Jennifer Mercier can help with C-Section Recovery

According to the CDC in 2010 Cesarean births were done at a rate of nearly 40% in the United States. While many of these c-sections are done for convenience of the provider and failed induction there are occasions when the c-section procedure is needed to safely birth a baby and that is in a malpresentation such as breech or as a medical emergency.


Once the c-section is done and a woman has been released from medical or midwifery care than there are little to no suggestions made as to help with the recovery process.

During the cesarean delivery a horizontal incision is made to the lower segment of the uterus which can cause a significant amount of scar tissue and start the front of the uterus adhering to the back of the bladder. This type of scar tissue can cause a restriction of movement and ultimately lessen blood flow to the entire  pelvic area.


This can cause secondary fertility challenges

The Mercier C-section recovery program can help you start to rehabilitate 6 weeks after your surgery.
Before this – please come in as soon as you can, so I can use all the other forms of natural health care (I needled my own scar at one week after birth – to reduce all that was happening to me and it).

You must have no wound gaping, active infection or significant pain at the incision site to begin the Mercier work – let me help you assist your body to return to perfect . .first..

Prevention – your baby preparation

The Welcome Baby kit is part of your take home programme – and holds within so much of what is needed.
Possibly – get an action plan in place, if you know you are to have a C section – so we can start even before surgery – to ensure you are in the most optimum  state of health leading into this.

Fall in love and just be happy!!
Bodies do heal themselves – let’s hep them!



Why perhaps you are STILL in pain

Pelvic repair and total heart and soul healing is very possible – regardless of what is happening – scars /adhesions /past trauma of any description – help your body heal itself – something is blocking it – let’s undo this together.

Mercier Therapy for pelvic pain can be over a period of 4-6 weeks and is done in 6 individual sessions at 60 minutes per session. This visceral manipulative technique is done abdominally and requires NO internal work.
AND I offer a combination of my own Moving Blockages style (my clinical testing over 35 years) and the Arvigo /Maya work PLUS the Mercier work. . .as the combination of my life’s work with these extras has meant the shifting up to very new transformative heights in clinic . . for all who usually had no idea that they even HAD  a back ache – or whatever – till it disappeared – let this also be you|

No more than a week between each of the 6 sessions.
This can be consecutive days – sooner is better than later.
My sessions cover all I feel to do – including any of my innovative acupuncture styled (and home medicine /self care based work, lots of touching and of course a perineal steam – an amazing experience you can replicate nightly when not pregnant or bleeding – to completely undo all that has happened to you – be like so many other women the world – TAKE CHARGE of your own destiny!

(if you are not pregnant or bleeding or have mesh/an IUD in place).

All pelvic repair including old tailbone and lower back problems likely resolved – for good – this gentle, profound work comes from a lineage of many countries, cultures and traditions  – usually oral and through – hands on . .

The entire session will leave you feeling taller, more aligned, consolidated and happier!

I look forward to seeing you.

Helping you is so simple – we actually move the congestion and let life flow!


How to get started:


Please give our office a call to start your Mercier Therapy regime today (07) 3899 2274

Let your healing begin


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