Suspensory Ligament repositioning

Problem I am solving . .

Why people keep on coming back NOT fixed – temporarily feel better. .

How ?
Simple – structure determines function

What causes structure to NOT go to where it is designed to be?
(Hint – Acupuncture 101 – Emotion – cause of disease .. )

We have Reichian armour bands – and they hold the body stuck.


Twisted pelvis

Leading to any structural/circulatory/digestion/reproductive distress

When in clinic – moxa sacral fan works a treat as does the Stuck Liver Qi Release . . .
Followed by  . .

Ovarian Suspensory Ligament correction

Here is what may work – when you have not done the Living Ligaments course yet.

Wonder what you are looking at?

The placement of the Suspensory Ligament.
From which the uterus is attached (and prostate).

You are looking at a twisted pelvis
THUS – no normal circulation to the Dai Mai and all that entails

I have yet to see anyone I have sent to structural people over the last decades have this fixed this simply.
It is too easy . . .
She walked out of the session in awe – could not believe the difference in her body/life.


A very pregnant woman – pallid and thinks she feels so much better with my usual work – after I had spent the time undoing the  tension around GV 1 – including popping that needle in – but it was this that enabled the manual work – when I did the correction – she was radiant and has been so – and also is not in her husband’s words – groaning when she bends over – is 21!! Do you want to be able to do this? Is so easy!!!

What you see happening

1 – Where I am pressing in

2 – You can see that there must be a twisted pelvis as the spinal/centre line obviously is twice as far away on the right hand side.
After the simple Stuck Liver Qi Release – the difference shows WHY I am teaching Living Ligaments – the holistic approach.

3 – See  the change?
Stuck Liver Qi Release is all I did . .

Stuck Liver Qi massage does so much!!!

1 –      2 –      3 –   

Afterwards – close up

I did NOT do the corrections that we could structurally do..
Why not??
Because we need to set the body up to win.
And so many who do what is in ‘The Protocol” will find – it is not sticking.

See the large disparity between the spinal line and the left hand side hands?
And those of my right?

After the Stuck Liver Qi Release . .. Living Ligaments

Allow the body to choose to let go – and it does!

What does it matter?

Heaps – the uterus being malpoistioned – read more of this here.

Of course we also do need to take out the cold first –


and the shock – hence we are The Gentling Way . .

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This work for all people –  have written it up as a birth preparation and a birth repair course – it does all people all ages, every sex

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