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What does pain signify?
Not enough circulation and /or nutrients – we can so easily change this.

A very easy system. . anyone can

I have chosen to give you the cases in the study I did in my clinic in 2011-12 using the methods in my work ‘What Dads Can Do’ As also an acupuncturist I used needles and whatever else was needed – and all were assisted so I could even get them on the treatment bed – using these simple ways. Also freely available on this site.
For more – please look to here as the entire process of treating pregnancy is health restoration.

This symptom – pain – is a cry for help

Not ‘wait till baby is out . .’
Baby is not being made as well as s/he could be for mum’s body to be warning her as it is.
No ‘research’ needed – take out what is not supposed to be there – cold and shock – and allow the circulation to re establish itself. Always always always follow life.
We help happy mums grow better babies naturally.

A Retrospective Case Series for an Acupuncture Audience

The unpublished paper I wrote this in (2012) demonstrates the use of indirect moxa on the sacrum to alleviate commonly experienced late pregnancy back pain and allied discomforts, leading onto an easier natural birthing outcome and optimal maternal and baby health.


Lower back pain in pregnancy is often the cause of considerable life disruption during the pregnancy. Orthodox medicine marginalises back pain in pregnancy; as whilst it is often debilitating, it is not life threatening. My contention is that if the reasons for the back pain were understood, it may be seen as more of a warning. Being seen as less of a maternal comfort issue may not just alter maternal wellbeing but also the outcome of the pregnancy and the quality of the baby made – as neither can be assumed.

As I will show they are not due to chance. Back pain when viewed through the Asian model (usually seen as Chinese medical model) is a common symptom of Kidney complex (inherent constitutional) deficiency (weakness). Following Chinese medical theory, where maternal Kidney Qi is said to supply the developing baby with all of its life force, the direct impact of enhancing this maternal Kidney Qi is baby’s enhanced growth and constitution through its enriched Jing reserves.

Discussed here are the easy steps for anyone to supplement the mother’s Kidney Qi, and hence improve pregnancy outcomes, by remedying the deficiency warning sign of her lower backache. Using indirect moxa on her sacrum is also an easy, safe and effective way to alter the baby’s positioning; thus ensuring a better birth outcome. The intended recipient of this information is the prospective dad, with a nightly ‘hands on’ intervention he can make the difference by improving the likelihood of a peaceful sleep for his baby’s mother; creating a great foundation for the comfortable growth of his baby and the birth of their family.

Keywords: moxa, back pain, lower back pain, sacrum, pregnancy, malposition, pubic symphysis pain, pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, Kidney Qi, better birth outcome.

Notes: Case Histories

The appreciation of the content of this paper will be greatly enhanced by first reading a number of the case histories of the women who were involved in this study. Reading these stories provides the human face and enhances the impact of the following study. These all vary in age and ‘story’, but essentially – regardless of all other factors – the use of the moxa immediately allowed the pregnant woman to be comfortable enough to have the usual acupuncture session. As she had experienced such a shift she then had the tools to take home to get someone there to help her through the rest of the pregnancy.

With me constantly learning, updating skills – now all of these women would also have had my new therapy The Gentling Way – to ensure that the ligament and lymph congestion that they were experiencing would have been corrected. It would appear through the use of merely magnesium, moxa and massage (with some acupuncture) that a spectacular job was done without, and that others can expect similar results.

No one deserves what woman (and their unborn bubs) are supposed to handle. Their back pain and other body issues are simply a cry from within – for help, not pain relief whilst awaiting baby exit.

As the first case here, A is the one of the youngest of this group, and as such, she could be expected to be in the best condition. If I were seeing her and all of thee women now, a year on (2013), I would have all use a lot more transdermal magnesium which probably would have resolved all issues – including any anxiety and sleeplessness, as well as their structural pain and instability.

This case shows the simplicity of a holistic approach. As a closed system, in acupuncture it is easy to affect all aspects of the body. We are restoring normal. Regardless of what else is presented along with the ‘back problem’ the body seems to take on board this support and go from there. After strengthening the Kidney Qi and Yang, other apparently minor problems: that themselves are signaling a body in trouble – then resolve. (Flaws, 2005) This means less likely end of pregnancy and birthing problems as the Qi is sufficient to do what comes naturally.

Three ingredients  . . . magnesium, moxa, massage

(and the acupuncture that you will find in my courses below . .)

These cases are so similar – they are not ‘cherry picked’ – any I had got added in  .
And all the same result – give the body what it needs and it heals itself, growing a better baby as a result.


