Sperm health . .

Start with the best . .
This is what you do to build a house.
Why not also a baby?

You can only make that baby once.
Their very foundation and thus their entire life direction is your responsibility.
Please – do not TRY to make a baby – you do not TRY to build a house, or even try to buy a new car. You set out with your intention and have at least a rough idea of what you want out of the process.

So too with making a family.
The best may be expected.
Why not make it so?
No luck involved. . .
Hoped for is no the way to win a marathon – you go into training.
A baby – once made, no going back . .
From here – of course you have to know that it is all in your hands – much like growing a garden
What is the soil like?
Is it the right season for planting?
Are there enough nutrients in the soil?
Farmers do not just hope for the best . .
Same with making a baby . .

Baby Insurance
Baby Readiness
Start here .. .

Easy home help – Baby making recipe . .

Is anyone paying attention?

Healthy equals fertile

Perhaps watch “The Great Sperm Race” – BBC doco . .

Look also to ROS – Reactive Oxidative Stress.


Has anyone suggested these interventions to you????

Maybe start to independently think . .

What next?

Sperm health is easy – you can do it all yourself

Naturally Better Babies

(From an easy pregnancy – after easy natural fertility as you are both well and vibrantly so)

Helping you is so simple – your body is designed to heal itself.
Let’s get rid of what is stopping that .

We actually move the congestion and let life flow!

Start with Self Care – see /feel the difference when you do

Undo what does not serve you . .

To learn more – especially on all that you can do yourself . .
I have developed many online courses. Here is a taster .  (CLICK).

Self help with all that may completely change YOUR and those who you love/work with) lives ..

Help yourself!
Take Charge!
Instantly accessible – all works – and all with your own hands . .

Yes you can! (all of this is included in my intensive baby ready package)

Please sign up for the courses in the Self Care package (CLICK) – it compromises 3 sets of information that hold the secrets as to how to live well and love your own body better!

  • Love Your Body Better – why the ability of your own “Food Factory” matters – more even than what you choose to eat!
  • Healing Power of Touch (CLICK) – how you can heal your own gut through your own hands and healing intentions at home
  • Foundational Moves (CLICK) – the secrets of undoing structural pain and lymphatic congestion – undo anyone’s pain . Sperm is in crisis as the reasons behind need addressing – toxic to sperm = toxic to life.
    YOU can fix your’s. . .

Self Care Package

A collection of online courses to get you started on your journey. Back to balance – health

Simple and easy to follow step through.
Help yourself – bodies heal when we let them

Together –  two becomes three – and becomes as many as you want




Look to how you can help yourself

Heartful beingness

Undo what is not supposed to be there and enhance LIFE . .

Start with Self Care 

Instantly will feel better – your own hands on your own belly.
The Male Fertility Enhancement Programme will appear after you have finished the Foundational Moves – as you learn to undo all the pain and congestion through each other’s bodies – and on him – the prostate drainage moves – so effective.

This covers so many gems from my 42 years of touch therapy.
Dads-to-be are so much happier/healthier when they also are brought back to Baby Readiness.