Accident recall

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Did you know that often what is holding us back is something that happened SOO long ago we may have forgotten all about it? The Sheldon Accident Recall is a brilliant undoing way to allow a body to move forwards – not staying stuck to past trauma.

There is an offshoot in NZ that not only works with horses and other animals – but also people.

Here I am showing how I use this in clinic  to unlock what has been stuck for often too long. The body is constantly expressing what is going on inside it. We could heed the ignore warnings. Here we see a major way to undo the blockages to healing that may have been there since before the person has memories – though often someone will say ‘I have not been the same since . . .”

Usually an accident/fall. I have noticed though that now I am working in energy fields – we are also often ‘blowing the circuits’ . This is a gentle and immediate way to undo this.

It tends to work on everyone.Their flexibility is just the beginning.
Most arise from the treatment table from this ‘more together’.

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Self Care Package

The actual footage that started me on this is here.

Here is where it likely started.


Head moves

Me at work in Albi France with three students . .
The idea is to always unlock the ankles .Although now I do the correction whether they are/blowing/ the circuit or not.

Yang and Yin Qiao vessels. Flow to and from the head and influence not only the circulation of fluids and Qi there and to the eyes, but as the spine is carrying al the messages in the nerve pathways – and as the freezing of the
I figure all will have had a blow at some point to their balance/structure and it takes very little time to correct it anyway.

I am only doing 3 at a time . .
1 – Ankles .
Then if this is on a  woman.

2 – Mammograms are the next step.
3 – Root canals . . Even if they are removed.

Then we go onto what you feel – a significant trauma – could be an operation – and now I always correct the heart/uterus/prostate connection. Bao Mai reestablished to Dai Mai .
3 to be cleared in one session – AND make sure all have drunk enough water.

Sometimes you cannot test a person as they block it – then you need a surrogate – hence there are two in the clip of me working – is also easier as some are not so flexible as to hold their ankles whilst you are working on them.


If you are working on a man who ha been circumcised.
This is a deeply embedded total life trauma that they have only just been alerted to. Must clear all the emotions that you can think of  do P.A.C.E. – see here first and then the polyvagal clearance.

Very different if as a non anesthetized baby (huge issues understandably – irretrievably alerted from the person they were to be) or a man who is ‘out’ on GA.  I did someone yesterday who as an 18 year old was clipped – and no reaction at all there. However the forceps – over ears – was the biggest blow-out we had. (Then it was the crushed index finger (he had forgotten about) at 5 years old.

Reminder.  .

Circumcision – The Hidden Traumas