Vaccination Myths

Is bub safe in there?
That is my question.

I would suggest . . .

NOT with the myths that are running the retail space called ‘health care’.


Maybe it is time to stop and think.
(Not believe).


1 – Are they safe?

Let us back up a bit . .

No one seems to start from – what does Nature expect us to do?


Breast feeding and a natural pregnancy and birth – and life . .

Why Am I saying this?
Nature seems to ave been lost in all this business.
I am an exx vaccinating parent.
And am myself vaccine damaged  . ..

So let us keep going as we all come from vaccination is needed. .
Is it?

Leichester 1876 – forced vaccination gave the highest rate of smallpox – those vaccinated got it way more.

Small pox deaths – plummeted when they stopped vaccinating against it.
Most who were vaccinated got the disease.  .

No difference now – look at the flu vaxx
In Japan – every single person dying of smallpox had been vaccinated . .

2 – Effective   .

Stopped smallpox

No .. .

3 – Surely it helped stop polio?

No . . .


4 – Cause of most infectious diseases??


Terrain (strength of immune system)  is everything – the pathogen is nothing  . .
So why not look to health?

Why assume that the cleanup crew are the cause of the problem?
Disease tissue is the desired habitat – be well . .


5 – Vaccination has been ‘grandfathered in’

(Not based on good science . .)

HOW does vaccination actually work?
(A theory – not actually so).



Oh dear . . .


Auto immune problems? Look no further  . .

Investigate – ASIA and PANDAS for starters. .

‘Herd immunity’?

Fully vaccinated people get these disease – the unvaccinated are not carriers – the vaccinated are . .

Are we all the same size/body weight/detoxing ability/all going to get any let alone many illnesses through the blood route at once? (No – and almost all are to come through the nose/mouth – and injecting them with toxins is NOT researched to be safe let alone sensible .. please – prove this wrong – facts are – this is a retail opportunity NOT altruistic – and NOT scientific.

Psychic societal pollution . . . ‘medical science’ is a creed/dogma


6 – Are childhood diseases dangerous?

We all in the First World recently had life long protection when we got these and were looked after .
Even more so when given natural herbals and supplements . .
And of course  then we had an immune system that worked from then on.
Like mumps protecting us against not just mumps – but also ovarian cancer . .

Mumps/measles/rubella/chicken pox.
Warning – I am immune from all of these as I got them as a kid.
I am safe – if you have been vaccinated against these – you are not . .

We have many forms of the natural removing ‘fetal toxins’ – and is easily seen when we stay with nature . .


7 – My child is/I am fine – not damaged . .

What do those adjuvants do to the brain (especially if it is a growing one – as with fetuses/babies/young children and in puberty).
No first tier defense – so the Poly Sorbate 80 is put in to INACTIVATE the blood-brain barrier – now allow all that was in the vaccine to get there.
So what next?
Massive brain injury in all sorts of ways . .
Remember the premmie baby gets the same amount as a10 lber . . .

And if you do this to a monkey, weight adjusted – you get autism and inability to breastfeed . .

and permanent loss of brain function  is even in the vaccine package insert!

Please see here – how you can easily and regardless of age and compliance – start the outwards journey of what is blocking perfect within you. Take Charge!!!