Magically resolving adhesions

OR – any other abdominal operation from any other cause . .


Want to feel ALIVE again?
Really back to your pre operations self?

Did you know?

The newly cut open uterus is placed on your belly so it can be stitched up again.
Leaving the uterus COLD and traumatised.

Body may retaliate – by holding her dear – and make so much more drama as the years go by

Eventually . . .  .

It may look like a wee scar – but what tissues (and if you know about acupuncture – meridians) are cut through? What repair work has been done to allow the continuation of flows – not only of the Qi but all layers of connective tissue were invaded, all lymph is likely to be congested and all adhesions will have grown to attempt to hold the body more together.

What pregnancy does to the inner organs .. 

This is normal – over time. A is baby descending through and being born.
In the surgical removal, uterus is cut through, baby removed, uterus taken out and popped on the belly to be stitched up again . .

ADHESIONS very likely  .

At a time when she hopefully is not having to look after yourself – but is taken care of. In the modern world – likely not.

Making all the efforts to heal after the birth and make more blood to make the food to allow bub to thrive.

Baby – ‘safely’ here


During a surgical birth the skin in incised down to the muscle. Muscle is opened and bladder is carefully dissected and pulled into a position of safety to ensure that it is left intact. (Hopefully there is not too many past local trauma/adhesions – possibly from endometriosis or past C sections or other surgery).

The surgeon will make a lateral low incision on the uterus and retract into the uterus to rupture the amniotic sac and rescue the baby. Once baby is out the placenta is removed, the uterus is irrigated with saline and pulled out of the pelvis than placed on the woman’s abdomen for repair.

Think about what happens when you cut an apple into slices and allow it to sit on the bench/kitchen counter……it becomes brown due to oxidation which is exposure to room air. This happens when our internal organs become exposed to the outside. Our organs are perfectly compact in to our body and when opened and exposed the self protective healing mechanism is for the body to make scar tissue. C-section is no exception.

Typically post major surgery we are instructed to seek out therapy for rehabilitation. No physician is telling women to seek out post C-section therapy until symptoms of obstruction and immobility ensue and even then the C-section scar may not be looked at as problematic.  Furthermore . . ..

After this major abdominal surgery, (and possible inner work to accept the new reality) instead of at least 6 weeks rest – she has a new baby to love and make milk for: she goes home to getting on with life – and up and down, feeding and changing baby: looking after herself last.

Although mum needed at least 2 weeks total bed rest after this major belly surgery it is often not possible. Even one week in the bed, one week on the bed, one week around the bed – would allow healing .


Physically the outside may all LOOK healed . .

Ultimately, scar mobilization promotes collagen remodeling, which increases pliability of the tissues and reduces uncomfortable sensations, such as itching or sensitivity. This may last forever – until you do something about it.

Ideally C-section scar mobilization starts early in the healing process. If we were only doing the physical aspects – maybe starting six to eight weeks after the procedure. Why?  Early intervention is ideal as the tissues will respond quickest during this post natal period. I find using my ways that a week after birth (seeing you at home) is often the beginning of rapid healing.

The Gentling Way using dedicated moves, lymph clearing, needling and the traditional ways of birth repair all added into.allow the body to take the time needed to repair to do it well. If not given this new set of healing instructions, massive adhesions may result.

The body renews itself and remodels scar tissue constantly. Your tissues are being replaced with new tissues all the time, just at a much slower rate when scar tissue is older. We can hasten this as we allow much more flows of Qi, Blood and lymph to and from the past traumatised area.

The adhesions can begin to constrict normal movement.

Let us liberate you!

Left alone. . .

Here is what happens next  ..


If we are lucky:

On the surface – we look like . .

LEFT2 C sections – 3 years apart – younger one a year ago  RIGHT . 4 sections over 20 years  last 2 years fresh.

BUT we are scarred more than we think as the adhesions underneath are there.

As the adhesions take their toll puckering can happen underneath the scar was that her uterus was adherent to her bladder and completely immobilizing all pelvic structures.

