HER Story (herstory)



This is not comfy – and in these times when a simple virus is being sold as the world’s only  problem – the real one – is even more so – how many women and children (and men) are SAFE locked away inside??)
Alcohol and porn fueled – yes I know – can we talk of something else?

I can write in this as it is not y personal experience – except that sometimes in teaching groups all in it are affected.
Outrageous – most acupuncturists ar lead into their chosen profession- as tut was ‘chosen’ for them – as they signed up for this.

We need to be aware – we are all of the Light  and this time here on earth is simply a time of ‘Free Choice’ – to prove ourselves – and devolving is part of this – and evolving – going back to the light is very possible.

Without judgement – of self

Find self compassion first – not that easy in the busyness of life.

NOW – as I see the results – often decades later – lives destroyed.
– when no amount of muzzling and masking works – and the entire drug cabinet is emptied and still –  can’t sleep, can’t feel safe
See more on safety here.

Turn the paradigm on its head.
As we evolved – Mum and bub had to acquiesce to tribal living.

Women always have a way to pacify the stronger ones.
And have had to.

Sovereignty not respected. And so the victor writes the story.

(‘She is lying’ – even little girls. .with their damaged holes/souls/lives)
And we buy it as we do not know – as fish likely do not 0that they are in water – if this is the container you have always had – You will NOT know and thus
See this strangely.
When I was teaching a group in 1992 in Brisbane – 3rd years – the men felt as though I was anti men – poor them.

Why is this so silent?
Where is the text evidence?
We see it in clinic 100% of the time.
If we are aware.

In those unenlightened days – they were discovering a human being who had NO IDEA how men could think that they had rights women did not. It has been in my life that women were allowed to refuse sexual congress in a marriage – they were owned prior to this – slaves to the stove and the bed.

And does not have had to have been physical – even thinking it – some of us are sensitive and feel the intrusion.

Pretend it has not happened?
I have so many women coming to mind right now – and men – who have shared what happened.

They were never the same again.

What does this look like?
All that anxiety/depression/and inner rage that eats them away .

(Acupuncturists –  that STUCK LIVER QI you see all the time??)

Choices . .
Maybe look here – we have to feel it to heal it.
And look to what we set up in so doing.

And this takes us out of the fear and judgment into why we are even here.
Raising vibration may be the idea ..

Let’s pretend?

It is all around you . .
And the men who did/do – they are not branded as the ones they stole sovereignty from.
Surely some of them wonder when they will be outed?

What is rape?
I was teaching gyne/digestion/neurological – all in one semester.
In a class of about 20 there were 6 SIX women in active bulimia /anorexia – one with the lanugo (fine down covering herself) .
All beautiful – yet all wearing the scars of loss of sovereignty.

What lead them to that?
So many – countless stories I have listened to – as usually women share for the first time – to anyone – what happened to break them.



Thinking this through – what to do to be of service?
She arrived  and I think . .
Accident Recall – that’ll fix her!

Naive.  .
We need to be ready  as anything can and does happen . .

The more ready you are – the more likely this is to clear
Always there is more.

Carol – 1st session What I did – besides Calm presence and setting the room /space – Acupuncture


What I did Why? Extra info
R St 24 Undo shock
Bil Liv 2 Undo pissed off Daughter explained how rageful she was that morning
Chest gouge – started gentle Start the Qi/Lymph flowing
R TH 5, Co 11 Start on pain/ligaments Was wearing long pants – too painful to move her
Talking . . . talking . . .talking The story – poured out.
Aura Soma Clear out /loose/calm
Copal oil Protect us all/clarity
Talking . . . talking . . .talking A river of it
Copal smoke clearing Clear the room/all
(Me – very cold hands so no belly work 1st) Not helpful – normally would be
St 25, Cv 6 Undo adhesions:inner damage
Back playing up – needles out Had to move her Normally moxa – but can’t (sacral fan)
Got to sitting eventually: much screaming Less than usual at home though
Across bra strap not SLQR yet Allowing heart to open/ release
Butt massage/v sore RHS (opp to ‘problem) All stuck forever
Chest gouge, A bit deeper and released neck
Korean hand points, Bob Duane for neck
More massage/gouging – more story When last touched?
More vibrationals, no leg points – clothes Clearing still
Lot of this then loo Water drunk:she usually doesn’t Walking without stick on the flat/easier looking
Acc recall after poly vagal Would have done 1st but ++pain Felt clearer/peaceful
Lymphatic lower drainage Clear package -knees -sciatica Knee pain eased
Minor round and round Clear pelvis ‘Good pain’
Ovarian whirlpools/ Uterine rake So much to undo!!! Gently . .and obviously needed
More lower lymphatic and chest gouge Gently and with vibrationals Spoke of how was the right thing to do.
Sitting up – more back, esp sacral and rump To get her so can walk out Face and demeanour totally different



