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SARS-COV2 no one is asking what do I do to strengthen myself?
Instead it is all about fear, control and judgement
Is this the future?

Why be so keen to hand over responsibility?
Why worry about ‘germs’?

We are so much stronger than the apparent problem.
Without talking about viruses NOT being alive and needing our bodies to live and thrive in – we could just kick them out.
Just like that – bring the Light through and Live well . . . recipe below.



What with the life pause we are having
And the ones who up till now have not had a complete health philosophy besides killing off ‘germs’ and worrying people.

There seems to be a hole – in fact – a chasm – in what TO do . .
Often people want to know – what do I eat?’

Maybe also ask . .


And then . . .

How do we help ourselves?
Live better. .

All natural health care providers, all traditional cultures knew to follow life.

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Life Recipe  

I have added in more.


Basic model I use to help you see through the clutter



So easy to make such a difference!


2013 water copy

2014 dehydration










I ask you also to look at this.

Were you to run a marathon – it is all about you – and what you put into the project – so too with living well.
And enhancing what you have.


To learn anything – we have to live it.
To really use it in live – it has to resonate.  .
Does it?

The more I teach through these lens – the more it does for me.

Where to next?

Answering the questions – ‘How do I Live Better?’ and ‘What do I eat?”

Also explaining why in this modern world –  when it appears that you do ‘everything right’ – you seem not much better.

Three components: (Please click each to learn more)

  • Love Your Body Better
  • (Learn why and how you can instantly start self repair
  • The Healing Power of Touch
  • (Your own hands to liberate your own life force/Qi)
  • Foundational Moves
  • Working with another – magically shift the blockages to healing
    This holds all the touch therapies that I have successfully been teaching for the past 35 years to students and patients alike. All are used in conjunction with needling if  you are an acupuncturist. This is also a standalone possibility for anyone.
  • These are advanced as I have used my in-depth knowledge of channels/meridians to enhance all I do. Central issue – to move the Qi we must move the lymph.
  • You will find a lot of non standard ‘massage’ moves.
  • These work – they undo the PAIN that all seem to be living with now.

If you wonder what you will be able to do – please – watch this . .
This is a small component of the course Foundational Moves – which also take you through cupping the navel- old home remedy –  to  pull out the stored cold  that is messing with your gut, and metabolism and thus life.

Your hands – YOU can change all that is happening.
And there is always more . . .