Reset Your Metabolism fast track

You can help yourself to health!

Regardless of what has brought you to this page –
the further back towards the cause of issues you go – the faster you get ‘fixed’ –

the easier permanent resolution is. .

Start at the beginning . .

(Remember ‘old wives’ tales’ . . .
What your granny would have said to you . .

Your restoration of normal – how to run a well body


You need to know the mechanism.
(You have to live with consequences throughout your life)

If you like staying stuck – this may not be your scene.
If you want answers and results- keep reading

Reset Your Metabolism

Help your body heal itself

1 – Cold is not good for you – in any form

Your Yang Qi (essential life energy) has to run your body. What weakens it is cold invasion.

Yang Qi must keep the stored cold hold what you have encountered safely out of circulation
This means so much less of your Qi is there for you to use as it is already in use – keeping that (bad) ‘perverse’ energy out of your circulation. Remove it and do not add in any more.

Old wives’ tales – were all true.  .’do not sit on concrete’/take off wet swimmers/’keep feet warm’/’come in out of cold night air’ – why – pre antibiotics – getting cold and wet generally meant you may die – as the Yang Qi would be too challenged.



A healing herb/therapy anyone can access – feels amazing when used.

2 – Moxa has been a part of Asian traditional medicine for millennia


3 – Perineal steaming is a world wide women’s gentle healing tradition


(What so many cultures just do – and do not tell anyone ..)

An essential life ingredient

4 – Iodine needed to run your body

Maybe as you are here – look at my page here and see what the terms below means as they are likely what ails anyone who is reading this ..  .

If you are an acupuncturist

You may have realised that labeling people as having:

  • Qi Xu
  • Yang Xu
  • Damp and having
  • Phlegm (anything that is ‘difficult’ has a ‘phlegm’ component and this is due to  . . .)

is a large game – as we all are in these camps . .

Damp and phlegm are actually low thyroid /adrenal function if  you look at the bio medicalised versions of life.

Is seen differently – and covered  in this potentially life altering course.

in an instantly downloadable form.

This is the time to get your body working well –

Take out the cold that has lodged within

Take charge of yourself!!

Stop being micromanaged by others

Stop listening to – whatever disease/process. . .undo it and return back to health

Look further to the Life Recipe = have you got all you need to Live Well?