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After 2 days in clinic  (coming home from Living Ligaments I)

“Have been using this work on many of my patients this week and of course all working wonders.
Had a new patient today- she had massive internal haemorrhoids removed just over a month ago and ever since her pelvic floor has been spasming continuously since. Nothing will relax it and stop. She has been working with pelvic floor physio with minimal results.
By the time she left no spasm, no pain, and feeling hopeful for the first time since she woke from surgery.
This work is huge. Thank you for sharing! “

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Could be you discovering how we are able to move easily between knowing Qi flow and finding and resolving why it is not . .

(Who is Heather again? – as in – how come SHE knows?)

Why might this work help in birthing preparation?

‘Opening the baby gate’ – ligaments  . .

Why might this work help in birthing preparation?

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