So very often people come in to see me after having spent often decades and much money doing ‘everything right’.

And they still have the gut troubles.

Often it is too simple – stop causing your problems – freezing your belly!

When we put something in the kitchen oven, we do not expect it to cook at the wrong temperature, or with the door ajar, or with people opening the door to see how it is going all the time.

We do however expect our belly to ‘cook’ our food regardless of what temperature we literally throw in.

Trying to cook in a cool oven?

Below is a representation of what we have within our body.
This may be news to you as no one talks of how the body operates – what fuels life?
The cooking pot shows you your Yang Qi (a cauldron that sports your food factory/gut.

3 heaters-middle

How does digestion work/what fuels it/gives it instructions?
(See Yang Qi above for more)
First the body has to heat all up to the temperature to process the food.
Key point missed by all . . .
When a cold drink or even raw and cool food hits the belly, you can feel it.

What does cold do?

It stops circulation.
Slows digestion
Ensures all that good food is not cooked well.
Causes pain, gurgling, all sorts of catastrophes – including poor pH and thus all parasites and ‘bad’ bacteria to take hold.

This in turn gives your body even more work to be do.
If you already have a compromised gut (you have chosen to research and now are taking often raw juices, yoghurt, smoothies, meal substitutes often with ice in them – this sets up a belly (and life) full of trouble as the digestive strength is weakened.

The missing piece of your puzzle is simply the temperature that you expect your belly to be able to work.

cold - ice on washing line

Bellies and ovens need to be set at the right temperature – and not have a frozen meal/liquids to process to work best.

Show your gut respect and all will be well.

Maybe you also have all the problems of entire body feels sluggish and not set to the right temperature/ideal rate of metabolism?


So very often the first thing I have to do is educate anyone who comes in to STOP the green and cold smoothies on an empty stomach – it is NOT he best breakfast . . go with what you feel like eating – and invariably this will be warm and nurturing – as it IS winter currently.
This is a call for help from your body – and we seem to be ignoring eh obvious – so please – go back to listening to your needs.
Also eating more salt (not white) and lots more animal fat – and getting in the sun more!
All that which orthodox medicine is warning you to not do – are you more well on account?

I find that all who do follow the SALT, FAT, SUN diet are thriving now

Seriously – the need for Vitamin D is showing up in almost everyone – as they have been diligently avoiding what helps us (and plants) grow – the light. Your need for vitamin D3? Yes – if you want hormones to work  . .and your minerals to be absorbed – it i s no use taking supplements that are not being used. .


To learn how to take the cold out of your own body, so all can work again, look to what I have tailored for you:
An entry point into looking after yourself and others . . the Self Healing courses

Maybe also cupping the cold out (Rescue Your Own Source/Metabolism) takes you through the perineal steaming most traditional cultures still do – and the moxa usage and the pulling out of what is messing with your metabolism – cold – stored from long time ago and maybe right now – it will be upsetting your flows.

You can change this instantly!

The Self Care process.  ..
Look after YOU first – your food factory needs you to be alert!
You can so easily undo your belly and body distress .. instantly and at home – totally simple safe and replicable . .

Love your body better . .