Beginning to work on an old C-section scar

Below is a typical session with me as a post surgical follow up

At that point – 19 and 8 years after C sections, 4 after a breast removal and 2 years after ovaries and tubes were taken (‘preventative’ measures as her mum died when she was 15 and she did not want this for her children).

Seeing how a senior clinician works is not usual and please note my thinking pauses and the train of thought that happens .. .

We could all do well to get into what is going on for this person – and well out of the the protocol as who has a standard body.

That is why they see us . . .

(We all hold a lot in)

We have in front of us a real woman’s body.

Everyone seeing me is painted with iodine – please see more in the course ‘Reset Your Metabolism as the entire reasoning for the need for all of us (especially cancer prevention – as she is not made aware of how she can help herself (besides live in fear) – as the medical people seem to be innocent of the ’cause and effect’ thinking any farmer would go through – nutrients available? Aptoptosis is unlikely without free access to iodine. Doreen’s past health history is awash with lack of nutrient support – as all of us now are.

See more on the Holistic Healing After C-Section (and other abdominal interventions)

The entire session and more work on undoing life residue must be done.

(Yours comes first as otherwise you are like Velcro and their bits may stick to yours).

Why would you do this?
As channel blockages are NOT TCM and need heartful hands.
Let’s undo what the body has waiting to release – and then and only then – ‘diagnose’.

Inject new life into all you do . .
Here is what one participant has found:

“The most recent course of Heather’s I attended was the Living Ligaments course. It included working on the aftermath of C sections and other abdominal scars. I have a scar of over 30 years. I have had bridging the scar done before.
Heather’s belly work: went further, releasing the underlying adhesions.  I could feel this happening, I also felt my suspensory ligaments relax.
In all of this rearrangement of the inner self, a lot of moving lymph traveled to under my left arm.
Heather immediately used another technique to disperse that.
Another plus – as my massive breasts have shrunk and this has been maintained. About two cup sizes, Magic.
Plus – my lower back has no pain and a grace that was missing previously.
I am well and feel like I have come  back into my body after a long absence.
Having experienced the treatment myself, and watched its effects on others, I am able to work on all those women who have never felt quite right after their own C section or abdominal surgery experience”. Teri Northland, NZ
A fellow participant –
I can feel the difference with all the work done on me. I can sleep thru the night with out getting up to pee…. i can hold my bladder full with out feeling like I’m having an anxiety attack (fibromyalgia symptom …gone) ….. sex was better got to an orgasm ..quicker – they have been a lot slower since the hysterectomy! Bonus – Deep penetration did not hurt…. definitely more space down there!
M – Cairns


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