What is in store – Transformative Healing

Welcome . .


It took me 40 years and my current sense of urgency, deeply delving to get this information together.
It is not what you may have ever heard before.

The hands-on and experiential workshops are additional to this.

We must put our own masks on/uncover our OWN stories first ..

All my courses begin with Self Care. (First month)

Self Discovery (second month)

We then get into what you may wish to go to first – points – and why . . I have discovered that none of this is possible without YOUR embodying the work.



You may have a  . . burning set of questions


Problem what you have learned/expect to see/what used to work – is now not so much.
OR/& there is so much more that you know is out here and you have found this way.

What you want . . . . a brand new day

You are inspired, excited to be going on to work to see what miracles undo as you share deeply of yourself.

The Moving Blockages style is NOT diagnosis

No mind games – just undoing the tangle to allow the person peace.

You may be wondering what you ‘get’ in/for this course.
No data . .
No knowledge
This is wisdom
Presented in as many ways as I can
to help those with different learning styles to ‘grasp’ it.
Always if in doubt – reach out.
There is no ONE right answer or even way to undo any case.

(It all Depends . . )

We start with (self) YOU

You are the one who all stems through and from

1 – Self Care

It may be a stretch for you to consider YOURSELF first

Understand how a body works – in wellness

1 – The Food Factory

2 – The belly moves to calm yourself (and others)

3 – The body secrets that anyone can do – on Foundational Moves – as a start to finish session with me minus needles.

I am moving gradually the old platformed courses into the new backend.
It means that some of these are in a different format still.



Much of this is not what you are used to hearing . .

Maybe – you may get upset about what I suggest in food choices
I try to stay with biology – not beliefs. .

When I get set up  – on completion of this module –  Certification . . . requires you to   .

complete the quiz – and you will receive the bonus

‘Reset Your Metabolism’ course

Month 2 – Self Discovery – Gentling Trauma Relief


The Self Discovery pack allows you to undo  Your Story

If we undo our own story – we may gain mastership of ourselves

The Tools
We may need tools

Then – what next? Others and in your life..
I redefine Ethics? Biological Sustainability . .
We may need to clean and declutter all we may.

On completion of this module –  after the quiz is completed you will receive the bonus 

Women’s Massage Course

Month 3 – 8 Extra Meridians


1 – Breathing

2 – Hydration

3 – Safety

4 – Get outside – sunshine negative ions, life

5  – Touch

6 – Reason for being here

7 – Nourishment – on all levels.


On completion of this module –  after the quiz is completed you will receive the bonus

‘Transformative Healing’ photographic essay

Welcome to the fourth month

What is breaking the body – stopping it from healing itself?

Check out the ways that I have uncovered that seem to hold true for any body system . .

5 ‘T’s’ ..

  • Tension
  • Temperature
  • Torpor
  • Trauma
  • Toxins

Let us discover how we can put the blueprint back together again – so the body heals itself.
So many easily undone situations when you step into meridians, Qi and Shen and away from the physical end results of the body being distressed.  . .let us put it all back together again!

On completion of this module –  after the quiz is completed you will receive the bonus

(Mystery package)

Month 5 – Resources

What to expect here .. .

You need more to share about – and this lesson is an audio visual delight. It segues well into the maternity section next month.This module is packed with helpers – (not these below – they are the next course downloads) – we are half way through.

The Transformative Healing Affiliate package available when you are through this part of the schooling allows you not only the fortnightly tutorial and reviews of what we have covered before, but these entire membership coaching programmes to use when you are with people who need to know – more than you can access.

Now – posters, eBooks

Reunion meditation’ MP3 ‘What Dads Can Do’ manual and 2 MP4’s and the pre pregnancy MP4 – ‘Getting There’

Done for you . .

Natural Life Coach (Live Well)
Natural Pregnancy Coach – the beginnings of life – so you can feel the changes needed in our entire culture.
And the world of Jing and baby centred mammalian maternity awaits ..
(Next module)

Also later. .

Natural Parenting Coach – essentially – boundaries and
Don’t Break the Baby

Natural Fertility Detective (Sex makes babies – why is it not?)
Natural Fertility Coach  ..

