What I discover in teaching the gentle art of being present

You only need – Heartful hands  


How the Gentling Way works . .
We restore normal – a state of balance/homeostasis.

‘But I am an acupuncturist/massage therapist/midwife/chiropractor/P.T. /mum at home’ – you say/think

Never mind – anyone can.

Helping you and your loved ones, and any concerned person’s body to take over and to repair/heal.




We take out the ‘hits’ that have solidified the body – so it is being held hostage.
This may involve pain – as we need to release the tears and the fears of not being good enough .

You may ask why would a very successful acupuncture practitioner and teacher/mentor of others take this hands on approach, suggesting that others trained in any other (more academic modalities to likewise train their fingers to think?

Because it works.
Because this is the way out of being so disconnected – which is where most people find themselves.
In pain- on all levels – often totally shut down.
That hurts.
How is there pain?
Lack of movement.

We by being present can gift so much back to a body!
Here is one tale from a recent class. P is a mum of 13 and has a husband who has forever been in interesting situations – and still lives on. Accidents galore! He at 48 has been ever more rigid as his body cops ever more hits. I could not believe so much had happened to one man!

The most major catastrophe was when 8 men were lifting something and they had him backed into a wall – and when they carried and went to set down the massively heavy Aga – stove box  – he could not as the wall was there (25 years old at the time). This instantly herniated both sides of his belly and 2 discs in his back. From then on he was in constant pain – unable to live well.

The average acupuncture session is not going to touch this – as besides the adult life of trying to cope to live – so many other issues (all major) have also happened.

Enter  Home Help . .

‘P’ whilst attending my hands- on ‘Home Help’ /Foundational Moves and the Living Ligaments class – went home and practiced on her man. First session – he was busy at the computer – so she got him to straddle the chair and she started in on the Stuck Liver Qi Release. (Download the poster below . .)

Web poster – Initial Belly Care

Following what she remembered – the sacral work.

She could not remember everything – but his favourite was the ‘chest gouging’ (always start very slow and shallow).

  He asked for this again and again. It was ‘moving something’.

He felt so much relief – he could also breathe in so much deeper.

He had the best night’s sleep . .

Encouraged, the next night – he was eager and she said – ‘you can read your book’ – no – he wanted to focus. WOW!

She started as before (we always undo the Stuck Liver Qi first) and when she got to his front – so gently – he wondered what she was doing as it was so gentle.  She said – “Heather said that we need to introduce ourselves – ‘Hello belly /body’ – so you don’t get startled – and maybe can let go”.

She did the ‘shakey shakey’ move after every change in technique.
Why? We are allowing lymph to let go.  PLUS when you hear the audio of day 3 of the class – the Reichian armour bands – you will really understand – as we hold so much that has happened – in our tissues. We may have forgotten. Hence the pain .. .   so she could remember what to do next  (no notes provided in trainings so all get to feel/trust themselves) – notes come after the classes . .

She went so very slowly in the places of most pain – and could not do some of the work as his body was so guarded . .
All through this he felt things were happening – not that he understood it – everything was happy.
He magically got into a position sexually he had never been able to – no pain.

All through the night (sick children to attend to) he would tell her – NO PAIN!
And in the morning . . .And all through the day as they saw each other.

She feels totally validated – after three days – and keen to do so much more.

He was so much more supple and IN NO PAIN . .
Now this is without any prior knowledge of meridians or needling.


Done for her – using my 40+ years of hands on acupuncture practice and in teaching and R & D in my own clinic . .

To date there – all she did was in my What Dads Can Do manual. She had checked the ovarian (men also have) suspensory ligament. This magicked itself back to the centre – we will need to correct it eventually – which in the next week when he is not as rigid – she may well do.

He said

“I have lost 10 years off me – I don’t feel like an old man any more . . ‘

So . .

if she can do it – no formal training — why can’t you?

Who loses if /when you actually get rid of why the pain?

Think of – all those people in chronic and also severe pain.
No diplomas/qualifications needed – (extra schooling/college/uni degrees)

Just the right moves . .
Found here.’

Opening up – like roses in the sunshine .. .

‘Self Care’ is a taster – if you are a meridian based acupuncturist – and you want to take out what is blocking healing – all my hands-on classes rely on your being able to follow my Moving Blockages system. ‘Self Care’ forms the first month’s module of the 9 Months – Transformative Healing package.  . .

The course she was taking is Living Ligaments – and is on throughout the year – let me know if you are interested – the idea is – if you are an acupuncturist – you start at the beginning – and go through the entire online component so you make vastly better results – instantly – as after the perverse Qi is moved – on – then you may go back to what you have been trying to get great results with   . always we have ‘hard’ cases – here is how to crack them.

One woman, one belly, one broken heart at a time

Transformative Healing package.  . .