1) A:   22 yo    1st baby   exceptional back /PS pain

34 weeks. No aches in her body at all till 20 weeks. At this point her husband went with the army overseas and she fretted greatly. All current problems started then. I gave her a magnesium drink before I started working with her. She looked completely distressed and worn out with pain. She had been seeing a physio weekly for 14 weeks. It was not helping – he had suggested attending in an aqua class, where she can move around with no pressure on leg and do stretches.

Her R leg goes numb (fell on the ankle whilst working as a stripper). Back and leg hurt unless lying down – but that hurts too. Also wakens her at night and it totally disrupts her sleep and life. Most painful when she first gets up from any position, then it is OK after walking about for 200 metres, then after another 200 she is in severe pain again.

I asked her where baby was lying – she thought on the right (head down). Before the acupuncture treatment, I took her outside and moxaed her sacrum. Baby woke up and started moving about, then did a flip completely altering its lie within her. She got up off the chair and could not believe that that had just happened – it did not hurt to move – there no pain anywhere.

We went inside, she sat astride the chair, and I needled in deeply (3 inches) the three locations of GB 30, plus Bl 60 and GB 34. I showed her husband how to massage her sacrum – and we continued to do this whilst the needles in. Liv 2 sedated.

I encouraged her to get up to move around – she couldn’t believe she still had no pain – she got up straight off the chair – she did not feel crippled from being in the straddling position. She was also amazed that it did not feel as though her pelvis would break apart when she put her weight back on it, as this was how she has been feeling. I reinserted GB 34, gave her more water to drink, and another magnesium drink. She then lay on her left side (previously was unable to do this and had only been lying on her right – which would have continued to have baby in the non optimal OP lie), so she could watch many inspirational birthing clips with her husband.

I massaged her GB 29 areas and showed husband how deep to work and what to do. We went outside again as she now mentioned another preexisting problem – pubic symphysis pain – it had been overshadowed by her back, and now that was gone, she could concentrate on this. I used moxa directly on the point where the central midline and the pubic bone merge – CV 2 – and instantly all her PS pain gone. I again showed him again what to do and emailed him the instructions.

Next morning, I rang her to check on the emerging wisdom tooth I had also worked on, as her doctor had suggested antibiotics. She had slept all night – there was no pain rolling in her bed, or getting up – and she was not in pain with the tooth, or the headache from the tooth. Feet were no longer hot (Kidney Yin and Jing deficient symptom, which she had had ‘forever’) and she feels ‘amazing’.

Three weeks later, I rang her to check out what was happening. Her previously debilitating backache was diminished. She still could not sleep before 1 am and had hot feet still. (These were all indicators that she is not handling the inner strain of being pregnant well). Her past public symphysis pain was negligible. Her main issue now (the teeth are resolved) was the instability of her hip. Her husband used the moxa at least three times weekly. More sessions would have assisted her achieve her natural goals.

Her daughter (10 ½ lb) was born after an easy, natural – no drugs 6 hour labour. Mum ecstatic as her back held out due to husband using the moxa and massage that really helped her stay out of most of her previous pain, when pregnant and also in the birth.


2) S:  23 yo     2nd         Induction/pain relief

40 weeks. Baby’s rump is sitting under her right rib and his head is hovering in the left inguinal area – no doubt what was causing all the pain in her back. I took her outside, sat her astride the chair, moxaed the sacrum, including the points Bl 23, GV 4 and 3, and then got her to walk about – to loosen up her pelvis, so baby could move around. Her back felt relieved instantly – the leg was still sore. She sat down again, and many deep GB 30 needles and all the Bl sacral points were inserted and occasionally stimulated.

When she arose to go inside, she was rather stunned as there was no pain – either in her back or her groin. She left very relieved and happy – there was NO PAIN AT ALL – she felt very light and free. She rang the next morning to cancel her follow up appointment, as she had birthed.

She had gone home; had her sisters do more massage they had learnt whilst with me; she had drunk the castor oil and orange juice, gone to the hospital at 4.30 am, 5 cms dilated, and was pushing baby out 2 hours later. She only used the gas. In hospital she was attended by her two massaged-up sisters – she birthed her 10 lb 10 oz baby with just a little tear. I asked her which was easier – the lighter or heavier baby – no contest – this last one. She said that 15 minutes before he was born she wondered if there was something wrong with her, as it was a lovely experience and she was not traumatised at all, unlike the smaller first baby.

