Reset Your Metabolism

Self help for all!

Your body can heal itself.
You can help yourself!
Wherever you are – you don’t need to find a ‘therapist’ – you can do it yourself.

Safe, easy, effective home remedies – time tested:

  • Visually easy to understand comprehensive step-by-step guides through all these healing ways
  • 4 large pdf multi media presentations – hours of enlightening and simply put into practice home remedies presented in multiple ways for all learning styles.

Why do I suggest that YOU do this?

This easy step by step help yourself at home course has . .
4 large PDF multi media files.
They cover:

* Explanatory notes along the way.
* Short video clips of what to do and how to do it yourself.
* Enlightening sequential photo essays

Cupping the cold out (essential before I do ANYTHING with anyone – as the Yang Qi then is activated and not tied into keeping what should not be in the body out of circulation)

Moxa Usage – all the different ways – including undoing massive anxiety (great in the earthquake recovery) hat I have found to work and that anyone can access.

Perineal steaming . . .more on this common worldwide home self help practice here.

Topical Iodine usage – and again why this way and not orally..

Included: 4 extra eBooks in this package

Cold Damages Your Health – all very easily read – peoples stories peppered through the content hat explains the functions of Yang QI in the body, ho wit is wasted (exposure to any cold) and what the body does in response (starts shutting down) and how we can live according to what all used to live by – the oral traditions of all countries were totally opposed to getting cold in any form within us.

Life Support (How a well gut works)

An explanation of the manufacture of Qi and Blood through the Yang QI and how important looking after the inner fires of digestion – plus the working of the Three Heater in Asian Medicine

Cold is Not A Woman’s Friend – more on how cold impacts – forever often – when cold is added in – especially around the pivotal time for a woman – puberty and particularly – breastfeeding and all pregnancy/birthing related activities. (Thus explaining how prolapses/incontinences and all post baby events are created through iatrogenesis – the use of cold).

Topical Iodine usage – The bromide dominance theory and all the modern over halide exposure – including the reliance on fluoride with no science behind it  and no accounting for the damage caused to the human metabolism, hormonal workings and neurological development of all babies) – plus why cancer ADHD/ASD and general metabolic issues are rising.

When you have ‘tried everything’ let’s go back to the beginning and sort ourselves out.

You can do it yourself.  . .

We need (and deserve to have) our bodies working perfectly – metabolism queries answered right there!
Stop dependency on paid medical and natural care helpers.

Get off all ‘management’ medication.

If you have Fibromyalgia
Fertility Challenges (especially men)

Low thyroid/adrenal function

Inability to lose weight regardless of your efforts

(See how I lost 7 kg in 7 weeks without changing my diet or exercise regime)

EVEN .  . .

Hyperemesis in pregnancy

So many other body falling down/apart issues – see below

What can you do?
Turn back to wellness . .


Learn easy, safe and effective oral traditions as self help elder’s wisdoms
Love yourself better!


Love Your Body Better!

Take charge yourself!

If you are an energy healer/acupuncturist you may wish to take up this option:

(‘Reset Your Metabolism’ is within the total package – as is ‘Self Care’ and ‘Self Discovery’)

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