Why do I suggest a package and as an intensive?

It works this way . .

You want results.

Maybe nothing else has ‘fixed’ you?
Maybe you are ‘over it’ and still have the problems?

After 40 years – this is how I see the best results – we dive in deeply.

In the 70’s/80’s I saw people three times weekly. A few weeks only needed – different times I know.

At least this close together and for extended sessions to work on all the back/pelvic/sacral and tailbone flaws that have stopped normal healing from happening – includes the emotional and the energy work that may be required.

A tall order?
Not if you are feeling as though you have ‘done everything’ and have been backed it a corner . .
Not really – as the body stores t all and there is NO WAY that only shifting the bits can allow healing – change is needed on all fronts.

It is not just the it that is currently offending you by apparently not working/responding to others’ efforts – it is actually a body wanting that there is so much more underlying – and what lies beneath is driving what will happen next – why not start the New year with the intention of actually Loving Your Self Better?

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1 – The Healing Pack – all the goodies needed to support you through life doing your own self care. Includes online self paced home help – get started right now – courses for you to work on each other lovingly and yourselves. Also what to do about eating, gut health and ore.

2 – 6 Gentling Method sessions (based on a lifetime – 40 years of collating what works) with Heather
(Allow at least 3 hours each )

3 – Much support pre and post sessions to assure that you ease into a new body and life

(Love Your Body Better begins this series)

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Gentling Way for Couples
Heather is only in Brisbane for short periods as she is sharing her work internationally.
Available at The Life Alignment Centre until 9th October.
Back to Cairns/ USA and Europe teaching 9th October – early December.
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