This is typical due to the sheer nature of what a C-section entails.

In addition, the scar may cause a slight postural change, a sort of “pulling forward” that along with a decrease in the support of the back from the abdominal muscles could result in back pain. And a lack of stability – also possibly the loss of core strength.

But the possible consequences don’t stop there. The scarring can cause the adjacent muscles to develop trigger points that refer pain to areas like the clitoris or urethra. In addition, the adjacent connective tissue can become restricted also causing pain. Lastly, the scarring can irritate superficial nerves in the area of the scar.

What’s more, the round ligament that attaches from the sides of the uterus to the labia can be caught in scar tissue after a C-section because the incision is also right over the area where the round ligament crosses the pelvic brim. If this happens, a woman can experience labial pain, especially with transitional movements like going from a seated position to a standing position.

Another symptom I’ve seen of those women who have had C-sections is that they may have issues with lower digestion such as irritable bowel syndrome or constipation. This occurs because of the tightening created by the scar tissue pulls within the abdominal cavity and thus affects the organs.

Post C-section issues can be mild to serious in which more surgery would be the only recommendation. What would require more surgery you ask? More adhesions . .

10-30 years post C-section maybe severe abdominal pain. CT scan reveals scar tissue adherent to the abdominal wall which requires surgery to remove it or the intestinal loop may become completely obstructed. While few and far between it is still not unlikely and this scenario can be life threatening if left untreated. Bowel resection to remove invasive scar tissue is often indicated.

I have worked with countless women over my 40 years of working with what is left behind. So often the rest of life is marked by this one intervention. Regardless of whether it was life saving for mum and baby – the surgery leaves residue. Often never connected – as the problems start up in other locations. Especially chronic and often debilitating neck pain/inflexibility.


Good News!

The problems caused by a C-section scar can be treated with the process I have developed. Called The Gentling Way. Why? Far too much has been forced onto a body. Time to heal. So how do we address a C-section scar?

Most problems caused by C-section scarring can be improved or corrected altogether by making the scar more flexible by manipulating the scar tissue. The more scar tissue is moved, the softer and more similar to the tissue around it it becomes. This reduces tightness and breaks up adhesions (an “adhesion” occurs when scar tissue attaches to a nearby structure). Over the years my hands-on approach as part of the acupuncture service I have always given, has allowed me to explore many complementary healing systems.


Using a combination of modalities, the way to undo an array of internal blockages using energy and more physical means is here. In the Gentling Way we many home based therapies as well as what we can do in each session. You will use traditional women’s healing ways including the use of, castor oil packs and gentle external touch therapies as part of the block of sessions we will do together. Expect a miracle! 

I have discovered that more closer together is best – no more than a week in between – and often daily (if you are traveling from afar).

Undoing what I call ‘Stuck Belly Blood’ all aspects of your being are worked on simultaneously. By discharging the energy blockages in combination with the physical congestion, magic happens. Be it a straighter body, the loss of back aching and sciatica, period health restoration and the return of normal sexual sensations: all is possible.

When a scar is awoken, the body will instantly  change – it is astonishing to feel.

I lay your fingers on your healed wound –  before and after this work. Your body responds immediately as we reroute the stuck trauma. Physically it will lay down the fibers of the scar tissue with more organization, and in a similar alignment to the tissues around it. This results in the scar blending in better and behaving more like normal tissue.

Instead of looking like these


Hate what this has done to you?

Can’t stand the touch of even underwear on your skin?
Too ashamed to wear what you could before?


What to do?

Holistic multi modality transformative energy body work. As part of the external gyno-visceral manipulation possible with The Gentling Way – you may discover a body you forgot that you had!

Advanced channel moves

Acupuncture plus . .

The adhesions holding everything stuck will let go

Using Heather ‘s Stuck Belly Blood protocol.

First – we attend to what allows this to be set up so all QI flows unimpeded. .

Everyone leaves feeling taller, emptier and lighter – as the space is released.

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