3)  MVK   38 yo 1st  Potential Miscarriage/’bad back’

16 weeks. Is 120 kg. Has been bleeding very heavily for three weeks – losing so much blood so she was at hospital emergency the day before. There is no uterine pain, but severe, constant excruciating back pain. She has restless legs (magnesium deficiency – I gave her some immediately and she was instructed to take several times daily at home till this and her constipation – again a magnesium deficient symptom) eased. She has very hot feet at night and has had this ‘forever’. (Ki Yin deficiency) She is very stressed as she is the sole supporter of her entire family, also sending money home (overseas) and she will be finishing off work soon – how to fund life then? Depressed, she is usually on antidepressants, is constantly overworked and not eating properly. All this can be seen as magnesium depletion.

We started with sacral moxa to settle her and also to supplement the very deficient Spleen Yang, so she can keep holding the pregnancy. With no pain, not even any aching, she felt lighter on arising. The rest of the treatment proceeded. She came the next day. After seeing me, she had fallen down the entire flight of the escalator at the shopping centre, and now had unique vertically striped acute lacerations all down her legs. The uterine bleeding had STOPPED. The fall did not start it up again. She was in a lot more back pain due to the fall, but was calmer as the pregnancy and baby were more settled.

She continued to come every few days, then weekly and then just occasionally. There was no more bleeding; the pregnancy became uneventful, although her back worsened with the fall and the increase in weight and her worries of financial security. Her husband refused to use the moxa, as it smelt. Every time she arrived, the moxa use outside to begin the treatment to stop the pain, so she was then able to lie on the couch to have the needles. Due to her weight and apparent age, she easily capitulated into a having an elective C section.

4)  22yo   1st baby   GD and severe back aching

 35 weeks. Although she had had much exposure to me as an adolescent with great success, she was now a nursing student and refused to have acupuncture. She had just come in to see me, as her mother was very worried about her gestational diabetes. She looked pale and bloated. This was an unintended pregnancy with the standard bad diet, plus lots of alcohol. No conscious conception preparation.

She was eating a cereal and fruit and sugar based diet. She was eating little protein and having large breaks between meals where she was working as a nurse, not concentrating on growing a baby as her life priority. In clinic I have found a complex B supplement many times a day (water soluble so has to be taken often as it is otherwise excreted), with magnesium drinks (several a day) and zinc (to assist in the assimilation of all foods) to work as a background nutritional aid for all – not just in pregnancy. Magnesium as it calms all nerve and muscle spasms, and irritability on all levels. (Sircus, 2007)

When a woman is magnesium depleted, there is severe pain, sleeplessness and general distress, plus an increased likelihood of pre eclampsia for her, and cerebral palsy for the baby (Seelig, 1980). Magnesium deficiency is a major contributor to insulin resistance and gestational diabetes (Sircus, 2007, Dean, 2005).

She needed all of these supplements, but mostly to stop eating all the foods that converted to simple sugars. Starting with increasing the fat – for baby’s brain, nervous system and her and baby’s hormones, protein – as baby is grown from this – and heaps of veggies – she would eat NONE when she first came in as her diet was terrible as she did not like eating.

Much discussion about what a pregnancy needs (she as a student nurse and was going by her pathology focused fledgling medical knowledge). Eventually she consented to have me take her outside to moxa her sacrum, as she had such a problem that she was in pain all the time, and, was at best uncomfortable, and at worst, on pain killers as she tried to get through her days and nights working.

After the moxa on her sacrum she was so amazed as NOTHING HURT!! On this basis that she allowed me to then insert needles (had previously thought that it would be unsafe in pregnancy!) to enhance her depleted and imbalanced state. She continued to come in, her GD readings went down in response to eating for life and her painful back was now just a memory. She experienced a difficult vaginal birth as she refused my advice to have fetal positional direction (baby was OP) as her midwife said ‘all was well’.

5) 34 yo Second child    Excruciating back pain

28 weeks. Stays in bed all day as without her toddler on site. It is too painful to be upright and tend to anyone else’s needs. She has had these babies close together without consideration of how she was to cope. First pregnancy she could rest, as the terrible back pain was like this then also. She has always been an ‘ill person’. She suffered from severe pubic symphysis pain the first pregnancy from 36 weeks, and this has started already and is currently as bad as it got at the end of the first pregnancy. No relief from the physio and the doctor had no other ideas, except to wait the pregnancy out.

Moxa on sacrum allowed her immediately to be in a lot less pain, so she could then lie down for the needles. She was shocked that something that simple – and something her husband could do at home – had made that much difference. Her PS pain was better but much more relieved after the needles. We then moved back outside to use moxa on the pubic bone directly, after another round of sacral moxa. She walked down the stairs a new woman. I sent her home with magnesium and Vit C – a little often to rebuild the collagen tissue, and to allow her system to heal itself (McArdle, 1999).

