Heather Bruce


Acupuncture Consultant, Herbalist, Counsellor, Wise Woman

My initiation in to living more mindfully came as I found myself (20 years old in a foreign country – Australia – from New Zealand), and married, to someone who was on his own health quest.

From there I conceived and from this unexpectedly pregnant state birthed the baby (now 43) who became instrumental in projecting me into acupuncture and all natural health studies.


I did not want him to be in the state growing up that his father had been.

I took up the acupuncture course offered – in 1977 – with my then 6 week old baby in tow.

Not allowing his presence to dampen the trajectory ahead, along the way I picked up all forms of vibrational and touch healing, in 1981 co wrote and delivered a new acupuncture course, had more children, taught on all levels of acupuncture education, then became immersed in neurological retrieval as my third child (born 1986) was massively brain injured, profoundly autistic and then also became vaccine damaged.

This redefined my focus from ‘maternal – all things birthy and fertility (pre IVF) and ‘hopeless’ (HIV/AIDS/cancer) into an eternal question: ‘Why?’

Looking back through the past 4 decades I can see how this path can be seen as being pre ordained.
I followed it – to where I now teach and mentor those who seek me out into soul centred heartful hands-on being-ness.

My life journey

Mentoring/teaching/assisting anyone who comes into my orbit.
Clinical results leading to ever more questions answered as I travel the world seeking more
Empowering others as they then can ripple out lighting others’ ways

My passion

Untangling that which holds the structure and thus function hostage.

And my own therapy – being real about moving what is blocking healing . .