NZ courses later in 2017

Mentoring from a senior practical, innovative, holistic clinician

(Plus entry into a holistic system that works 100%)

1 – Effective Healing After C Section

Matakana – Auckland 8-9th October


2 – Healing the Wounded Healer

Atarau (West Coast, South Island), 6- 13th November


3 – Living Ligaments

Atarau (West Coast, South Island) 15 – 21st November

Healing the Wounded Healer

We have to clear ourselves (Healing the Wounded Healer)

  • Get our own story out of the way


Mentoring from a senior practical, innovative, holistic clinician.

Plus entry into a system that works 100%

Thursday – private sessions/time off to settle – and to explore the surrounds
Friday – Models of care
Saturday – Mammalian Maternity
Sunday – Translating into your world . .(What this is like in clinic)

This is a follow on (though different as we focus on the other – not yourself) from Healing the Wounded Healer – we may cover some of what is presented and the pre course self paced information pack is the same – the cost to HWH graduates is $1,000 less.

What is provided:

1 – All pre course work – the Bao and Dai Mai, and the Transformative Healing collection to go through at your leisure – a substantial amount of CPD here).

2 – Travel there and back to Chch Airport if needed – plus the Spirit Quest we do en route ..

3 – A 3 hour private session with me pre course  (I will also working in you during the event).
4 – Fully catered wholesome food in quaint retreat accommodation
5 – Two assistants
to attend as house mothers/cooks and emotional helpers

6 – First option on all other courses I run
7 – Entry into the Gentling Method franchise – as after attending an Arvigo® Self Care class and the Mercier training – you will then be part of a team I will be sending anyone wanting help to – I will be not taking on patients . . unless they come to me in Atarau NZ. My focus after my 39 years hands on – handing over.

Follow on – or start separately at Atarau NZ

Living Ligaments

As a combination of the the HB Qi and Lymph Moving Blockages to Healing from “What Dads Can Do” through to the Maya/Arvigo trainings I have completed (only one of the two fully qualified in NZ) and the Mercier work (only one in the Southern Hemisphere – to allow the holistic heartful hands on approach that will revolutionise any work on anyone – from elderly dying of bowel cancer through to 2 year olds with a belly ache and anyone wanting normal flows in their Three Heaters . .

Undo the sacral/coccygeal past traumas that may have lead to the meridians just not flowing as they could – regardless of your best efforts with needles /moxa/cupping and herbs ..

Gentling Methods that I have been working with – physically allowing the soul to be here – the personality our of the way and the lymph flow and the soul force to have the option to take over as needed – full spiritual alignment.


What others have said . .

Of what happened to themselves . .

“The healing sessions with Heather; I have never experienced anything like this. To have every aspect of my being treated was amazing. (Who does treatments like this any more?) I have come away from the retreat feeling so much lighter, stronger and different in every way.”

The experiential component – MAGIC happened. Heather’s ability to pull together people from different walks of life , to tune into each individuals way of learning is an art in itself. There is no sitting through a boring lecture here. Oh to have been taught by Heather when I started college.

‘The resources pre-course – are a valuable gift – doing this before the retreat – brushing up on the things I had half forgotten, learning new (old) ways of healing – meant I got so much more on the retreat. Heather is so giving of her vast knowledge and experience.” Cheryl NZ

Lustre bowl, Aura Soma and wisdom cards – crystals too!                                  Our HWH #2 group Soul


To anyone who like me happened upon Heather Bruce’s “Healing the Wounded Healer” Course, DO IT . YOU ARE MEANT TO. If you haven’t the money – beg or borrow – because you won’t regret it. This experience is worth every cent. If you haven’t the time – make time – you may not get the opportunity again”. Cheryl Murney, South Canterbury, NZ

Of what happens in clinic after . .

“I had a client this morning. I see her a few times a year for Bowen/Acupuncture. Today I decided to do my new stuff on her. We began with clearing and then moved on to the Sheldon Accident Recall techniques and cleared all that – and there was a lot. Then I put a cup on her belly. After about 45 mins she said she had a headache so I began rubbing a point on her hand that I know is great for dissolving headings in the temple – it always works for me. Instant calm. She said she felt really good. She also mentioned that her feet felt warm for the first time in her life. It’s been quite a morning”. Elke, Adelaide . .

I have attended 3 of Heather’s courses in the last year.
How far in my own personal and clinical practice I have come.
I have filled in the gaps that were not taught in my training, were glossed over as not being relevant or useful.
Who knew the eight extras are so effective, alongside the deeper aspects of the five elements and more?
My clinical practice has taken on a new life and meaning on all levels for clients and myself.
I am more confident that I’m no longer doing patch up jobs!
The self care course, unblocking my blockages (read – getting out of my own way) and recently, Healing the Wounded Healer, have opened me up to my own transformation.

The cost to me had I not attended was the burnout, closing in on myself, dissatisfaction of my own work performance and worsening health. Acupuncturists, it doesn’t have to be that way.
What more can I say!!!!