She continued coming in several times a week as she had to get to a point where just the moxa at home (and heaps of magnesium and Vit C) allowed her to be able to cope with the drive hours away to her parents’ house to see her toddler. As the pregnancy progressed, her pain levels reduced as she had constant extra nutrients and the moxa nightly so she could sleep. She elected to have the pregnancy ended early so she could have her toddler back at home with her, and had a normal vaginal birth. Post baby she needed more sessions and these were harder to get to – with husband working long hours and no family to help. He was too busy after baby to use the moxa on her to help.

6) K    33yo    2nd baby     PS pain and back ache

27 weeks. Thought she could do pregnancy fine without me this time – she had needed considerable help after her molar pregnancy and years on IVF. Her hair falling out brought her in; her diet was in a mess – and she suspected gestational diabetes. She was in great pain and not able to sleep which brought her back to see me. Using moxa on her sacrum she experienced instant relief – she could then walk with no pain to get back inside to the treatment couch. We spent considerable time talking around the food issues and what to eat to grow healthy mums and babies. Her husband did moxa her back, nightly as necessary, which cut down the number of times she needed to see me. Normal vaginal birth.

7)  A C 35 yo   3rd baby
                  sacro-iliac joints too painful to walk

 33 weeks. Intended a home birth, but her back was so unstable, she was not sure what to do with herself. No ankle swelling currently, but this usually comes in late pregnancy.

Her mother had moved in to help her with other two toddlers. It was too painful to lie down. Started with moxa on her sacrum, so at least she was then able to have her regular treatment. Moxa also at the end – and again – immediate and total relief.

Her mother was taught to do this, as her husband was an international pilot and only home sometimes. Her back became so much better that her mum was able to find herself her own house at the end of the pregnancy and her homebirth went beautifully (husband only there to catch, as labour too quick and easy for the midwife to get there). Moxa was used daily to ensure her back stability and comfort.


8)    23 yo   2nd            Pain/anxiety

22 weeks. First baby died after emergency C section at 32 weeks, due to pre eclampsia, (massive magnesium depletion – Seelig, 1980). Likely terrible electrolyte imbalance as she only ever drank Diet Coke – no water, nothing else. (Source) Serious pain in her body all through that pregnancy and it is being repeated in this one. (Source) In this pregnancy she still had nothing to drink except Diet Coke. This case exemplifies why I cannot just research what the moxa does in these cases. She is very young – pain and weak backs are not the province of the elderly. She received a large lecture from me on the role of diet and the water needed and lots of fish oil (to stop early labour) and magnesium and B vitamins. Moxa on her sacrum was a minor part of this rescue, although it gave me credibility as it instantly relieved her pain and her distress. She felt vastly calmer and more relaxed.

From here – she had treatment weekly until she had no pain felt (28 weeks). She was instructed to take heaps of magnesium and Vit B and water and protein and fat. She was pain free – did not believe it possible. No one at home would do the moxa as it smelt!!  39 weeks – no pain in her body, but feels vastly better with the moxa – relaxed, lighter. She had gotten past the 32 week stage that upset her so much last time – and baby kept growing bigger. She still had no bone/body pain, which was no doubt from the coca cola led potassium /electrolyte catastrophe with past pregnancy – (and resultant lack of magnesium).

She was happily pregnant, and easily talked into an elective C section (baby might split the scar according to the doctor who decided that baby was ‘too big’), she was eating better than she ever had, and the placental improvement from the moxa and needles meant he was a good size (9 lb).

9)  L   2nd  41 yo   Healthy preg/anxiety/back ache

  • weeks. Was having ongoing acupuncture support post getting pregnant with her first baby. Moxa is the only way to calm her anxiety down so she can sleep at night. She has absolutely no back ache whilst doing this – previously she suffered all through her life prior to the pregnancies from constant back ache. Using moxa every night – she can sleep and there is no pain at all. Normal vaginal


10) V     37 yo   4th         Pelvic girdle pain

32 weeks, in pregnancy lots of pelvic girdle instability, resulting in shooting pains down legs – mainly the left. Stopped breastfeeding early last time thinking that would fix the pain, but this seemed to make it worse. Now pregnant again and it is crippling her.

Moxaed sacrum. She couldn’t believe it – no longer feels as though she will break in half when she stands up. She used ice in hospital to help with pain after all the babies. I assured her not to ever use ice again. Continued with moxa at home and did not need further treatment as the moxa nightly was enough to hold symptoms at bay. Normal vaginal birth.