What I did . .

       Moved her world!!!

She was so shocked!!!      
(Besides holding the space)

CASE HERSTORY –unfinished
Will see her again Tuesday . .

Please have a ponder how to use this work in such a scenario – we are all different – no right way – but gentling

We meet again . .round two

They arrive early.
She without the walker and in significantly less pain.
Happier and eager to see what next . .


Daughter-in-law not happy with the 50,000iu of Vit D 3 daily (may interfer with the magic pill from the doctor – still not asked for all she is on –  is on heart and Warfarin and all the pain/’nerve’ pills at least).

Has used the magnesium 8 x daily (not 20) and is in awe of what has happened.
We begin . .
I think we can go into the cup on navel – and do.
She leaves the room and is off with all sorts – start s by telling me there is a old woman – very wrinkled  . .and then more.  .
The story evolves.
Hottie on her chest –

She is lead into other dimensions.


What sent us into this?
Copal – used the oil – but the set up prior allowed the smoke this time . .
And always she went.
I do not have my usual old rosemary/ brown copal.

If you ever doubted the power of Qi and its manifestations. .


So I used  a different one – and that filled her into Light and the peace . .

We keep hydrating her, sending all sorts if Aura Soma and sprays and oils as she is peaceful – feels that she has never been this calm. After cup off – back is not happy with being in one place – I do some lower lymph and belly work – and get her onto the steamer. Well! Handed her the Reunion poster – that is where she went!
Had told me about the Aztec sacrifice (I thought – I knew it – my own story – if you remember me saying hwo I had decided decades ago NEVER to go to central America on account of my own ‘remembrance’)
And the priest had his way with her them before. .
And after recounting that story – she went into where next – inside a pyramid and up to the Light – not sacred.  .

Here we have complete peace – she thought me odd – and  . . you know the rest – sit on it yourself . .

Back to the couch . .
Need to sort out why the left sided sciatica – breast off – the large belly scar is from the remaking of her own – with the flap of skin and the fat and the then tattooing on a nipple.
Best I have ever seen – and was + 20 years ago  .

Scar normalisation

Check the scar – over the skin and with back of needle so she can judge sensitivity – then we do arm range of movement – she says – of course it is less – I say – will have it fixed soon – she looks stunned – this is what happens people are so used to stuff being stuck – and told – learn to live with it . .

Liver 2 and 14 . .
Then Bil St 30

Firstly once comfy n her back I pressed St 34 and the GB line point to ts lateral . .
What ever that is – I call that the real xi cleft point.
Both really sore, and after pressing one, I went to the armpit scar – it was softer! and she could feel more. . such is acupuncture and Qi – they work . . Needles in then onto needling the scars.

Left all to percolate – she was quiet.

The aliens were back – she said it was over – as in was told it was.
Also that they knew that she was really special . .
Eventually all needles out and again in much pain on getting up . .

Arm better than the right one now. .
Was not wanting to stay living on account of all the pain . .looks a lot better


Undoing Adhesions – how to


Chest and flank gouge whilst sitting – in vast pain to get up with . .

Handed her 7 10,000iu VitD3 on leaving and another 15 or so to take over next week – whilst sourcing own online.

Why D3?
Go into all in Love Yourself Better – also look below