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Reset Your Metabolism

Esther’s quandry . .

Esther and cupping cold for cancer

What I did up 2 years ago as a ‘taster’ so you knew what you were getting  .
(As there is always more – I have been laying with this for decades)   Reset Your Metabolism

Now as part of the under priced Transformative Healing bundle (until I get it all automated) that allows the practitioner’s journey from the biomedicalised TCM model into energy again. When you sign up – the beginning pages look like this.


Why an acupuncturist may take up The Gentling Way

It works . .

What others have said . LINK TO BE DONE YET.

From TCM and organ pathology and what herb to – the electrician’s way . .
Assist the Body Electric

In clinic last night
A usual case . .
Who is ‘diagnosing’?
I am fixing . .

Advanced Channel Applications

As I have taught since 1981
Acupuncture works.