
The next time (Wednesday when we worked on the appendix scar we saw the most change.

What we did . . Day 1

My usual Gentling Way to set it up then the scar needling.
I could not also do my usual Stuck Belly Blood as the intestines are ‘right there’.
(She refuses to allow surgical  mesh).

Checked Pull up, tongue, palpated C scar, found to be cool bum and hands and feet. Massive temperature changes on her belly – used the infrared gadget.

R&R, Shakey Shakey  *pull up

Chest gouging, Shakey Shakey *pull up

F: Blood vessels for possible micro bleeding

Apply iodine, topical magnesium

Needles: Liver 2, C-section scar, GB 41, Dan Nang Xue, Gb 33, St 30, Kiiko immune point (near Co 10).

*pull up Lymphatic gouge under the ribs start with left

Needles: Korean hand acupuncture – palpate for sore points along the index finger’s metacarpal bones for neck and shoulder pain, inserted those needed. Remove needles. Plucked along scar

Lymphatic gouge under the ribs starting with left.  R&R *pull up

Needle: Kid 9 the sorest spot and left to settle after all that work.

F: palpate for sore points along C-section scar for neck pain.

Needle: all sore points along scar, Sp 9 find sore spots

Remove needles.

Her comments after the first one . .

“Thank you so much for yesterday.  By the time I arrived home, all I could do was sleep! Had a light dinner and was back in bed by 7pm and slept until 4am. Have been consuming lots of water but didn’t even have my salt bath that I usually have after any type of treatment.
While meditating this morning, the mind would not settle and I thought that I should also share a few more ‘life stories’.

‘During the 80’s, I returned to the workforce as the office person of the largest primary school in Queensland and that was the time that I was a very regular chiropractor client. The 90’s had me as the ‘office’ of a brand new school as their Business Service Manager with 3 teenagers and a very supportive husband, but was working around the clock. The acupuncture and dietary awareness helped me through this period. As you can imagine, both very stressful positions and finally in the late 90’s, my body crashed and burned (blocked bowel/adhesions) and I resigned from the schools.

‘The first few times that I had massages as well as the acupuncture, I vomited and sat on the toilet for the next day or so. I became aware that I was allergic to petroleum products – and probably a lot of other heavy metals – and mostly eliminated them from my body. This was when I started practicing yoga and had the cranio sacral treatments. I was finally able to start to listen to my body. Missed the company/stimulation of work and returned in a lesser capacity to schools just doing the finance.

‘Enter John’s terminal long illness and my energy became focused on grief management but with that came providing lots of support to other widows. More stress that I still wasn’t processing and letting go of properly.

‘My own health issues – after the 9 months of every second day visits for dressing of my tummy wound, I started attending Dr. Peter King at Bayside Herbal Dispensary and he was using acupuncture for a while (I had forgotten this yesterday), then was using a variety of healings and supplements over a few years. As you can imagine, this all cost lots and after the other huge expenses of John’s and my medical costs, I had to stop these treatments. Since then, I have been reading many different strategies and feel that I have mostly handled my health through exercise and diet. Was very surprised when in Thailand for my son’s wedding 3 years ago and the girls all went to the mountains for a day of pampering (saunas, herbal scrubs, massage etc). That night, I was again sitting on the toilet and vomiting so obviously my body still held a lot of toxins. I now do coffee body scrubs about every fortnight and have alternating Epsom salt and magnesium chloride baths every few days.

‘My feet have been so ‘tired’ – not actually sore – since yesterday’s treatment???? Thank you again for your expertise, caring and compassion”.


What we did . . Day 2

Wearing her long corset today – feels very puffy.

Wondering how to start with the  –  I choose to look for micro bleeding opportunities.

Found on colon meridian  – on right shoulder.



All veins on her legs were far too large – micro bleeding is with hardly any vascularities.


After micro-bleediing and adding in the Xi Cleft points of ST – which got the intestines going – as had the immune point on Co channel the day before. We were all rapt watching her peristalsis kick in. (Hardly moving before interventions).

As we could not palpate, I needled the sore usual points I needle – in legs/feet then the appendix scar. We heard how her mother took to her bed and she had to raise her 10 year’s younger brother (2yo) when her older sister was killed in a car accident – and the shock was obvious in the room – from there at 23yo – appendix out. All the dramas followed.

When I took the needles out and did the adhesion breaking – we had a FLOOR SHOW – it was amazing – she had never felt the ascending colon work – and we all watched it transfixed.


Followed this up with the accident recall.


 Accident Recall


What we did . . Day 3

Looking over the BETTER belly.
It really had come together – just in two sessions!


This seriously was SOOO MUCH better!

Sore right wrist. Using the infrared thermometer, we found belly differences in temp.

After the very gentle round and rounds – all points were normalised and nearly the same.

Carine said after the second day that she could see it was possible – the diastasis was lessened. The body was more consolidated.


Her comments after the sessions –  ‘As to how I am feeling? Wow!!! Between sleeping and grandie/kitten-top-ups, I am still in a state of bliss. Considering it is the silly season, I am content to let it all wash around me but still doing what is necessary’.

There is much more to do.
A body given healing opportunities may well feel totally overwhelmed – hence her incredible tiredness.
The Accident Recall had a lot to undo. The dredging up of the past also.

I left the Accident Recall till I felt that her neck may cope.
Normally this would need ever second day sessions – to break through what is obviously a major drama for her body – and in between – sleeping – and nourishing foods.

Never give in to what limitations the mind can offer.
The body has the blueprint and can repair itself.