Opening to birth – C section scars

Regardless of how old the scar


There is so much more I now do – this was my ‘cutting edge’ in 2005!

Using the resources from the site here

(The actual book and videos and/or as well – all the charts 2019 edition)

What you can do at home. .

Working on abdominal scars


Moxa over scar CV 2, and Cv12, St 36

Working in a C scar – adhesions and comfrey and moxa work



Ideally this work is after all the sacral moxa fan on the back, the pelvic opening – now we are at the end of the session


Please do not jump straight into the scar – the birth preparation work needs to be done first. We do not go straight into this. Usually there so much is stored there. We shift what is stuck!!

Besides then all the systems of flow to work so much better – we also have – her feeling so much lighter and freer. She can stand totally differently. Often sexual exchanges are a lot easier/more fun.

My 2019 update – having been a Maya/fomrer Arvigo worker and a Mercier therapist – I now offer so much more ..
Including perineal steaming to start this and all the belly moves  . . .

And educating you to begin gentling your belly

I am now actively teaching all how to heal  themselves – and if in a healing profession – how to adjust what you already are doing to include much of this relieving/Qi moving work.

What is very possible .. (and so needed after ANY abdo cut)


There is so much more to do – we are working on the superficial here  and possibly withe the deeper pelvic work form m 2005 manual What Dads Can Do – you may with the aid of moxa work on some of this.

Here is an explanation from acupuncture theory – on how we must heal the break in our beings


More is likely required – all women who leave me after I have done an intensive session have amazed looks on their faces – as they are moving often in a way that they cannot remember ever doing.

Healing After C Section

Whether currently pregnant or decades later . .

What to do yourself – using fingers, and moxa.

And . .

Your choice – pain – or – health?