Role of Toxins*

Further to what we may think ‘healing’ is (as opposed to being here 5 years later) I am doggedly going through the inherent assumptions still.

When we do not investigate what lead to the cancer showing up, we miss what to do to help ourselves heal.

We may then also miss how not to get a return visit of the process that is called cancer.

Whilst adding further stress on all levels into the already stressed body (otherwise cancer would not be there), the removal of what started it off to allow the return to vibrant immunological function is missed.

As part of my research as a patient who would want to know what I was getting myself into when signing up for the orthodox version of cancer treatment, here I have looked past the role of CAM into ‘what actually *is*cancer’.

What am I, as a patient dealing with?

Why might the cancer be there?

Environmental. I have mentioned already the  site.

  • Dioxin is only one of our background irritants.
  • Dioxin is seen as a carcinogenic agent and is supposedly stored in fat and unable to be easily removed from a body, all the while disrupting the normal balance.
  • Dioxin exposure comes mainly from food. (*Dioxin* and ROS – reactive oxidative stress)
  • Dioxins are known to be a class of highly toxic and persistent environmental contaminants.

Among them the toxicity of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-*p*-dioxin (TCDD) has been the most intensively studied, and it has been classified as a human carcinogenic substance by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Although the mechanism of carcinogenesis by TCDD is unclear, it is now considered to have act a cancer promoter.

How to remove it?

According to  (Ministry of Health 2011) ‘*There is no accepted treatment to get rid of dioxin exposure’ * which, as he says, may not be very encouraging if you are a cancer sufferer.

‘Efforts to keep dioxin exposure low MUST begin in childhood, since dioxin accumulates over time and does not break down for decades, in some cases.’

Dioxin unfortunately is just one of the far too many new chemicals we are now carrying about within us. Here I quote Dr Wiki ,

What is happening to all of us?

When the average person is told that they have cancer, a reasoned expose into why this has happened to them, and at this stage of their life is often missed. Instead the reactive ‘get it out of me – I want to live’
process tends to kicks in.  On both sides.

  • What average cancer specialist looks into assisting the body help itself?
  • Is this even the focus of the current medical model?

Usually the cancer-diagnosed person may not have the time or luxury of waiting for someone who is paid to do their job, to make the call as to what they best should do.

Looking through the lens of western medicine – saving the person from disease – and into the current tool box – chemo or radiotherapy or surgery, or a combination of these three, how can a more holistic approach be

Without being more inquisitive, and finding out why cancer is there, how can healing happen? Who asks the question? Shock, fearful reactions, and an assumption that cancer will surely kill them if they do not do whatever they are told to do.

Is there pause for reflection, or is it a very busy time (as Rob mentioned for his patients popping in between diagnosis and treatment). Does anyone get the connection between long term survival – measured in only 5 years – and actual ‘cure’?

The vested interest in staying here falls on the side of the newly very fearful person. The diagnosis itself is usually an emotional assault is borne of ignorance and fear is a powerful motivator.

After being shocked by their diagnosis, to then expect them to research and be able to find where to go to undo what has been created, or to attack and try to kill the cancer before the treatment kills them – may be not

The lack of resources to research and to find and then fund the resultant life saving is well above many when finances and personal resources may be limited.;2-L/full

In New Zealand –

Back now to toxins, dioxin being only one of the multiple that do not exist alone – so how will they ever be studied – and their multiplier effects – whilst exploring physical science?

This is not the realm of CAM surely, but of science.

Perhaps it is easier to start with what does the body do to stop this nonsense?

  • What does the body naturally use to get rid of toxins?
  • What do I need to get rid of to allow my body – especially my immune system – to work as designed?

There is considerable research and product development in the area of the bodies own detoxification (phase 2 in the liver).

The research into Glutathione and its role in detoxing, especially in cancer and HIV has been done by a medical researcher/ oncologist Dr Robert Keller. His product is a Glutathione accelerator, and what I suspect keep the lady ‘K”’ alive so long after I found her.

When this is seen as out of mainstream, there is a problem.

Definition found on medicine and cancer –

Where is help in the body to overcome problems?

We must make Glutathione to live.

Glutathione is also needed to get rid of what should not be in our bodies.

The medical profession is focused on adding more chemicals to the mix, not so much in understanding why the inherent Glutathione has not done its job – getting rid of why the cancer is there.

The medical profession does not understand how to help the body alter its state of crisis.

People newly diagnosed with cancer are disabled from logical thinking due to the panic surrounding them.

Unless patients find a ‘case worker’/advocate who is outside this fearful of survival process, and who is aware of alternatives, there will continue to be the horror around the word, allowing it to become a death sentence.

One way forward may well be to aid the body by providing the nutrients our cells need to manufacture our own glutathione.

Stopping exposure and enhancing release of poisons held within is opposite to what most do with the medically advised attack process.

Ask ‘what is cancer/why is it there?’

Looking to the toxic overload, many in the past have found chelation therapy.

The chelation process that some use is goes partially towards removing the heavy metals that disrupt life
so well.

This may be unacceptable to those in the medical professions’ research.

Health Dept and removal of toxins …

Whilst this is not drug therapy and not what will make money in therapy, it has been used for decades by those who are attempting to undo their toxic load, rather than adding to it.

Getting answers to both of these would be different for all there would be a unique and individualised process on healing.

As part of this research, I have gone to my professional library.

Weber, 2009 (page 1). In the introduction, he defines cancer – ‘Cancer is the name for many diseases, however all cancers share common traits.

Cancer cells differ from normal cells in two defining characteristics:

  • they continue to divide in spite of healthy constraints and
  • they leave their origins and invade distant tissues and establish new colonies, new tumours’.

How to get the healthy constraints back?

Perhaps starting from here – as a patient it is time to start thinking –

  • How do I heal so my body can take over what it presently is not doing so well?
  • It is the person’s belief system that is the challenge.
  • How to disengage from the fear?

Perhaps become more informed.

  • How to when the medical and possibly the CAM are only about what they know?
  • How can anyone know all?
  • Is the newly diagnosed person the best one to start looking?
  • Often it is the family, or, as in the case of the man I mentioned last post, an adult child.
  • Where to find information?  I have restricted myself to Google as this is where I feel, unlike Crystal (2003) most would head in these more internet savvy times, besides asking friends and family.

This does start looking as though it falls outside the realm of CAM and into why medicine is surely there?  Perhaps this is why people are turning more to CAM – as the answers they feel for the questions they themselves are asking are not answered within orthodox medicine.

How to do all this whilst being aware that you have to make changes as you have a process that has gotten out of hand within yourself? Not a comfortable spot.


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So ends the patients’ quandry as I saw it starting . ..