(Can’t do it all at once . . .)

On completion of this module –  after the quiz is completed you will receive the bonus 

Mystery bonus

Month 6 – Maternity

Before we look to how to ‘fix’ anything we may need to review what normal is.

And what Nature set in motion as a workable proposition- indeed a survival requirement – we could birth by ourselves and rear our young independently of ANYONE ELSE  . .
All mammals across the world – and for millennia.

Mammalian or medicalised maternity?

How is it that we now see women’s bodies as being inherently dangerous and not working well?
Perhaps we need to have nutrients and flows?

Are all working as designed?
And then – TRUST – no fear.



This module has my 1994 and 2006 versions.

Now in 2018 – I shift again.

Focus – baby.

Baby centered birth must be all about being a mammal.

What can we do to foster undisturbed and non violent/gentle birth?
That is the question I hope you ask as you delve into this subject.

NEVER inducing ‘just because’ for starters . .

On completion of this module –  after the quiz is completed you will receive the bonus 

Avoiding and Repairing After C Sections

Month 7 – Men Matter


Men are so important and they get little mention – until something serious seems to be going wrong  ..

They are responding badly to the world – as women’s bodies are .
We perhaps need to pay closer attention.
Natural – and how to bring men back to perfectly functioning.
All ages and stages of life

On completion of this module –  after the quiz is completed you will receive the bonus of a

1 – Men’s Massage course PLUS
2 – Practitioner’s version of the Male Fertility Enhancement package.

There are so many women out there who need their men attended to . .

This is often why we are sought out

Pain is experienced on all levels – and not often only on one at a time

We explore what hurts and why .. .

All levels – especially the psychic.
How to undo the lack of flow?

It could be your life that hurts – or your heart – or your knee . .

Where is the beginning – what started this in motion?

You will find an array of resources that delve deeper into scars, Stuck Belly Blood and the Calming the Shen
It may be a great move to go back and review what you discovered in yourself for yourself in the second month – Self Discovery and reviewing your own story as this and the Undoing of the Inner Library is usually the way out in to more Light and clarity.


On completion of this module –  after the quiz is completed you will receive the bonus 

‘Pain – physical is just a symptom of deeper distress and how to undo any version of it’

9 – Welcome to the last month of this course

Here we start to look forwards .. as I did on 1999 when I presented –

Acupuncture in the New Millennium

At that point I was past concerned into very upset at where acupuncture was going.
Nearly 20 years ago – now we are in a place I could see.there .

In this segment we will look also at the new Ethics

2016 – I prepared “Playing the Fix-It Game”

Now we have Biology vs Beliefs – Losing Our Religion – your bonus on completion!

The three circles now show their might!

We move onto Dry Needling – is it all that bad?
Are we not all intending to help heal?
The online membership courses

  • The Natural Health Coach
  • The Natural Pregnancy Coach
  • The Natural Parenting Coach
  • The Natural Fertility Detective
  • The Natural Fertility Coach

From this next package – Transformative Healing Affiliates – as we go into the ‘done for you’ packages that are for those seeking your help – condensed from my multi modality career – and the practitioners’ version – as we study together online in tutorials how best you can assist those coming on .

The end of this Transformative Healing package signals the next step towards further excellence in clinic!

On completion of this module –  after the quiz is completed you will receive the bonus 

Ethics 2019 –  ‘Biology versus Beliefs’ – Losing Your Religion

Many weekend workshops so much downloadable material and of course so many videoed clips of me working, teaching and also explaining ‘why it is so’.

Payment plan mean the information is unlocked only after monthly payments – and having completed the quizzes to get the bonuses.
If you pay outright the unlocking process goes as fast as you can slide at your own pace through the course.

Once completed . .

You may wish to be at of the mentoring process – online and in a class – with others – once you are graduated from the Moving Blockages style course Transformative Healing is. OR IF THIS IS YOUR GOAL – ask me about an individualised programme.
This allows you to be part of the ‘done for you’ sites that you can share with patients.

The Transformative Healing Affiliate course follows as an option once this Transformative Healing – basic TCM back to meridian based advanced channel applications is completed.

I hope that you enjoy your transition into the secrets of my life long clinical success.