Heather’s 2017 teaching schedule

(Click each course title for further details)

L.A. eLotus – Live and in real time webinar

Moving Blockages 3 (April 8)

Physical pain – relieving why we have meridian blockages

(Scars and pelvic/sacral surrender).

Moving Blockages 4 (April 9)

Getting Out of the Story – Bao/Dai Healing

L.A. eLotus – Live 11 th April

(Easy Babies 3)  Webinar (19th August)

Making Naturally Better Babies

L.A. eLotus – Live 12 th April

(Easy Babies 4) Webinar (20th August)

Mammalian Maternity



Healing the Wounded Healer Class 3 

Atarau, NZ 8 – 12th May

3rd May- arrive in Chch

Leave Chch – Monday 12th


Living Ligaments

8 – 12th June

(Arrive 7h, leave 13th)

Witta, Maleny area Qld


Old Wisdoms – Cold Avoidance

Kiel, Germany
Beginning August


Sustainable Humanity

Atarau, NZ  November


Let’s make every person and their Qi flow count!