The gift of life – is in the breath


A lot happens in the lungs – more than a bellows function – of air in and out

Some of what you may have missed, being likely only aware of the physical anatomy and physiology (function) of the organs and the tangible body parts.

Here we add in the energy – the East Asian medical traditions  dating back millennia show the instructions that allow a body to work well. The Qi (energy) and Blood and body fluids are made in your food factory.

The yellow circles are the chakras – energy centres.

The turquoise line from the nose signifies the Da Qi – (the pure Qi that is mixed in the lungs to combine with the essence of food – the energy that runs around the body in a grids.

The turquoise mists are the pure essence of food .

The red/orange lines – electrical pathways/meridians.

Holders of energy – and of spiritual resources.
This is where it gets really interesting . . . our Lungs hold grief. Letting go may be needed. Our heart houses our Shen – spirit – and the unrequited love, the broken heart, the fracture of feeling a connection with our selves, and with others, and with our higher selves, our wombspace, our inability to feel as we have done such a good job of shutting down . .all there.
Additionally – the diaphragm is a large muscular cavern that shields the viscera from escaping into the breathing/life support.

The Liver energy allows all muscles to work. Angst – and eventually fury, rage. Anger turned violent – often against ourselves *(‘being nice’). That which may be being stored and swallowed down – could severely interfere with all breathing patterns.

So may the armouring that comes on board when we are closed off from being present – usually at a very young age.


Liver energy (CLICK) . . .Muscles and ligaments control the breathing – as does the ability of the diaphragm to do its job.

1 – Structure Determines Function – when all is not aligned, we cannot expect the body to work as designed.

2 – Energy Follows Thought – not only the ‘placebo’ there is nocebo – ‘bone pointing’ – and being told all is wrong will weaken – as shown with the P.A.C.E. test – basic kinesiology.

3 – The body remembers everything that has happened to it. (Reichian armour bands)

4 – Flows have to flow – Qi, blood and nerve supply all must be free for life.

5 – Body can heal itself – if what is blocking it from doing so is removed.

(If we let it – shall we start with decluttering?

I was taught far more than needles in acupuncture college – I learned to live the Way of the Tao

Here is one gem:

With the person lying on the table, in front of you – watch their breathing cycle.
Likely you will notice it ‘catches’.

My observation is that women avoid breathing into their belly/wombspace. Men – their chests/heart space.

Bao Mai (CLICK)

If you get the opportunity to observe a natural being – one who has had a mammalian entry into the outside world – birthing gently/easily, no external interventions – not jabbed – or as an animal (wildish – as the domestics have been corrupted also) you will see a natural breathing  rhythm.

Start here
Get them (or do on yourself) AFTER P.V. and more water – to place their hands gently on their belly and get the hands (or  a match box) to rise and fall with their breath.
Women usually can’t do it – so I say – make yourself look pregnant – they are so keen for the flat stomach it may be decades of programming to move).
The men – and these days – everyone is loath to breath into their chests – emotions are STUCK there!


To get people aware to start with is the key.
We are Gentling – and they will unload what is stuck in due course.

More water more magnesium, more encouragement that it is actually SAFE to be in their body . .

The link between breath and emotion has been understood for thousands of years. Now we have an idea how it works. When stress hormones are high, we breathe higher in the chest and less in the belly. This further increases stress hormone levels. But we have CONSCIOUS control of our breathing as well. By controlling our breath, stress hormones drop.

Thus major ’cause’ of disease in East Asian Medicine – is ’emotional’ – and these are held in the tissues – till we let the resultant STUCK free. Myriad ways. . . Let It Go is the key . . . DO listen – feel the heart energy opening . .


Here is the possible beginning. Guided Reunion meditation (CLICK)