Continuation – steaming – extras . .

Adding to your tool box?

This is elder’s/wise women’s ways . .

Bodies can do ANYTHING – designed to heal
My two magic words . IT DEPENDS

Maybe you have done the Arvigo or Mercier or Claire’s fertility – or Mizan?

There is more – steaming extras . .

Via a dedicated innovative thinker

I have polished what is being presented so the myriad lineages I carry are all present.
In THIS time and place. AS we all change . .
There is so much more – this is the beginning of my extensive handing over.

You may be in Alaska..
I will see about how it is possible (I have so much footage of me explaining how to do these advanced moves) .
May be way better than not knowing what is possible – after all – someone worked it out -I am giving you a head start.

I am wearing a purple throw over when talking of people’s stories – thus this is testimonials of a sort.

What would we do if we had to make executive decisions?

A – Follow nature – she heals

Answering ‘Is it safe?’

Assisting natural . .

Return to flows flowing as designed


This works – too well . . .Warning

Steaming – pregnancies happen too close together – too soon ..
It works – soothes and clears the way for more. .

(Answering – ‘does it work?’)

Help when needed

Sometimes we need to be human

Tend the hurts
What would we need?
Offer heartful kindness

Miscarriages. . .

Missed miscarriage/products of conception/unfortunate baby dead . .

Life – not medical . . .
We need to enhance Qi and Shen flows – and it hurts sometimes.
Steaming soothes and softens.

Losing babies is terrible

When a miscarriage is needed. .

Steaming in pregnancy????

YES – Where did we get the idea that we are helpless?
That those with specific information are allowed to .?
The white man’s colonisation helps who?
Those who work in the pharma(not plant) model are assisting how?
You may worry about the use of the traditional ‘fire cupping’ I have outed from hiding after decades of political correctness in P.R.C . . as it WAS family medicine – this also . .

Please investigate ALL that I have covered over the past 4 decades – this has been my passion having begun my acupuncture training because of my then recent maternity – a 6 week baby in tow – and breastfeeding exclusively till he was 13 months old. . .

YES – in pregnancy!

When needed – it depends
Get out of fear and into life – what should be happening may not be – can we soothe and soften?

Judicially – courageous with caution
Always . .

Assisting opening – soothing and softening

Clearing structural impediments to easy birthing

As steaming soothes and softens – late pregnancy is enhanced – she sleeps so much better and the opening the baby gate massage/gouging is so much better tolerated. Especially when there are known issues. . .

I put this lass on the steamer as pat fo my serous massive coccygeal rescue so she went on to have a 2 hour labor and jubilant birth (after 3 babies 2 C sections).
All very possible – when we actually OPEN the baby gate. .
After undoing what is holding it hostage – shut.

Healing . . . After?

Answering AGAIN – is it safe?’

I ask is it safe to NOT?

Some cultures steam daily or more for months afterwards as part of the entire mother regeneration

Is it safe (not to???)

An example of life ‘in the raw’ . .

Answering – ‘what would you do?’
Plants and heat heal

In the modern hospitalised context

(They have not enough life enhancing tools in their box).

What next?

Maybe get the course – learn instantly do what is needed. .

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What do you get?

As well as the wise gems . .many posters and eBooks and the extensive manuals to download.

Extra thoughts – what is next?


Sits under the womb . .

Is SHE where she is ideally placed?

When not – and if adhered –

All pelvic and structural dramas escalate.


We can all feel so much more alive!!!
Add in 3 ideas.

1 – The body heals itself

2 – Heat soothes

3 – Plants have special powers. . . ..

Perineal Steaming!!

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