11)  1stbaby               Back pain/insomnia

29 weeks Can hardly move with left handed round ligament strain. Has a tilted pelvis that does not sit straight. Feels like it is pinching the nerve. Can’t sleep well as too uncomfortable – where to put herself so there is no pain? Moxa on sacrum – and the ease of movement and her smile said it all – nothing hurt when she rose to get up. Moxa was continued at home as that way she did not need to come to see me again.

(2018 – I would suggest anyone does at least hte Arvigo® work. Having taken my own deviation into this and out the other side  The Gentling Way I now offer is  a way forwards for pain free and unrestricted lives – when we let go what is holding us hostage. Also ensure all are drinking so much more water as the blood supply to the ligaments is sketchy at best and so few women are drinking sufficient water – or using anything like enough magnesium. Almost all who are in pain would do well to take sufficient (I get my people to take 50,000iu daily til they feel better – at least 2 often 4 weeks – then reduce to possibly 50,000 iu weekly. To have blood levels at least above the recommended levels is the objective – as this ensures easy births and lives.

Further note – the now almost enforced vaccination in pregnancy is depleting any likelihood of appropriate minerals leading to very different pregnancy outcomes that were possible even 10 years before).


12) L    40 yo 2nd    Back ache/anxiety/Insomnia

16 weeks. Did not want to get pregnant. First one was induced on 11th day – only 6lb 8oz. Dreadful birth and doesn’t want to do it ever again. Has a constant dull back ache. Can only sleep for 20 minutes at a time. Very bad anxiety, no leg cramps. Moxa sacrum. Magnesium supplementation gradually allowed her to calm down and sleep and accept her pregnancy and be comfortable. After moxa was used, she felt instant calm and relief all through her body. Back felt fantastic. Extra work done as treatment for anger release, and improving her Yin so she could nourish herself and her pregnancy. She surprised herself with a normal, uneventful vaginal birth.

13) M   35yo  1st     Health improvement/back

28 weeks Still using ‘speed’. ‘Did her back in’ over the weekend. I cupped her navel and used moxa on ginger on salt as it was so cold, then took her outside and used sacral indirect moxa. Instantly improved – everything better .. . she was crippled before that – and wondered how she could go with the rest of the pregnancy . . Only came in for the one session . .


14) L   27 yo    2nd Health correction for VBAC/GB

32 weeks High glucose. Put on 27 kg last pregnancy. Lower back/sciatica left starting up again. Moxa sacrum. Instant relief. Can walk unimpeded now. . was fine as long as husband did this every night so she could sleep.

40 weeks – Doctor trying to talk her out of a VBAC. Although she was induced, she had a natural birth.


15) MC  31yo   2nd  Back ache/ health preservation

 22 weeks – always exhausted as working fulltime whilst husband studying (didn’t intend to be pregnant so soon – has an 18 month old also). She has always had severe aching in back, making it extremely difficult to pick up and be with her toddler, when she is home from work. The pain stops sleeping and makes the whole experience of being pregnant a huge drag on her energy and her life.

I took her outside to show her how simple relief could be. Moxaed her sacrum. She got up off the chair – nothing left to complain about!! She always has a freezing belly so I cupped it yet again, and used moxa on ginger/salt. Her husband came in for a session and I repeated this process with him, and he was instantly better. He then understood just how good it could make her back feel instantly, so could then do it for her anytime she asked. She could sleep so much better, was now in no pain, and life was easier at home and at work.

31 weeks – Is almost in heaven after moxa – is not just heat but feels so relieved all through her body. Total relaxation and comforting. Normal vaginal birth, once she had seen me to alter OP position – even though midwife said was ‘perfect’ – the OP positional change had her in labour in ten minutes and easily birthing (she delayed that part of the session until her husband could manage this at home – she had driven 90 minutes to see me alone). Natural easy birth 8 lb 5oz.


16)  M      36yo    4th   Backache and not coping

40 weeks The coccyx feels as though it is inflamed, and when the moxa happens, it feels better. Is more than just the heat – it feels as though it is pervading all through the whole body and is so comforting. Ecstatic home gentle water birth 9 lb.

The cases above are typical of a normal affluent Australian clinic. I have used this work in the closed sect community in New Zealand, where it is normal to have at least ten children by the age of 40, and often far more, and till the late 40s. The state of the children’s health and their mothers’ bodies is covered in another article.

(Improving Jing in multiparous women and what it means for obstetric care anywhere).

“This is too simple Heather” says everyone.  – yes it is . .

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If you are interested in reading the fully referenced 2012 unpublished article (+30 pages) that this comes from explaining HOW this works – please email me and I will send it over.

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