Painless Pregnancy – Melbourne 8th July 2019

A pregnancy trilogy. .
Master Class . .

Pain is a warning.
What of?
Flows not flowing . .
We covered ingredients and improving the gut function in the first of this short series.

(Nourishing mums better).
Pain is instantly relieved – usually gone for good. .

Having all nutrients biologically available and the structure aligned and the circulation of nutrients thus intact and perfect.

MEANS NO PAIN .  . as all flows are flowing

How to achieve this?

We undo why the body is so upset.
Stuck Liver Qi Release and butt massage and the theory behind moxa sacral fan – the wonder of that!!
So delicious – she will want it every night and will sleep and grow the best baby – in no pain ..

Seriously moxa is one of the magic ingredients.

From my decades of working with mums to be – my 3 magic ingredients revealed.

Everyone is worked on – so the theory – presented in my eBooks downloaded on payment – make even more sense.

Add in the other 2 workshops . . (Nourishing Babies Better and Avoiding/ Working with/through PTSD/PNP/PND and all is well.

Discount if you come to all .

$110 each one or $275 for all – plus a bonus!!
The actual ‘What Dads Can Do’ manual . .

You will then have all bases covered in pregnancy – as each 3 hour workshop has more online resources – they all work.

In class we trial the moves on everyone. Bring a sense of fun, a sarong or similar and wear loose clothes. (open at the middle)
An extra pillow may also be handy . .
Only room for 10 maximum – please book to guarantee your seat..