Congested chest/bad coughing

Sick – what to do?

Phlegm that is not coming up . .
Lung Qi needs to be able to.

Q – Why we cough?
A – Have a full chest.

Full of what?

Stuck Liver Qi rising up.

Usual culprits above – things to remember.

Fullness –  and the lungs are NOT a storage organ.

The cough – or wheeze/asthma is an attempt to do what the body needs to live.

How to undo?

Work out what is the problem – is how the TCM 8 principles comes into play . .

Hot/Cold a good start.
What means?
Colour of phlegm
Also – are they pale in complexion  – or red etc . .
Weak voice/tired looking – or florid and angry/loud?
After an amount of time a false fire – afternoon fever/red cheeks may appear – this is yin depletion – and all who have been ill for  a while will need building up.
They were weak enough to get it
To not fight it off well
And still – are now caught.

In her case – as usual – an apparent combination.
So – also – when coughing?
We need to loosen what is stuck.
Back to the 5 Flows . .
Qi- Red Blood – blue blood – pale blood (Lymph) and nerves.

Here we have Qi and Lymph/phlegm stuck – thus not able to do their jobs…

I have not covered this yet in your courses . .

She does have a minor cool bum – but her mum has been great at making sure she is mostly covered – not with bare feet on cold floor I kept seeing. Ideally I would do navel cupping and moxa on the ginger/salt in belly after – and moxa on Bl 43 and St 36 – but I can’t even touch the stuff now.

Rachel – nearly 4 weeks into a chest infection that has her in spasms of coughing – and bringing up white phlegm  . .

She is up a lot at lung time (3-5am) coughing massively.
Morning I as there I went in to press Ding Chuan – and will put more on Fingertip-rescues site soon on this.

MUST USE ARTERY CLAMPS – source from a medical supplier – do not mess this up.
It was a mark of my mastership of the technique that the burning tissue did NOT fall off – do not substitute – you must have the proper equipment.

I added in some needles –  whilst she is not a fan – it does hurry things along . .

And a bit of touch – the lymph does need to move – and the online course Healing Power of Touch . .

We will factor in time to show you this whilst you are in clinic . .
It is within the online course Reset Your Metabolism

I did it on my leg to demonstrate in the large pulling out the cold – eBook that is Secrets to Staying Healthy’.

What can Rachel do?

Finding acupuncture points to press – Lu 7, Lu 1 also the warm up Qi Gong exercise

How is she now?
Improving once she took charge – and stopped eating that which was setting her off.
‘Wearing’ bare feet on cold floors, and not paying attention to the TOO SIMPLE advice took her into eventually working out that she was in charge – as you also need to learn yourself – hence this set of online step you through easy courses (CLICK).

An additional suite of extras  . . see here (CLICK). .