Fibromyalgia:Life is not always what it seems to be

flower - whie dove flyingAn amazing flower – an orchid

(Not a bird)

Most people know that getting a diagnosis is all about what drug management you are seen to ‘need’ now forever. (Not so – who wins???)

YOU – Why not just reverse out of illness?

Perhaps find out what causes fibromyalgia and how to fix it?
WONDER – What causes health? Disease?

How to return to this?

Look to – old people’s wisdoms and a life recipe . .


Take charge yourself. In clinic I will be taking out the cold from your entire body via the navel . .

As all oldies did in times past in China (pre cultural revolution).
This means that your local acupuncturists (unless they have done one of my courses) will not be aware of this – do it yourself at home –  as you can easily become also very proficient also in steaming (part of the course content)  …

Perineal steaming – an adventure into deep healing and relaxation.

The beginnings of how we get tied up in knots.

Some essential info – the wiring of the body

Also – how to start the undoing the tangle process – daily – and there goes your cellulite!

How to get the breathe in again . .

Lets wake up our tush!!

Part of the deal – and the larger part arguably – what are we remaking ourselves with?

Ingredients ..

Or the lack thereof – even if you are taking supplements . .

It is not just fibromyalgia you have . .

You WILL have a low functioning metabolism irrespective of whether the medical tests are being real or not – you have all the symptoms. .  . your body running out of puff. Almost all problems people are now seeing me for – when the orthodoxy is not working for them) are due to lack of ingredients – either not bioavailable – you eat them and they pass right on by – or they can’t get to your cells – and there we may have a flow problem . .

Malnutrition – it goes in – and so what?

What do you make hormones with? Think your metabolism/ thyroid to keep the gut and all of your engine running.

There is the awkward almost willful ignorance shown about the need for the sun . .

How to get you going again?
The centre of your being could do with some movement – especially as most of us sit so often all day

What can you do right now?

1 – Get the home help massage courses – and all it entails  . ..

2 – Order the deluxe healing kit – the women’s healing package

Women’s Healing Kit

Red box in total          open women's healing kit

You may be from parts not Brisbane or Greymouth – no matter – we do have international postage – and of course – online seminars/courses (Extra Special price for this week only – whilst I am training up other healers on retreat). Get the products mentioned above.

Get started on your own return to vibrant health journey.

Also – take out what is not supposed to be there – stored cold messing with all circulation and digestion is the start of it.

Gut health

What to take out also from your body?

What is blocking essential nutrients getting to where you can use them – hence you are ill and/or in pain.

Usually the adjuvants from vaccines pushing you over the unwell cliff onto the rocks below – fibromyalgia may end up as polymyalglia rheumatica, MS and any number of nasty auto immune issues as the body sinks further into malnutrition – whilst the medical profession play their musical chairs with drugs, not life affirming (and likely missing) ingredients . .


Self Help Courses

Your body is capable of healing itself (from almost anything) 

when you take out what is blocking self repair.

Self Help Courses

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