Adhesions/inner scarring




This means any adhesions or internal scarring:

Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that form inside the body as a result of infection, inflammation, trauma, even radiation therapy. Surgery (trauma) is the number one cause of this illness. Adhesions can cause internal organs to become fused together which can result in a myriad of symptoms: agonizing pain, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, back pain, constipation, migraines and bowel obstructions.

Adhesions form as the body attempts to repair itself from injury. Overcompensation often. Surgery, particularly abdominal surgery, is an injury to the body that causes scar tissue-adhesions-to form. While most people will never know they have adhesions, others will end up with debilitating symptoms as the scar tissue begins to overcompensate from the surgical insult.

Easily released naturally – and you can do it yourself gradually.
Why does no one medical seem to now?
Outside their scope of practice . . .
Learn how. . .

Scar normalisation
Adhesions softened

No pain!
Periods back to perfect

Any loss of flexibility in flows of the uterus and ovaries – and thus improve the blood and nerve flow . .
Every thing that lives – moves . .

Any loss of flexibility in flows of the uterus and ovaries – this will improve the blood and nerve flow . .
You will feel – as others all report – on arising from the treatment couch ..
Lightness and lengthening of their spine –
A feeling of spaciousness within
Loss of the pressure and tightness that you may have just become accustomed to

Maybe you have had a C section?


After a lot of investigative surgeries,

  • Have a ‘mummy tummy’?
  • any cuts even very minor – think laparoscopies
  • weight loss, or
  • any abdominal operation – including repairs and removals
  • bladder/sacral congestion .

You may have many adhesions and even – maybe you now have ‘secondary infertility’

What can Mercier work do for you?

This is more than just for female woes and (as yet) childlessness . .

Mercier work also corrects past surgical interventions – C sections particularly – leave more than scars – but bad adhesions.

Mercier work in combination can magically shift every thing that you have taken to be your new normal.
Especially lower body any trouble
Restoration of blood flow – everywhere.

Mercier Therapy for pelvic pain can be over a period of 4-6 weeks and is done in 6 individual sessions at 60 minutes per session. This visceral manipulative technique is done abdominally and requires NO internal work.
AND I offer a combination of my own Moving Blockages style (my clinical testing over 35 years) and the Arvigo/Maya work PLUS the Mercier . . .as the combination of my life’s work with these extras has meant the shifting up to very new transformative heights in clinic . . for all who usually had no idea that they even HAD  a back ache – or whatever – til it disappeared – let this also be you|

Jennifer advises at least no more than a week between each of the 6 sessions.
Can be consecutive days – sooner is better than later.
My sessions cover all I feel to do – including any of my innovative acupuncture styled (and home medicine /self care based work, lots of touching and of course a perineal steam (if you are not pregnant or bleeding

or have mesh/an IUD in place).

All pelvic repair including old tailbone and lower back problems likely resolved – for good – this gentle, profound work comes from a lineage of many countries, cultures and traditions  – usually oral and through – hands on . .

The entire session will leave you feeling taller, more aligned, consolidated and happier!

Better AMH/FSH and of course – easier sex lives as everything flows!!!

What Mercier work did for me

I could not believe the difference in my own body – In my training second session, I felt my sacrum being released from Heaven knows what as my uterus was being encouraged to let go . not painful – just enlivening as the rest of me has benefited from being unstuck!! 22 years on and myriad work done to get my post C section body back to optimal function again.

Maybe you have a structural issue that seems too hard for everyone. .
Here is a likely answer – get the insides realigned – everyone I have done this on is impressed!
It is so worth it – and it is a once off – 6 sessions close together and all is fixed!

(Really – people get up off my couch and nearly fall over, they are not holding themselves against the pull of the scars that they just got used to – they are no longer in the pain that they did not know they had. .

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