So many people spend all of their resources believing that men do not matter – and that his (usually woeful) sperm contribution is ‘OK’ /good enough – not what a farmer would expect – under 90% sperm looking normal and he has no reproductive pleasures – they chop off his balls – or eat him . . .

I have been working with couples to make families since before there was IVF and now post IVF – as it is the last not first resort . .

Men are told that their ever dwindling semen results will work – in the lab – maybe . .
She is told meanwhile – she is too old – or that she ‘needs’ donor eggs / – as if there is a never ending supply of them . .

Not making even a positive pregnancy test – or worse possibly – Miscarriages, medical terminations, bad pregnancies and a non sustainable future.


As all farmers/gardeners the world over know – foundation (soil) is all.

Be aware that what is written here is not what you see elsewhere.

My patient is the baby-to-be: not the non-parents who want to take easy road

It is their child to be’s entire future (not just existence) that they are messing with.

As the practitioner –

You get all what the patients get – PLUS the info and mentoring behind this – it is NOT medical but wise womanly/Yang Sheng – Nature that holds the answers. We can follow this as it was the basis of all that the elders knew – and the sages wrote about – follow all that Sabine Wilms has written on Sun Si Miao . .

The Male Fertility Enhancement package is an add-on from the Self Care package.

But look – like the ‘steak knives’ – there is SOOO MUCH more in the Transformative Healing package – why not?
And as a special for this week only  an intro special – get the Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birth & Beyond workshop free. .

I have a huge body of teaching tools developed over the 4 decades I have been interested in LIFE medicine . .
This is all part of the Transformative Healing package – which include the Self Care and the Self DIscovery (we all have ‘stuff to undo/clarify /cultivate inner growth)


To my questing not-parents-yet. .

How to get the men in?

What I say to both . . .

Warning – Making Naturally Better Babies/children/future

is not a medical business transaction

I refuse to just treat her as that is the quickest way I have seen to make miscarriages – maybe babies is not my intention . . This is the same as with farming – and gardening – start with the best. This is now questionable. Who is paying attention to nurturing life all through their own? We do not start building a house with wonky materials.
BUT – who thinks as this with the babies? You surely make need the very best you can provide – not just being hopeful.
The point is NOT to get pregnant – but to make the best baby possible. For life.

This is all about what YOU can do

It involves YOU changing what YOU are doing

Fertility is a measure of health – the more healthy you are the more fertile.

What I say . . and suggest that you do too – as we have LIFE instructions and changing them – Middle Heater. .
We WILL make better Jing . . And of course – do something about NOT adding in more pollutants – adjuvants.


The Male Fertility Enhancement package:

1 – The Self Care info:

2 – The Male Enhancement add on

3 – Your invitation as you have done the pre-requisites to go into the ‘ Painless Pregnancy And Easy Birth & Beyond’ and also after you have completed the entire Transformative Healing package and possibly onto the Affiliate programme – as maybe you wish to assist in all forms of pelvic opening?

YANG SHENG – nurturing/nourishing life

Life enhancement is about encouraging your body to return to ‘perfect’.
All my courses are designed to assist you to start the thinking needed for this to happen through presenting this information,
predominantly from what WAS recognised as common sense and various wise-elder traditions.

It all starts with us – and our own self care

Three components: (Please click to learn more)


Below is what the non practitioners see . .

You can click here and get started with how to help –

through using my entire life’s discoveries on this – 

or ‘just’ the short male fertility enhancement course.


If you are a parent-to-be .

Dad is half he baby . .
He can radically improve his sperm by changing his health
Sperm is a report card of what is happening within.

His half can only happen BEFORE Pregnancy:

that is NOW


At home

Self help

Health is in your hands. Not a matter of luck (or ‘genes’).

Return to your healthy blueprint – your grandparents just had sex – and there were more kids than they probably intended to make..as was always the case – until recently. Not much money needs to change hands. You just need to simplify your life.
You get to touch each other, look after yourselves and each other, be more mindful

(As you will do once baby arrives – start ahead to get used to the idea of simple, natural living)
Habits may need to be remodeled

Let’s make Naturally Better Babies


Why do you need to?

Sperm is a measure of health and to be listening to me here – you have discovered that you must do something different.

Included – how to undo most of what ails you – as your body makes sperm (and good egg development for her) with what is left over from running your body . .the report card is your sperm test. And her periods and blood work – and is all easily altered.

What happens if you do not follow nature?

Often heartbreak – including all that money cast aside hopefully in artificial fertility attempts – by starting NOT at the beginning – and maybe miscarriages and the entire array of pregnancy outcome that you hope you do not run into – someone does.
Use pregnancy insurance – start as though you were building a house – with the best of what there is avaiiable to you – and expect it to take at least that long to erect.
Seriously – You can only make this baby once – and they get to live with your mistakes . .

You bet!

Making the best baby possible

What happens when you follow nature? (Yang Sheng)

This couple discovered over 30 years ago – Nature works.  They followed advice . .  (including seeing me often for a very short burst – 3 x weekly for 2 weeks) whilst I completely rearranged their bodies into being Baby Ready. .

What now?

Follow what has worked with everyone – that is ALL who follow my suggestions
(4 decades of clinical practical experience)

1 Start here (Includes the Self Care trilogy – ‘Love Your Body Better’/’The Healing Power of Touch’ and ‘Foundational Moves’)  –

2 – Get the safe and effective detox drops that will allow the pesticide and heavy metal residue that is blocking your nutrient pathways from working to leave your cells and fat where they are stored and messing with your life – and will be passed on to your children if and when you do make hem. Not a good legacy – look to ‘Body Burden’ or ‘Born Pre-polluted’ online.

3 – Start looking seriously at NOT getting pregnant til you have great sperm to plant in a welcoming and warm garden (her metabolism being perfect – her report card? Her menstrual cycle and general health). Join up to my Natural Fertility Detective  to understand fully why waiting till your bodies are perfect for breeding is the most important step here. membership programme here 

4 – Enlist the help of a local-to-you holistic natural health care professional. Preferably who is part of my Affiliate programme.

Please get started now – a natural baby is actually as simple as getting well – both of you

What are the advantages?


The hard yards of what does and does not work – done for you.
You are not hoping for the best – or even experimenting with me.

In the past decades I have watched what was working – NOT – and corrected this.

I have discovered to my chagrin that what was working (lifestyle changes/dietary shifts and even stopping additives – yes you still need to – BUT even supplements and herbs often – is not now enough. What to do to assist this?

As though you were able to see me face to face.  .

Join up

Your ‘hands are held’ as you go through the lessons to become more vibrantly well – hence more fertile – both of you.

Independence from ‘helpers’ who take your cash and leave you wondering – what next?

More likelihood of better baby outcomes
Better health
Better sex

Maybe babies. . .
Sooner than you think . .

Declutter, Reset, Restore