Living Ligaments case – Hilary

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This is part of the work leading into LL I for new students – you have seen all of these moves.
I put it into practice for you to see how it can change – and we go back always to the same gentling tools.
Stuck Liver Qi Release – starts off very shallow and slow – when a person is very stuck.

Pre watching .. .

What is adhesion breaking?
Why do we?
How do we?


Hilary – This is the third time around on her body . .

5 weeks before we did Parts 1 and 3 of the Gentling Way work.

4 weeks prior to this – the Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai ..

Here I am focusing on showing you how the O.S.L. shifts

Ovarian suspensory ligament


Also why we MUST work on scars (adhesion breaking) .

They block all flows – as the Qi is held hostage.
We see this as the body holds till it is safe to let go.

Life is dynamic.

The Ovarian Suspensory Ligament (O..S.L.) is checked often.

You see why this work is called Living Ligaments – it depends.

All shifts so often!

Almost with every breath – if we are releasing and undoing ‘stuff’.
Ligaments – governed by the Liver energy – hydration, bioavailable magnesium – and whatever is happening NOW.

Hilary had 2 C sections and a lap for endo and a appendix scar.

Here we discover the skin sensitivity differs.
My practice has found – when we get the Qi flowing again (when the feeling is the same) magic happens all through the body.

Also skin cancer scars on her back.
Please also look to this work first.

I am setting it all up to undo the blockages in the front.
We NEVER start where the perceived problem is to be found.

Very obvious to me with a C section scar that has  along history – past the 25 year old man (my son) who walks the earth on account of – there as a lot of body trauma tied into most scars. We need to see how this impacts all of life – as so many who come to see us have this.  We need to tread gently – ever early the actual BLOCK  – Reichian armour bands info  . .

Picture shows how the sacral break is so obvious in so many:

To mess with circulation forever


The appendix scar is often the key – and ideally you work on it prior to the I.C. valve release.

Patti sessions LL II Dec 2018

This was riveting to watch  . . .
As with Hilary – all shifted after the adhesion breaking – regardless of what else we did before or maybe because of it . ..
Also please – lustre bowls, whatever you can use to lighten the trauma may being released – plus if needed the cuddle on left hand side and also copal burning.